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  1. tommy p

    Zandard Owners

    That's exactly what I was looking for when I "settled" for the Zandard. lol
  2. tommy p

    Zandard Owners

    I can't tell if that's mine or not. I can only see the bridge, pickups, and a little of the neck on HFC and if I go to Photobucket I can only see the covered pickup! The pic won't load to full-size for me.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more! Acoustics, Les Pauls, SG's, and other models for right around $100.
  4. tommy p

    Zandard Owners

    Mine's the one with the ding on the lower bout. Damaged goods. Plus it's got Tommy-ness smeared all over it. Nobody wants that!
  5. tommy p

    Zandard Owners

    What? This ol' thing?
  6. tommy p

    Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    I took the Beatles Special to my CT tribute band practice and it went over great! I had not told them I was getting it. Sounded good, plays great. It will be used in a show for the first time on Thanksgiving Eve. Hopefully I'll get some good pics and/or video from that one. We're working on our promo pack and I want that included.
  7. I have an old Pedal Pad case-style pedal board with the aluminum plates that I've been using for at least 10 years, but I'd like to have a smaller, lighter board. I've bought a couple of mini-pedals in anticipation of the downsizing. The Pedal Pad has the Pedal Power module and Patch Bay but I've never used the latter. I just go with everything in front of the amp. Pedals are attached to the plates via Velcro. The Holeyboard Zig (+Zag) models and Rockboard stuff are designed to use plastic ties instead of Velcro, although it looks like you still could use Velcro with the Rockboard stuff. The Rockboard I'm looking at is the 4.2 which is built on a slant but not truly two-tiered like the Holeyboard stuff. Both seem to have enough room underneath to mount a power supply and patch bay if you want to the 4CM which I am considering when I revamp everything. Anybody got one of these that can share your experience? Specifically wondering about power supplies or patch bays that turned out NOT to work for size or design issues, and whether using plastic ties works very well compared to Velcro. Side question: for all you folks using Velcro, do you put the hook or the loop on your pedals?
  8. tommy p

    Like, Trippy, Man

    Could you give me a couple of albums to start with?
  9. tommy p

    Like, Trippy, Man

    I can see Cheap Trick doing something similar. I've liked every song I've ever heard by the Smithereens but for some reason never owned a single one of their albums. I need to check them out.
  10. Not as crazy as this, but I've noticed people are starting to ask $150-200 for Gibson "chainsaw" cases. Why? I have two of those, one not even being used.
  11. Good luck to y'all in NC and SC. It looks like VA will be spared the worst of it.
  12. tommy p

    Worth $10K

    Does it have $8500 stuffed in the soundhole? If so, then yes.
  13. tommy p

    Bye Bye Buckingham

    He played it in Charlottesville on that same tour. Opened with 8 Days a Week, which I loved!
  14. Great choices! My CT tribute band does Way of the World and I love Reach Out. I once saw a band open their show with Love Comes Tumblin' and as big a CT fan as I am, I couldn't place it! I thought it was a great song and I knew I remembered it from somewhere, but I guess it was so strange to hear someone actually doing it I was disoriented. @serial or @cmatthes might have been at the show - the band was Vollmer at Jaxx in Springfield, VA and I think they were opening for Kix.
  15. @Hamer_SS_guy Everything you wrote sounded depressingly familiar. I guess we all go through the same things pursuing a good musical situation.