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  1. I think that little bit was my first realization that the Intertubes could be funny as shit.
  2. What should I be looking to pay for this one? Not a dealer. Private transaction. Good shape. No issues that I can tell. Needs a cleanup. Plays well, action is a little low. More pictures here. Also something, something TDC? Stamp inside just can make that out with numbers attached. Non-original case.
  3. Help! Need Pot.

    Godin says to use CTS from Stewmac. They don't stock them. Answer is wrong, didn't take into account age of guitar --> metric pot. TBH all we gave them was the serial number.
  4. Specifically a medium length, metric B500K (linear taper), volume potentiometer for a Godin LGX-SA. Standard length too short, long shaft too long, metric diameter hole is smaller (do not want to drill). Linear is what's in there, not opposed to an audio taper if the sizes are correct. Thank you, thank you, tahnks yous.
  5. What's Spinnin' ..

    Make up sex?
  6. What's Spinnin' ..

    Sorry, but you know. Stuck in my head. Now you must share torture.
  7. What's Spinnin' ..

    Indian Haka.
  8. Speaking of Thundernotes

    Tom. Any word?