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  1. JGale

    Saw Uncle Ted Last Night

    Damn Steve. You were four miles from me. I coulda made you a fine dinner with refreshments. Local newspaper was not so positive this morning.
  2. JGale

    What's Spinnin' ..

    Best version I have found. Incredibly tight. If you have the bandwidth, set it to 1080HD(c) and use your headphones. If that is the feed from the board, it's amazingly well done. There is another video shot from the balcony out there that would suggest this is the case. Nice work there. Edited to Ad: Is that Trudie at 4:03? Also, why is Sting and Gordon Ramsay never photographed together?
  3. I mean, like physical symptoms should I eat 50 rolls in sequence. Asking for a friend.
  4. Fralin Unbuckers, RS pots&caps, Plek'd to perfection.
  5. I'm ambivalent about spandex, kind of a coolmax, capilene type of guy.
  6. They look like this: The PM-15 is the down-market version with laminated rosewood back and sides, spruce top. Had one, got caught up in one-in-one-out (stupid philosophy) and sold it via the the Weber Speaker BBS. If you see one in your travels I would appreciate a heads-up. There are other models I would consider like the PM-20, PM-28 which are just nicer woods in the back and sides (although mahogany I believe.) Deep bodied parlor shape with asymmetric bridge. Should run around $800 or so. Thanks in advance. Jim
  7. JGale

    Leslie West!

    Saw him and Felix at the Palace Theater in Albany, NY (hometown) about two weeks before I enlisted. Great concert, but he cursed the fuck out of Felix diddling around on the bass while He (Les) was trying to introduce a song. Sheesh.
  8. Late 90s Godin LGX (sans MIDI ). I bought this off a Jazz player. Desperately in need of cowboy chord fret work, I sent it to Philtone for the Plek and got back the lowest, non buzzy action I have ever experienced in a stringed instrument. Mostly original. I did add a Tonestyler to it. Blasphemy Warning: This sounds and plays wonderfully. I had this guitar at the same time I had Huber Dolphin. I couldn't justify keeping the Huber. This guitar was sooo close and thousands of dollars less. Thin neck. Not for everyone.