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  1. Johnny Cash w/the Carter Family, Statler Brothers and Carl Perkins King Crimson (Trevor Noah if you wanna include comedy) Stepping Stones
  2. It's more Mark's take. He wanted something different. Caused a lot of dissent in PRS fan circles. Me - I likey.
  3. Dire Straits - Love Over Gold

    Making Movies is damn near a perfect album. Dire Straits only played here once - a friend and I were debating whether to go. I was at her apartment the day of Live Aid. She came home from work for lunch, and that's when their set hit. She pulled out her purse, wrote a check and said, "Buy the damn tickets." The show ended up sold out. Seems Knopfler has only played here three times - that DS show, a solo show a bit over a year ago, and on the tour with Eric Clapton. I was at all three - I could have sworn I missed a solo show or two.
  4. I still have my Midiverb II. I love the Lennon delay on it - I wrote down all the settings when I boxed it up to sell, but I never moved it. Also still have my S4+ (with the cathedral and orchestra add-on cards) and D4 in my rack. I just put a new desk in, and they're much easier to see now, so I think the S4 may see a tad more action.
  5. I have a Mu-Tron III+ that I still fire up on occasion.
  6. I'll give ya... ...wait for it... $350!
  7. Olivia Newton John

    The current band is different than the one in the video (that's a couple years old). I found a review that listed everyone except the bass player and drummer (but they're different than the video): Andy Timmons Steve Real (backing vocals) Marlen Landin (backing vocals) Steve Nieves (backing vocals, sax, etc.) Dane Bryant (keys, MD)
  8. Olivia Newton John

    Was - not the MD any longer, the piano player is. Andy joins her periodically on tour. I saw her Monday, and it was Andy's last show in this current stint. She took a moment out to recognize him. He did a fabulous job during the show. Great show all around - the sound was possibly the best of any live show I've seen this year. Great set list - got pretty much all the hits I expected and a couple that were a surprise to me. And her voice has absolutely held up. About the only downside to the show is that it was a very chatty crowd - I felt like I'd walked into a place holding a private party.
  9. Gibson may be Worse than Junk

    So even more people playing bad versions of "Enter Sandman" and "Sweet Child Of Mine" cranked to 14???
  10. Anyone into Simo?

    Saw them open for Ace Frehley a year or so ago. Third time for Ace in a short period, and they were by far the best opener he had. Told J.D. that afterward. Definitely want to hear more. Their set was only marred by some jackass standing up and screaming at people for not enjoying the set the way he wanted people to behave. Like everyone else was supposed to clap out of time, too.
  11. If they disclosed the vote totals, I'd bet that Radiohead is the runaway leader. Huge critical darlings, tours sell out almost immediately, just about everything they release is a major event. It'll be a major controversy (at least as far as the RRHOF goes) if they weren't to get in.
  12. The "Classic Album" series is several years old. It previously ran on VH1 and VH1 Classic. There's some seriously great stuff in there. I love watching the artists breaking down the master tapes and reveal things you wouldn't necessarily catch. The "Who's Next" episode was especially fascinating to me. I loved Daltrey playing the tapes for "Behind Blue Eyes" and cracking up because Keith Moon was playing fills during the vocals and straight time where the fills should be. There are excellent episodes on Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours", Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", Queen's "Night At The Opera" and several others. Meat Loaf's "Bat Out Of Hell" and Paul Simon's "Graceland" are on currently and next week respectively, I believe. There was a second run of episodes that included Metallica's black album and several others - similar feel, but they were more superficial, as I recall. (And if you're a fan of the black album, they've reissued the "Year And A Half In The Life Of..." DVD at a lower price - TONS of interesting studio stuff in that one.)
  13. Sweet switch isn't an option any more (except Private Stock, I believe). I've always wanted to try one of the old ones w/the sweet switch (although I did get individual tone pot sweet switches when I did my PS build). I think PRS's pickups have really improved over the past 8-10 years. The DGT pickups are very good, and I like the 408 and \m/ for more modern tones. The 57/08s were the first pickup that really made me think there was something to chasing that vintage sound. That said, I tried two different CU24s w/the 59/09s, and they just didn't do it for me. I've heard people sing their praises, but they weren't my cup of tea. So, YMMV.
  14. Board Software Update

    And an attempt at a tribute to the '59 Burst is out there as well.
  15. Board Software Update

    FYI - there's now an HFC 2.0 theme available. Builds off the old HFC theme. Some of the links are still a tad difficult to pick out, but I played w/the background as best I could to try to get everything more visible. And yeah, some of the colors are a tad bright. Just FYI...
  16. Board Software Update

    The HFC theme has a black background now, which is hiding some of the links (like Mark Site Read) because of the font color.
  17. Board Software Update

    Looks like it's not showing who posted quoted material.
  18. CD sales vs. download sales: Recent statistics?

    If I can buy the physical product, I buy it. With a physical product, I never have to worry about whether the record company will still be around (unlike the poor folks who bought into the Walmart/Yahoo/et. al. online music libraries). I'm not a fan of streaming. I have an 80 GB iPod that's mostly full, and a 128GB iPod Touch that's working it's way there. Now that Apple has dropped the price on the 128GB Touch, it may be time to replace the Classic. If they don't put it out on CD, sometimes I buy, sometimes I do without. I have a few live releases from artists who released things digitally but not on a physical product. It's not my preference, so it depends how important the artist is to me at that point in time. Downloading and not paying? Not an option. Artists deserve to get paid for their work. Fortunately, I seem to have instilled that into my kids - they're much more willing to do the streaming thing, but they pay for stuff they acquire.
  19. HoloDio Going On Tour

    Not sure why the fuss - this kind of thing has been going on since the 70s...with an even bigger name than Dio.
  20. Chester Bennington suicide?

    That's not how depression works.