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  1. alantig

    Saw Uncle Ted Last Night

    This (both actually). He works much better for me with the second guitarist - it really keeps the groove behind his soloing.
  2. alantig

    Vai, Yngie, Nuno, and Zack

    Tosin Abasi is on the tour as well.
  3. Thanks! Especially nice because Jeff Bober just ended his column.
  4. alantig

    Random Music Licensing Ad Fail

    One of the first "The Next Beatles". That first album is killer - the hits are great, but almost all of the deep cuts are as good.
  5. alantig

    I want a looper pedal!

    Pics coming tonight...
  6. alantig

    I want a looper pedal!

    I've go a Boss RC-20 just sitting as well. Can't remember if it has the drum stuff (I think it does).
  7. alantig

    Eddie Van Halen in Bad Shape

    Back in the day, there were a lot of women who'd like to have EVH rummaging around in their bushes.
  8. Martin Music Guitar in Memphis. I've had good dealings with Eric at Experience PRS and via phone/Internet. Good dude. Never been to Memphis, so I've never seen the store.
  9. alantig

    Saw Steel Panther Last Night

    I don't mind the shtick, but like Steve said, some of it felt forced this time around. The bit where they bring up the girl to sing to, they tried to get someone from the audience to sing to her, and it just wouldn't quite get where they wanted it to go. Then they brought up another dude who turned out to be the girl's date, and he proposed to her on stage. When the brought up the mass of women, there were a couple who seemed like they were trying to take over the show. I have to give those guys credit - to do what they do and play as well as they do with all that chaos around them is impressive.
  10. alantig

    Saw Steel Panther Last Night

    We saw them in Pittsburgh and had the same comment - they could have fit in another 4-5 songs easily w/less of the schtick. I think my favorite moment of the evening was the Ozzy tribute.
  11. alantig

    I think I am close to the end.

    Nah - I just hit 31 years, she hasn't smothered me in my sleep yet. And that's knowing I have an amp coming, I'm going guitar shopping Saturday, and may do another custom order later this year. So it's probably more like 15-20 years left.
  12. I'm curious about that myself. I'm not familiar enough with his playing style to know what he's doing up in that area. Johnny Hiland's signature PRS had a little more depth from the strings to the face of the headstock so he could do behind-the-nut bends, but the headstock was the normal shape. John 5 does it a fair bit on a Tele, but that's a standard headstock as far as I know.
  13. Somebody posted a pic overlaying the JM on a Strat. There are minor differences in the body in the cutout areas, and the lower horn is a tad shorter. Subtle, but different. The headstock change was at JM's request to accommodate his playing style. I'm sure I'll play one at some point, but I'm not really a Strat guy, so it's not on my radar right now*. (* - words usually followed by a NGD post.)
  14. I'm not really a fan of the saddles they used. I suspect that was one of Mayer's specs for this. It is a bolt-on neck. I like some of what they've done with it, some of it would take a bit of getting used to. That said, I'm not in the Strat market, so it's really not on my radar.
  15. alantig

    So It Begins- Gibson Implosion