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  1. Jakeboy

    Saw Uncle Ted Last Night

    I saw him last summer and his playing and singing was devastatingly good. If anything, he plays better now than BITD. Like Jeff Beck in that regard. Like him or hate him, Sweaty Teddy is all about rock and roll guitar.
  2. Jakeboy

    Jazzmaster .... ???

    My offset Telemaster is the perfect Tele type. Most comfy body style ever, cool looks, and sounds like a Tele.
  3. Jakeboy

    2018 SG Special

    How hot are the pups? I am diggin’ the vintage Firebird specs I put in my Artist.
  4. Jakeboy

    Monaco Elite Mahogany?

    Mine was cool. I miss it. A pure rocker.
  5. You taught me something, and I ain’t even Jeff! I love cool DIY solutions. What did you use o remove the metal? A round file?
  6. That sucks. How does anyone miss that?
  7. Jakeboy

    Paul Hamer - H Guitars Demo

    The Book is required viewing AND reading (looking at you 6&7). A treasure trove of all things Hamer.
  8. Jakeboy

    "Tele Guy" on a slippery slope

    I almost bought one of those MIJ Custom 62 reissues at that time....it should have been my first Tele....it took about 22 more years....
  9. Beautiful guitar. Keep it and play it HARD....if it dings so what? I bet it makes great music....GLWTS. Love the binding.
  10. Nice indeed! Great price on what is a great guitar. GLWTS
  11. Jakeboy

    NGD - Vanguard

    Nice Vanguard. I bet the Lollars are a great upgrade.
  12. I was having similar issues with the Duesenberg Trem on my Artist. Once I started solderering the wraps all was good but that pissed me off so I moved on to EB Reinforced strings and the issue is fixed in an easier way. I have gazillions of D’Addarios Around and I’ll use them on fixed bridges exclusively. TOMs and my Teles.....
  13. Yup, BITD, listening to an album was an EVENT, an EXPERIENCE. I do miss that. Album parties, reading liner notes looking for gear clues, drinking in the sleeve pics.....it as great. I do love the convenience of having 8k worth of songs with me at the gym though. Or anywhere, for that matter. I still listen to albums all the way through 90% of the time. BITD I had a portable Walkman with cassettes anytime I wasn’t near my home stereo. The iPod replaces that nicely. ‘Thanks for another great read, Willie. The 60s& 70s were a great time to grow up as a music fan. It was so much fun.
  14. Lol my daughter calls it my “vast knowledge of useless trivia...”
  15. Winner winner chicken dinner right here
  16. Jakeboy

    085 Maverick with a twist

    Things just got interesting!! Cannot wait for your tone report.
  17. I have one of the Octavia SDCs and they are just great...,GLWTS
  18. That was incredible. Edmunds on the “frantic” B-bender Tele was ridiculous. Albert Lee was also stupid good. They all hybrid pick so well...totally not my thing. But I am in awe. so was in the studio? I recognized Phill Lynott. Was that Huey Lewis???? Graham Parker too, right? And others. That was so damn cool.
  19. Jakeboy

    "Tele Guy" on a slippery slope

    That 80s pic is outta sight! Love it! What’s the Tele on the stand?
  20. How is it possible to muff that intro....I like to play it Made in Japan style, but if you are playing the studio version at the RNRHOF, how do you muff it? It’s not like Morse is me....he is a monster player. Wow.
  21. Jakeboy

    Honoring the USA

    Oh hell, that BC Rich White Bich steals the damn show! That’s some fireworks right there.
  22. Jakeboy

    Honoring the USA

    I am missing the white......damn, I wanted to play.
  23. Jakeboy

    #81, a different but cool build

    OMG that looks so awesome! I remember when I first saw Oceanburst (I call it Gulfburst cause of the green aqua) on some BCR guitars back around what 2008 or so. I freaked and told my wife “Someday I must have a guitar this color.” Now you do too...well, almost. It’ll be your way soon I am sure. Congrats on what is for certain a beautiful guitar that will play great. And a p90 neck pup with a buckered Trem bridge? Forgetabouit. Simply incredible. Now back to my New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA.....a lot of words for a beer.