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  1. If we're talking "old", it would be (besides me) the '63 Special. If we're talking "outdated", it would be (again, besides me) an old eBow i've had since the 80s. They're still cool, but i don't think they particularly "current" in music trends.
  2. #0068

    Would that make it: "The Muse Shaft"? <shudder...> And for the record, this one is not mine, though i do know the gent that got it.
  3. #0068

    From facebook.
  4. #52... ...and #53

    Heh. What can i say? I've played/owned a lot of guitars. At my age, i know what i like.
  5. #52... ...and #53

    ...five would be cool. It's good to have goals...
  6. #52... ...and #53

    My only re only regret is that i should have ordered three.
  7. Semi-Hollows?

    Count me in for a MWSJ.
  8. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    Holy crap, very jumbo is right. Are those frets or hurdles for your fingers?
  9. Sweetwater

    My understanding is a Gibson lawsuit shut down the Vector and Standards.
  10. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    I'd put all three of the Shishkovs at the top of the list. Followed by a Huber Dolphin i had (foolishly sold) and then the Triple Threat. Eh, who am i kidding. I am a friend of all guitars. They're all good.
  11. Korina Artist?

    ^^^ This. I've had a 335, Newport, Korina and hawg Artists, and multiple Studios. If you line them up from "solid body sounding" to that woody ES335 "sound", it wouldn't surprise you: Studio Artist Newport ES-335 Bottom line, if you want the "335 sound", get a 335. Artists are cool, but they are not a 335. Conversely, if you like an Artist, don't get a 335. The Newport is somewhere in between sound wise, but still not a 335. FWIW - i still have the Newport and korina Artist. I would have kept the 335, but the neck was so odd shaped, it was practically flat on the back. Sounded great, but i just didn't bond with it. Of course, my normal advice is get one of each. Then sell what you don't want to keep. It's fun spending other people's money. Hope that helps. ETA: A little pron is needed for this thread...
  12. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Out of the park - cool!
  13. Both of those guitars areJazzburst, the finish of champions.
  14. A Shout out to Josh

    Josh does great work, and is good people. Great idea on the Cowpie!