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  1. Thanks donner, I've got one just like that but yearning for the standard! Cheers
  2. Looking to buy a Korina Standard. I want more of a player so some wear is great!
  3. Yes, too narrow. It also had some buzz on the frets closer to nut. It had a chip out of headstock veneer by tuner, as well as some substantial cracks at neck joint. I like Daves but they need to spend more time accurately describing used gear.
  4. hey guys I returned it. Wasn't digging the neck width. Also it's pretty beat. Def not Excellent minus. More like good if that.
  5. tell me more guys!! I'm a big LP user, have a bunch of CS Gibbos. Also a Korina Hamer Vector that I love.
  6. I snagged it. Took a chance