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  1. What did I buy?

    No 'USA' on the headstock next to the 'Hamer' logo = import.
  2. ...and SOLD, according to the website listing. Anybody here snag it?
  3. No affiliation. Kinda interesting, as the serial number format looks to be the same as the inked serial numbers of the time...except an impressed stamp was used instead of ink, with larger sized numbers than the impressed serial numbers often seen on '60's Gibsons. The pickup's the early wider version, too: http://davesguitar.com/products/gibson/melody-maker-60/
  4. Losing gain as I play - tubes?

    I had a Kendrick Tweed Deluxe clone years ago, it sounded great but I constantly kept 'feeling the need' to crank the volume controls (they were interactive) to where the amp was maxed out gain-wise, at the point where it sounded like Crazy Horse-era Neil Young. I loved the amp, but I got rid of it after about a year, as I found that it stuck me into a tonal rut because of that.
  5. HEL Custom Order

    Good thing it's too big for USPS as well. 'Tis the season for delivery services behaving badly! BTW, the first 36 seconds or so of this video is all you need to see, but it doesn't look like labeling a package as 'cremated remains' would help, either:
  6. Needs a Kahler. Or needs to have a Kahler put back on it, judging from what I'm seeing around the bridge area.
  7. As it is often said here on the HFC: 'Askin' ain't sellin'.
  8. Mick Jones of B.A.D. (ex-Clash) used to use a Bond Electraglide, I haven't heard of those guitars in ages! I was actually IN the crowd somewhere, during the T-Square video shoot, back in the fall of '84 or '85...me and some friends from work (I was in the USAF at the time, stationed at a base in Berkshire) went to London on a Saturday, and saw what you see in the video...actually, B.A.D. did more standing around than playing music, even if it was a pre-recorded track. My friends and I hadn't a clue about B.A.D. at the time, we thought it was just another protest aimed at the nearby South African embassy, those were common back then.
  9. NGD: Jason Becker In The House!

    Anybody ever see Jeff Kiesel and Jol Dantzig in the same room together at the same time? Or is it just coincidence that 'great minds think alike'?
  10. The Floyd-style string clamps at the nut would be enough to make me pass on it, more holes drilled in the neck at the nut isn't what I'd be looking for. And I'd dread looking under the pickup surrounds, to see what kind of hack job is under there. I might be pleasantly surprised, but I wouldn't put money on it.
  11. Pedals - Neverendingrabbitthole

    I rarely if ever use pedals The last pedal I bought was a used A/B switch box, to give my 18-watt VHT head quasi-channel-switching capability. If I feel the need for sonic mayhem, I pull out my old DOD Classic Fuzz pedal and MXR Blue Box RI pedal; and if I want variety, I just have them trade places in the signal chain. But generally speaking, if I find that an amp is lacking, then I ditch the amp instead of stacking pedals in front of it.
  12. Is That A Guitar Or A Table?

    I wanna see a cage match between him and The Great Kat.
  13. Is Fernandes still in business?

    I remember that the Fernandes 'ZO' model travel guitar (sold in the US as the 'Nomad') was very popular in Japan...oddly enough, the only ones listed on this page are apparently from 2011? http://www.fernandes.co.jp/products/zo/zo-3.html ...and I haven't heard anything about the 'Sustainer' pickup kit being discontinued, apparently Musicians' Fiend still sells them: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/fernandes-fsk-401-sustainer-pickup-kit?source=3WWRWXGB&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvPiC9NbB1wIVU7jACh3yoQiUEAAYASAAEgLokfD_BwE&kwid=19959388920x8011105460x151905500 http://www.fernandesguitars.com/sustainer-kits.html http://www.fernandes.co.jp/products/sustainer/index.html
  14. Is Fernandes still in business?

    Looked them up on Wikipedia, no sign that they shut down there: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernandes_Guitars Are any of these websites ones that you were looking at? http://www.fernandesguitars.com/ http://www.fernandes.co.jp/
  15. 1992 Hamer Special???

    Tree Fitty! That's the traditional HFC offer, anyway.