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  1. I'm just guessing, but it looks to me like somebody is 'divesting' themselves of their collectible guitars just today, DGS just listed some pre-owned CS/limited edition goodies with price tags that ain't for the faint of heart or budget. No affiliation (especially for gear THIS expensive, I wish I was THAT well-to-do!), you can go to DGS' website to check them out, they'll be easy to spot since four are in the 5-figure (or pretty dang close) price range.
  2. Hamer Sighting

  3. Anyone seen my Delay Pedal?

    That's the thing with delay pedals, they'll show up eventually.
  4. RIP Grant Hart Husker DU

    Man, Husker Du was a sizable amount of my music back in the 1980's, one of the bands that made MTV's 120 Minutes worthwhile watching. And six albums in less than six years! RIP Grant.
  5. If they really want Steve Vai tunage THAT bad, give 'em something with his guitar solos from THIS album. Yes, Vai was on it. So was Ginger Baker. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Album_(Public_Image_Ltd_album)
  6. Asking prices are ALWAYS creeping up on FeePay and Refurb. Besides, only 102 days until Christmas! http://www.xmasclock.com/
  7. 'On Hold' (SOLD), according to the listing on the DGS website. Did anybody here snag it?
  8. No affiliation. I think Ovation called these the 'Legend' model when they first came out in the '70's...before they knew that Lennon was using one, IIRC. Much later, there was a 'Lennon' reissue that Ovation made: http://davesguitar.com/products/ovation/model-1651-79/ Here's a webpage showing the reissue: http://www.ovationgallery.com/page6string1651.htm P.S. DGS posted it online late this afternoon, not long before their closing time at 6PM Central time, otherwise I would have posted it here sooner.
  9. Gene Simmons Vault

    I never watched his show, so I Googled the topic. According to this, it wasn't Gene, but his wife that did the burning: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/gene-simmons-nudie-pictures-burned/ Ah, the things that have to be sacrificed for marital harmony!
  10. Ask a professional/career clarinetist how many new reeds they've had to go through in their career. THAT can't be cheap! Edited to add: The question that I have about GAS anymore, is who's the members of the newer generation getting GAS NOW? As in, who's buying up and using (presumably) the 'previously owned by old guys' gear' nowadays? Or buying the new gear? I don't forsee the numbers of newbies outnumbering the amount of available usuable used or new stuff out there, but I'd still be very curious to see the demographics and data breakdowns about it.
  11. Gene Simmons Vault

    Lemme know if he ever publishes his rumored scrapbook full of Polaroid photos of his 'conquests' from over the years.
  12. Nope, not on my end. I've just seen way too many 'fire sales' and imploded marriages/relationships to ignore.
  13. Being broke is pretty good at stopping GAS in it's tracks, too. Especially if it's divorce-induced.
  14. Hurricanes Suck

    It's looking pretty rough, from what I can see on The Weather Channel, hope everybody gets through it OK! In the meantime, is this on your playlist?
  15. How's this for a project Gibson?

    DGS had a 'nice' one (condition-wise ) for sale about a week or so ago. IIRC, it sold quickly, the same day it was posted on the website. Apparently for Seven Fitty. http://davesguitar.com/products/gibson/corvus-iii-83/ There's just no accounting for taste.