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  1. crunchee

    Nut material ‘92 Special

    Black 'Lubitrak' nuts. According to cmatthes, it's essentially the same nut material PRS uses. You can check this thread out here:
  2. crunchee

    This guy has some pretty intense fingers!

    For a minute there, I thought this post was about THIS guy:
  3. It looks like the guitar is in great hands! Kids, don't try this at home.
  4. crunchee

    DGS Photos

    As far as I can tell, DGS also posts their used guitars and amps on Reverb in parallel with what is already on their website. The only difference that I can tell between their website listings and their Reverb listings, is that Reverb requires a shipping price be listed. Of course, once somebody buys their gear, both their website listing and their Reverb listing is gone quickly, too. Speaking of DGS photos, they've got three separate locations now in Wisconsin...the main store in LaCrosse, a shop in Milwaukee, and a shop in Madison. Each appears to take their own photos, of whatever gear they have at each shop, and there's subtle differences in the photos from each location, regardless of what gear it is. The main store has the full photo setup, where the other shops may not. For awhile, when the Milwaukee shop first opened, it kinda looked like they were taking photos in a draped corner of that store, the photos were good but not nearly at the same level as the photos taken at the LaCrosse shop. Here's the original PSA thread for this guitar, if you missed out on all the fun the first time. Apparently the guy who bought it from DGS tends to de-list and re-list it frequently, especially when he's asked questions, see Kiz's post above about this guy's MO:
  5. Maybe it had something to do with how Johnny was holding the guitar on the above album cover? Looks like he was ready for some batting practice. Very cool post, can't wait to see the progress!
  6. I wonder if whoever they named Sartain Hall after was any relation to this guy? It's not a common name: These are skits from an early '70's late Saturday night show he used to do very early on, on Tulsa area TV, that I remember very well when I was a kid living in that area. This show would have skits here and there between breaks from old movies that were being shown on the show, and this was on local TV a couple of years before 'Saturday Night Live' was even around. Anybody recognize 'Teddy Jack Eddy', too?
  7. I use either Fender or D'Andrea 346 in tortoise shell celluoid, mediums for electric guitar, heavy for bass, thin for my two early-mid '80's acoustic only Ovation Model 1111 deep-bowl Balladeers. I really like the 346 size, they're large enough where I can keep a good grip on them when playing, plus I can use all three corners/ends without regard to where the pick is pointing. On the Ovations, it really makes a sonic difference between using a medium-thickness pick and a thin one, the guitars acoustically sound more crisp, sparkly and lively with a thin pick. I use a medium pick on the Ovations when I need volume over sparkliness, and the acoustic only Ovations (no electronics, and never had them) can really put out volume when overdriven.
  8. I'm not sure that I would want to try to buy a guitar from somebody in Russia, regardless of what the guitar is. Way too many variables to consider.
  9. So, that's what a 'mint' relic job looks like? Hard pass.
  10. crunchee

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    A very cool clip with Smokey Robinson:
  11. crunchee

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    RIP. We still have her music, and it's great to look back at her work. She played a pretty mean piano, too, lookit the hammers workin' inside!
  12. Life is short. Buy 'em both.
  13. crunchee

    Little Wing on a LAP

    Here's some Speedy West/Jimmy Bryant-style interplay between the Bigsby steel and a Tele (Nocaster? I don't see a model name on the headstock):
  14. crunchee

    Little Wing on a LAP

    Every time I change TV channels and stumble across Spongebob, it makes me wanna try to learn lap steel again...the operative word being try, as the last time I attempted it, it sounded NOT good..the best I could do most of the time was aggressive Delta Blues-style slides, which practically anybody can do. At least kids are getting exposed to this music on a daily basis: BTW, the triple-neck steel in the picture is a Bigsby (yep, as in Paul Bigsby)...here's some soloing on it from Jeremy Wakefield:
  15. Weren't those the black opaque plastic ones that somebody was trying to sell on Ebay for WAY too much money a few years ago? IIRC, there was a post or two about them here on the HFC at that time.