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  1. Wyldbil Pirate Special #5

    If you need a courier through Michigan, I can help you out worn another bar gig stop one the way through.
  2. I've got it bad. :(

    Yup. I have a lot of guitars, but they mostly have different purposes. The Shishkovs rapidly replaced nearly all of them. I have another in line as well to replace another Hamer, and another in mind...
  3. Seriously, does anyone find anything on that guitar appealing? I like the body shape, the shade of red is nice, the knobs and binding are acceptable. Other than that, absolutely nothing. Gold frets? I guess they could have picked a less masculine dog to use, like, I don't know, maybe a cat.
  4. Hah. Good point. If it works, why not do the fretboard that way, too? And the frets. And the strings. And my shorts. Definitely too much friction there...
  5. I'm going with my legs. Almost tipped over more than once on stage. I mean, I do drink on a gig, but not *that* much. My buddy has bad knees, and he's resigned himself to the stool. Yet another parallel between guitar players of today and the according players of the last generation...
  6. I would sure love to try one, I am a friend of all guitars, after all. But what occurs to me is, how in the world would you keep that clean? Couple of months of gigs, and those dimples and channels would get a bit skunky....
  7. Mel Bay made me what I am today. Not sure if I ever made it through any of the books all the way, but it got me started.
  8. 99

    Yeah, baby!
  9. 99

  10. I'm slipping in my old age. There was a time i'd buy that for the hell of it. I just have 0 use for a 12ver, so i have to pass. What is *wrong* with me?
  11. Not sure if the Ultimate is considered a custom order? Probably so... The SG still gets time, but everything else non-Hamer / non-Shishkov is either gone or going.