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  1. tommy p

    Saw Uncle Ted Last Night

    Agree on both points. I'll add that the last album of his I actually liked pretty much all the way through was Nugent (black album) in 1982. And I prefer that if he tours with a second guitarist, that the second guitarist also be the lead singer. Might I suggest Derek St. Holmes? If you haven't heard the Whitford/St. Holmes album Reunion, stream it. Derek's singing, playing, and songwriting is all top tier stuff and it's got a couple of the best Aerosmith songs that Aerosmith never did I've heard in 30 years.
  2. tommy p


    Are you sure you didn't mean one UNDER each wheel? 🤣
  3. tommy p


    Jeez! Only two songs in and I'm floored. I can't wait until I have time to finish the whole thing.
  4. tommy p


    That Nash Strat is calling my name LOUDLY, but I just closed another deal so someone else will be able to snap that up.
  5. Indeed! Your comment about Brian made me lol for real.
  6. Lyrically, Bon was the best - no question. The lyrics on BIB have his style and wit all over them (to me). I think Brian did an acceptable job especially at first, but had nowhere near Bon's way with words. For me, the real downhill slide was after Angus and Malcolm stopped letting Brian write lyrics at all. On the first album they did without Brian's contribution, The Razor's Edge, the lyrics were OK but it seemed like every album after that the lyrics got worse and worse. Angus and Malcolm were not known for being smart, at least not in their way with words. Look up the lyrics for songs on albums post Razor's Edge - just awful.
  7. tommy p

    Paul Hamer - H Guitars Demo

    That was quite different than watching Henry J. try to play and/or explain anything guitar-related.
  8. Cool! I had read about and then forgot all about. I like it when I have something to binge watch.
  9. tommy p

    Fastest Reverb sale ever?

    I'll average your sale time out. I just sold an amp on Reverb that I had forgotten was even there. It was up at least 6 months.
  10. And payment using the correct funding source was completed last night. Thanks!
  11. Hey Jaded, I made the payment for the EP Booster and Polytune mine but used the wrong source. Can you cancel the transaction so I can fix that?
  12. tommy p


    Holy crap! I saw this thread was up to 4 pages and thought I'd check it out. I got the gist of it from the first page and then checked out the link to TGP. 14 pages!!! and before I got off the first one I knew I wouldn't be reading any more. I've never asking the weight or neck profile of any guitar I ever bought, and never will. My guitars are all over the place weight and neck carve-wise and I guess I'm lucky to be a lousy enough player for it not to matter. If I end up not liking something, I can always sell it.
  13. I hate reading about nasty divorces and it seems so many are just that. I echo what a couple of people have said: I would keep your favorite of all your guitars so that if or when the urge to play hits you, you have something to do it on. Good luck with everything.