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  1. So I ordered a Callaham front roller and it doesn't fit. Yep, I have a US made B5. The Callaham shaft is larger than the stock shaft by a small amount but enough that it won't fit without drilling the B5 frame. The roller is larger in diameter than the stock roller and it hits on the frame when I try to insert it in place. It's close enough that I can probably force it in but then the roller won't roll. The B5's casting and machining isn't impressive so I'm guessing their machining tolerances are causing my issues. I emailed Callaham so we'll see if they confirm my suspicions. Sigh... I was looking forward to playing this guit tonight....
  2. Oops, broke my pickup

    It could be an easy repair to fix the broken coil and put the new covers on for you. I suggest contacting Josh Gravelin: http://www.gravelinpickups.com/repairs/
  3. I see 6/6 is the type of nylon. More than I ever care to know about nylon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nylon_66 I'll have to source some and give it a try.
  4. I'll probably add locking tuners at some point because it's my M.O. I don't know the history of the guitar as I got it a few days ago so it'll be worth my time to oil the bearings well.
  5. Thanks for the replies. It's staying in tune better today so maybe I just needed to let the strings settle in more. The nut was cut for 10s and use 9s so I was hoping it wouldn't have any binding issues.
  6. What are the most effective mods you have done to improve Bigsby return-to-pitch accuracy? The guitar in question is a PRS Starla (core) with stock vintage style Kluson tuners. Thanks for your input.
  7. Recommendations for headphones to record

    A very good point. Sorry I missed that.
  8. They are Dimarzio 36th Anniversary set, single conductor with raw nickel covers. Can't remember if they are long or short leg. I am a previous owner. ETA: Assuming Ken didn't change them after I sold it to him. And you know what happens when one assumes....
  9. Recommendations for headphones to record

    I also think the Audio Technicas are bass heavy. I've not tried the others on your list but I've been very happy with the AKG K240s I have. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/K240S
  10. This Monaco Elite is back up for sale. Every time I get it out I don't want to sell it, but then it just sits in the case 99% of the time. I'll sell it without pickups if you don't want the ones in it or if you send me pickups you want in it I'll install them before shipping it out. $1650 shipped CONUS with pickups $1575 shipped CONUS with out pickups https://reverb.com/item/5190852-hamer-usa-monaco-elite-2003-premium-quilt-top-ebony-fingerboard
  11. Tube amp impedance mis-matches??

    Running a lower impedance cab than the tap you are plugged into is going to pull more current through the output transformer and generate more heat. This concerns me more than the higher voltage that results in the scenario where the cab impedance is higher than the output tap impedance. H&K may design their output transformers to handle 1/2 (or 1/4, or...) the rated impedance on a given output tap but I wouldn't do it with just any amp. I personally err on the side of using a speaker 2x the impedance of the amp output rather than the opposite. Or just used the correct impedance and not worry about it.
  12. PBS program: "Sgt. Pepper's Musical Revolution"

    It was a great look into the making of the album, though I could have watched for several hours more. I wish they would have talked about the tape loops that they showed footage of. It looked like about 30 feet of tape across 4 machines!
  13. WTB: Hamer Junior

    The guitar you are making offers on is #3 of a limited edition of 6 so I doubt you'll get it for the price of a non LE Jr.
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