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  1. Board loading slow?

    Yup, slow on my IPad for sure.....
  2. Not a PRS fan...but that guitar would make me one.
  3. These are great tubes! I play on putting one in V1 on all my amps except for my Marshall...it’s gotta have Mullards. If $40 is too high, make me an offer. I wanna sell 10 of these bad boys...
  4. Ok guys & gals! I scored a vintage like new Baldwin tube organ this weekend and all the 12ax7s test great. They are the most desireable USA preamps of all...long plate, black plates. They test great both on a tester and in my simple 5f1 Champ. They are either Sylvania or Raytheon. They break up fast and are super tubes. I will save a bunch for my amps and I have at least 10 to sell. Pics below. These are from 1961, I believe. How about $40 each, shipped. i also have, from a separate organ, a bunch of Matsuchita Japanese 12ax7s made on Mullard tooling that sound great. No issues. I’ll let these go at $30 each. I am trying to raise funds for a compressor for my recording rack. Here are the USA black plates. I’ll offer Here first before going to Reverb. If my prices are out of line, say so and make a fair offer. I think these are good prices for quality USA and Japanese made 12ax7s. They are used but test wonderfully good. These are no more tubes of this quality being made anymore..,anywhere. here is a Dropbox link to pics: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hi2rdn0iamsfj1a/IMG_3673.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mit2ecw1h5jdq48/IMG_3674.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljx6icvplnxuyjl/IMG_3676.JPG?dl=0
  5. That kit is BADASS! I bet it records WONDERFULLY!!
  6. My HSR arrives today and I got the notice for the Rubber Chicken arriving next week.
  7. Master or Non-Master volume?

    All my amps are classic NMV circuits....and they rock, they have THE TONE. Except..... for the Mesa Boogie Ta15 I bought in 2016. An incredible, versatile amp That also has THE TONE. Only MV amp I have ever liked...
  8. Thanks Cynic! Even on an MP3 the file is too big, so here is a link to today’s entire show! They loved my music! And another radio station called today to have me on....this is stupid fun. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5qfdnqypgoqsfj/KLOS Stay or Go AC REV 192kbps.mp3?dl=0
  9. Not having a tape machine anymore, I don’t know how to record radio these days.....I do miss that. Remember when they would premier an album and you could set up a cassette to record it? Or record King Biscuit? I think they leave the show up on the site for the day. I’ll check.
  10. I want an EP3 too and regret missing it during the last sale. And I agree, fancy billets don’t equate to 50 bone specials....but we’ll see....
  11. I have a Chrome slide I bought at the Drum Pad in Felton, DE in 1979.....I have lots of fancy ceramics & glass slides now, but sometimes that chrome slide just has the tone....
  12. #0068

    Are you kidding me??? That bad boy is awesome! 2 P90s and what is that bridge bucker? ..and there is no way I could call Mike, plan a build, and tell him I want the Muse shaft on it.....no way, no how. Talking to him about the Muse tip was difficult enough.....