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  1. I loved that Daytona, I bought it New in '96 from The Guitar House of Tulsa
  2. Henry wants to re-live the '80s

    THAT'S THE ONE!!!!
  3. Henry wants to re-live the '80s

    If they really wanna go there, ie: Tummy cut, thin bodied, floyded and yes, NEON, they should have 24 frets just sayin'
  4. Henry wants to re-live the '80s

    I see black beauties and goldtops in their future
  5. Guitarlington

    DAAAAAAAA!!!! i totally missed it
  6. Opened up my Valve Jr. Surprise!

    Maybe since Hamer is gone this ends up being a Gear "trigger" page I STILL have a hard-on for a Blue Angel, thanks guys!
  7. Gentlemen... This is odd...

    BEST GUITAR EVAH!!!!! I have a '99 Just like that, but it is stamped inside maybe mine was "late" '99 Enjoy that beasty, it has my absolute favorite neck on it!
  8. Recommendations for headphones to record

    the K240s are NOT closed back, I have the K240 Mkii and I needed to buy something else to stop the bleed through back to my mic, especially recording with a click or drums. the K72, K52 and the K92's are the "budget" closed back guys.
  9. Recommendations for headphones to record

    I LOVE the AKG K271 MKii super comfy, choice of earpads and cables in-the-box. they fit my big ears and phat head and can be had for $150
  10. those are nice, REALLY nice if they were $699 The Japanese ones are INCREDIBLE! ...and NOT $700
  11. Another Genius Guitar Player Has Passed

    WOW.... bummer
  12. OMG!!!!!! that's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Is anyone happy with their POD distortion?

    I use the HD500, I din't use heavy drive at all and I really had to spend some time tweakin' until the drive felt right, same with the fuzz. The amp drives can sound fantastic and be very responsive with some dialing. I think they do over-the-top pretty well, but subtle-ty isn't what their bank their reputation on