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  1. I greatly prefer the Ge based boosters too, but the Cbread Naga Viper I had sounded and reacted just like Ge and it was Si....don’t know What mojo they used....it’s gone now as I had too many at one point....down to a Lovepedal White Dragon and the Monsterpiece MonsterDrive now, since I sold the Texas Ranger.... That Banana Boost gets good reviews....and that Arcane looks wonderful. Nothing like a TB into buckers into a Marshall or tweed circuit.
  2. Wow to both.....the Eclipse is the right color....
  3. Murkat nailed it. I have had several of both and much prefer the L90. Hi-fi crunchiness and a very sweet clean tone.
  4. Gotta love a sizzling treble booster.....just excite all the right freqs...
  5. Guitars are funny like that.....I always had my tone on 10 with the Cats...and my Archers are even brighter......but as in all things, it is the sum of the parts. If I am rockin’ a Tweed, all is well on 10 tonewise....into my JMP, Mesa TA, or the Blonde Bassman, then it can get too trebly...even for me! Loves me some sparkle!
  6. The Cats were indeed a great match, but these, at least for me are better....more snap, sparkle, twang, and clarity and I love how they sound overdriven or with gain. I thought about slapping the Trons from my Artist into the Newport and putting these Archers into the Artist as the bridge Archer resided there in the Artist briefly and sounded great. But they are more “open” in the Newport. What a guitar. The minute I opened the case back in Jan 2017 I knew the Newport hype was real...even more so when I picked it up and played it. FGJ, you already know you’ll regret it! Play the Newport and she will again endear herself to you!
  7. Jaded, I LOVE the sold orange color on mine. I just felt the need to put some special pickups in there. Rob, I access the HFC from my iPad and every time I try to bring pics in here, unless they are blurry and small reso, I get the “too large” messgage....I wish that was the story of my life.... oh well, at one point posting here on the iPad was easy. Not so much anymore since Phuckitbucket croaked.
  8. I’ll get a clip up soon with the Archers...clean and dirty.
  9. Cats are gone. I played that guitar today for hours on end. I love it.
  10. Since I cannot load detailed pics here direct anymore, y’all will have to click on the Dbox link below. Ok, got my Newport in Jan 2017 and loved it immediately. Still love it. Plays wonderfully. Incredible guitar. My love/hate relationship with P90s was back in he love phase. The Phat Cats were hot and rocking, and I loved the middle position. They stayed there for over a year. But.... I had this Rumpel Archer pickup that works in any guitar just lying around....actually it was in my Strat and I wanted my Strat single back in...the Archer needed to be in a guitar so I tried it in the Newport. We have a winner and I am in the dislike phase of too-Hot P90s again. I had Aaron wind me a matching neck Archer and I love the aesthetics. They look cool, but they sound even better. Think pole[icee P90 as wide as a P90 but taller like a Fender type. The result is like a Fender on serious steroids with a touch of P90 snot. Perfect. Almost like a Jazzmaster, but way less polite in the bridge. The neck is smooth and the chimey middle is loverly. Like Josh, Aaron is a master winder and nails the tones in my head. These pickups sound vintagey...they produce old tones perfect for rockin’. Just wanted to share. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ri2dcjc0zjpztw0/IMG_1567.JPG?dl=0
  11. Doesn’t the zero fret also make the open strings sound like the fretted strings since the open strings with a zero fret are now, well, fretted? No more binding in the nut or having the nut change the tone....I wonder why more makers don’t use them, other than the looks....
  12. Bridge first. Get the GROWL. Then when you get the neck that is sooooo smooth and so very clear you’ll be amazed.....and then you’ll go the chimney middle position and your jaw will drop.
  13. I've got it bad. :(

    I know the feeling....I am considering selling almost all my other guitars , including one of my beloved Hamers to fund one or two more Shishkov’s....