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  1. NeilZ

  2. mc2 you made my morning! I have seen those fake Rolex models that are so realistic,... until you look really closely and see that they say Bolex, or Relax. I have also seen "replicas" in Asia, so close to the real thing that the only way to be sure they are fake is completely dis-assembling them. Lucky for me I have the resources to do that work and also to authenticate the pieces. The watch world is crazy compared to the guitar world. There is another level of fake which we call "Frankenwatches." These use all original and period correct components which were never actually combined when the watch was built. Not a big deal for a daily beater watch, but it kills the collectability.
  3. Thanks Django. I appreciate that tip.
  4. So this is a bit left field, but I figure it might be worth the effort. To be clear, not looking to trade for another guitar. Looking to trade for a Rolex Submariner (straight trade), or Omega Seamaster, or Breitling Super Ocean plus cash to make us the difference. Again, I know that this is left field, but ...what the heck. *** This is the only carved-top Les Paul ever built by Dennis Fano. Built to body spec of 1959 Gibson Les Paul. Set neck, not bolt on neck. Serial #NZ001 This is a pre-PBG instrument and was hand built by Dennis himself in his former shop in Bloomfield, NJ. This is NOT an SP6. Specs: Built in 2004 (pre-PBG) Book-matched AAAAA flame maple top The top began life at 5/8" thickness and was then hand-carved with finger planes Lightweight Swamp Ash body with tone chambers. The full-size body blank came in at 3lbs Five piece, hand-carved Flame Maple and Walnut neck Head stock features original Gibson Holly veneer. Kluson-style tuners Cocobolo board with green abalone dot inlays Seymour Duncan custom shop, custom-wound Phat Cat pickups with flame maple surrounds Tone Pro bridge Earvana Nut Hand-Relic'd by Dennis Fano The entire build process was documented in photos. The buyer will receive a link to all of these images. weight - 7.75lbs
  5. Hey I have a K-Line 63 relic Tele I would trade. Got it from Kizanski. send me an email and I will send you pics. neilziesing at mac dot com oh and Happy New Year!
  6. Hey cswilder! Great to see you here again. I still love that Kendrick Champ I got from you on a trade. Interested in another mic pre trade for this? I have a Toft EC1 pre, new in the box. http://toftaudio.com/ec1.html email me at ziesing at earthlink dot net if you are interested.
  7. $1100 buyer pays shipping and insurance.
  8. Weekend Bump and price drop to $1250. Hit me! ziesing at earthlink dot net
  9. That's what I thought, but someone said it may have been Tonejunkie's before it belonged to Savethematches. hmmmm and if you say that, maybe I should reconsider...food for thought.
  10. Hahahaha! Thx Bubs. That provided a much needed laugh.
  11. http://gallery.me.com/neilziesing#100029&a...k&view=grid I picked this up from Savethematches last Summer. Played it most every day in my smoke free home. Ships with checkerboard case. My knowledge of these fine guitars is limited at best, but here is what I know from my discussions with other HFC members. Feel free to edit, or add new info as I am sure all would be interested. Apparently there were only 6 TV's, 6 cherry, and 3 or 4 vintage orange. There were also a few maple-topped ones that followed years later. Of the six TV BCR Juniors, only a few had the pick guard shaped where it meets the neck at the lower horn (like this one does) so that it looks more vintage correct. Asking $1450 CONUS only Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Ping me at ziesing at earthlink dot net if you are interested.
  12. I AM a Tele guy and that rocks!
  13. Standard Appreciation Thread

    Ordered this baby up through brother elduave. Thx Bro! http://homepage.mac.com/neilziesing/PhotoAlbum23.html