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  1. I'm seeing some weird scam-type listings on eBay. Just curious if anyone knows what they are or what these kind of postings are called if they're a well-known scam type. (If this needs to move to the other discussion page, happy to delete and repost. Seems to be of most direct relevance to people buying and selling.) One uses the title "2009 Hamer Newport - Semi-Hollow", but the same accounts have other instruments at similar prices; there have been half a dozen in the last day or so with the same photo, located in Australia, Germany, and other places. They appear with 2-3 days to run and only $20-40 as the starting bid. The users have a few thousand points of reputation. Then the ads disappear, but without then appearing in a completed-listings search, suggesting that it's not simply a reputation scam. Presumably run by bots. Any thoughts?
  2. Lovely stuff, the top on this one is just about the average of my two blue ones. They're GREAT.
  3. That's my ultimate telecaster, right there. Maybe it started life with an EMG?
  4. Which USA Hamer should I get?

    I'm a huge fan of the mid-90s wraptail studio/artists; I get the JB/59 concept, but prefer lower output. So I currently have Lollar P90s (hum size) in a 96 Artist, and BKP Mules in a 96 Studio, and can't imagine anything greatly improving on these. (Currently getting some BKP BLue Notes (HSP90s) put in a '95 Studio, but can't comment on that just yet.)
  5. User DRV on The Gear Page is selling: Newport ('00? in Orange Sparkle) Studio in a Sunburst ('98 in '59ish burst) P90s Studio ('00 in Goldtop) All look in good shape and are around $1300 USD. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?members/drv.155909/ No affiliation.
  6. Klon & Klones

    I've played a few of these, incl. the Keeley Oxblood. Currently have a Rockett Archer Rockaway (Klone w. 6-band EQ) and an Arc FX Gold Klone. The thing I use, though, is a Greenchild K-818, which has smooth-ish variants on both the Klone and the TS in the one box. Neither half sounds like an Arc FX Klone going into EQD Dunes (my favourite of each), but I find the two halves of the K-818 play together sufficiently well in front of a Kingsley Page that I don't miss anything.
  7. I'd think when an account has been pumped up with micro-purchases, so that the owner doesn't mind burning it's apparent reputation, then that's a scam. Then again, East Island Crew seem able to relay expensive instruments and keep their reputation high. So they're meeting expectations at least.
  8. Have a look on eBay for "Hamer Special Cherry" at present, for: a. A seemingly good looking deal on an 1980 Special with the more sensible new headstock logo (no checkerboard), from a seller who sells a lot of high ticket guitars and has a good reputation, and -- b. A couple of copycat ads that either bump up -- or discount -- the price + postage. What's especially interesting is the way the copycat sellers have manipulated their accounts' reputation by selling and buying large numbers of very inexpensive items over a 1-2 year period before trying to cash them in. Seems like a different scam to just adding a margin. Here's the valid one, in the actual shop, so far as I can see: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HAMER-Special-Cherry-Used-Electric-Guitar-FREE-Shipping/183049680460
  9. No frills or affils... http://www.guitarsplus.com.au/search/node/hamer The Standard is new there. Doesn't seem to have it's own page yet.
  10. No affils, I'm 15,000 miles away, or else I'd buy it. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/msg/d/hamer-korina-special-jr/6459885398.html
  11. There are at least 10 pretty rocking-looking USA Hamers on that site... https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-musikinstrumente/preis:500:5000/hamer/k0c74
  12. Irrationalities

    Hardtail goldtop Californian. Ludicrously irrelevant to my interests, requirements, sense of style, and general existence. But would buy one in a heartbeat, if they existed. Gold sparkle, too.
  13. Doh! My bad. (Curious though... the Japan shops are usually much more expensive.) Anyway, there are a lot of these come up for sale if you just set a search on ebay/reverb.
  14. If you like tune-o-matics... https://reverb.com/au/item/5908497-hamer-usa-artist-gataso-98 Looks like a screaming good deal to me. No affil.
  15. Hamer USA Artist?

    What a steal -- Gone in 24 hrs, I'll predict.