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  1. crunchee

    Victory inlays

    You can replace the nut and change the string alignment that way, if you want. I wouldn't.
  2. crunchee

    Why is Spaghetti Western Music So Cool?

    TGTBATU is on Turner Classic Movies tomorrow afternoon...I've seen it several times, and I'll very likely watch at least some of it again tomorrow, just because it's on. I thought that Depeche Mode did a good job of capturing the 'Spagetti Western' vibe with 'Personal Jesus' years ago, both with the song and the video. It made me want to go buy an old hollowbody Gretsch archtop...when this song came out in 1990, Gretsch reissues weren't being made yet IIRC, with the questionable exception of the budget 'Traveling Wilburys' model:
  3. crunchee

    Overheard on Facetube

    That Jimmy Dean guy gets around, got hisself a new commercial too...not bad for someone that's been dead for almost eight years:
  4. No affiliation: http://davesguitar.com/products/hamer/monaco-elite-07/
  5. No affiliation. Gibson-style 'open book' headstock, Made In Japan, I dunno if it's pre-Elite/Elitist or not. Description says it has Wolfetone Dr. Vintage pickups installed: http://davesguitar.com/products/epiphone/les-paul-goldtop-00/
  6. Brass, steel, aluminum, titanium, or a mix/combination for different strings? Smooth, threaded (like on '62 RIs), or grooved? Also, do you prefer 'slanted' compensated saddles, 'stepped' compensated saddles, or traditional straight not-compensated-at-all saddles? I'm curious to find out what the general consensus is here at the HFC, especially since some of you have put together Tele-style Partscasters in the past; and I'm more interested in configuration/type rather than a particular brand, unless they're exclusive to that particular brand only. TIA!
  7. crunchee

    What's the "B" stand for?

    Barf. Or Boogered. Or both.
  8. Looks like a '95 to me, going by the serial number.
  9. Looks like the BBC has opened up their sound effect library for downloading to the public: https://www.musicradar.com/news/the-bbc-is-letting-you-download-more-than-16000-free-sound-effect-samples-from-its-archive
  10. crunchee

    The hard questions in life

    Black knobs, no guard. IMO, gold knobs would make the guitar look pale, without any contrast to offset the fretboard color. Plus, black knobs would be easier to see/read when playing.
  11. crunchee

    NOGD - Pepto Pink Paisley Tele Score!!!!!!

    I prefer this DAC song: Which reminds me, I need to drag out my Squidbillies 'DAVID ALLAN CEO' T-shirt for hot weather wear.
  12. I prefer this version. And I WANT that 'Cheap Slut' T-shirt! Yes, the link works, just click on the arrow. P.S. So, as an encore, are they gonna play '96 Tears' on 96 guitars?
  13. So do I, but I'm not spending over $150 for a used case, especially when they used to be bought on Ebay for under $100.
  14. Thanks for the info! I didn't think of looking at their website, that's good to know! Usually, manufacturers aren't that forthcoming about where their stuff is made...unless of course it's made in USA or Canada. I'm not a fan of the molded polymer cases though, so that could save me some significant money by skipping them.
  15. Stratacus' No Doubt road case finds reminded me of something that's been bugging me for the last few years...back in the day, if you got a Hamer guitar with an original, traditional hardshell Hamer logo'd case, it was made in Canada by TKL, and you could tell where it came from by the little tab on the case accessory pocket. If you had an older Hamer with the original Hamer case, it might not have a TKL logo (though it was probably still made by TKL) on the tab, but it WOULD have a 'Case Made In Canada' mark on the tab. In the last few years, I've noticed that 'traditional' plywood construction hardshell guitar cases that come with new Gibson guitars that USED to be labeled as being made by TKL in Canada AREN'T anymore...nowadays, they just have a 'Gibson' logo embossed on the compartment tab, and no indication on where it was made. I've also noticed some newer, traditional-styled plywood TKL-labeled aftermarket hardshell cases up for sale that kinda look like the older cases, but don't have 'Made in Canada' (or anywhere else, for that matter) markings inside. Fender also made changes for their 'traditional' plywood guitar cases in the last few years, when they introduced the 'Pro Series' cases...from the outside, they more-or-less look like the older USA-made Fender G&G guitar cases, but inside they have two accessory compartments, with a channel through the middle of the case for cradling the guitar neck, and also no indication of where they were made inside or outside the case. Traditional-style G&G plywood cases for Fender have a more traditional-configured interior (one accessory compartment with the guitar resting inside the case at an angle) and have a metal plaque riveted inside the case that tells you that it's a Made-In-USA G&G case. Maybe I'm nit-picking, but I'm not convinced that the non-USA, non-Canada-labeled cases that I suspect are made overseas (China?) are in the same league quality-wise as the older, USA/Canada-made cases. I'm also not happy that these more recent 'mystery'-sourced cases seem to be priced as least as much as what the older USA/Canada-made cases used to be...and this was true long before any talk about tariffs on imported goods. Anybody have any pro- or con- insights about these newer, 'mystery' sourced guitar cases, and can you tell the difference performance and durability-wise?