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  1. veatch

    Kotzen for the win

    If I recall, he originally played with a pick, but while on tour one night, decided to just fingerpick. Could be Urban legend.
  2. veatch

    Gibson files for bankruptcy

    ...and they took his red stapler...
  3. I'm a friend of all guitars. For utility, I'd probably go with Jackson, Dean, or BC Rich. For high quality build, Huber or McNaught.
  4. veatch


    You have good taste. That came out incredible! Good spec and well built!
  5. I assumed since he had the cert, that the cert has it as a Mon III... So, if you do a custom order and spec out one model to be another, which model is it? For now, i agree - It's a Mon, but a cool one. A very cool one.
  6. Unless my brain is cramping up on me, I think that is the first Mon III I've seen with two pickups... Regardless, Kiz is correct. I want it, too.
  7. veatch

    First KISS, then ANGEL...

    I will say the invertible logo is cool. I don't recall ever hearing them before, but at least now I know where Giuffria came from. And aside from recognizing the name and remembering seeing them on MTV back in the day, I don't remember much about them either.
  8. veatch

    Weezer cover Toto

    Exactly. If they would have done a completely different, well, Weezer version of the song, it would have had a fighting chance of being cool. But trying to "stay true" to the original sounds very half-assed, and makes them sound like a bar band. And not even a good bar band.... And I like bar bands. And Weezer. And Toto...
  9. veatch

    Weezer cover Toto

    I like Weezer. That sucked.
  10. veatch

    Humbucker Single Coil Question

    I had a Phat Cat in the Neck and a Pearly Gates in the Bridge on the Dean below. It worked well, but the Gravelin combo i got after that kicked its arse in every way. These pups were the "prototype" for Shishkov 0052 and 0053, although those have a true P90 in the neck.
  11. ... after you route a control chamber...