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  1. @Jakeboy --> Here's the P90 goodness... Natural Artist with Lollars and Blue-Green Studio with BKP Blue Notes. (That Blue Note neck pickup is my all time favourite, at least it's brilliant in that guitar, which has a nicely balanced sound spectrum. Also, I think I bought both these from the same person on here; the same guy who's @316guitars on Ebay; was that you? [EDIT: Never mind; you live in the wrong US state.])
  2. @scottcald I replaced them with Lollar P90s. To my mind the Artists are better with lower output pickups; though I eventually went in the same direction with the solid body guitars too (BKP Mules and Blue Notes).
  3. I'd describe these as "Hot Vintage" PAF pickups (I don't have a meter here for resistance). I originally had them in a '96 Artist, and had been keeping them for a solid body guitar, but I've gotten used to lower output sounds in the meanwhile, and don't think I'll be going back. As far as I'm aware, these are what you get in a Shishkov. These ones have the awesomely 70s-Hamer-approved color combination of double-cream bridge and zebra neck. $180 USD including paypal and worldwide shipping/tracking from Sydney Australia (new price was $260 USD + shipping). EDIT: OR JUST MAKE AN OFFER... Includes springs and screws as shown and plenty of length in 4-way wiring.
  4. That Baker though....
  5. Play the blues.
  6. I'm looking at pairing a neck P90 with a bridge Humbucker in a Studio. Wondering about best wiring/switching option. I've heard of a wiring for a 3-way switch that uses only the outside coil of the bridge Humbucker in the middle position. But I assume that the noise won't cancel out fully when the P90 and single coil have different output levels. Does anyone have experience with that sort of wiring scheme, and can tell me about noise? Or other relevant wisdom? (The guitar currently has Bare Knuckle Blue Note HSP90s, and the neck pickup is sensational. Thinking of putting a high-output Gravelin into a matching pickup cover in the bridge.)
  7. No affilliation... I did speak to the guy with some inquiries and suggest his original price was too low. Still is. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/taringa/guitars-amps/rare-hamer-les-paul-special-electric-guitar-from-1981/1182383537 His parents bought him the guitar second-hand 25 years ago and he's never played it. CITES-wise, this is probably only of interest to people in Aus.
  8. I'm seeing some weird scam-type listings on eBay. Just curious if anyone knows what they are or what these kind of postings are called if they're a well-known scam type. (If this needs to move to the other discussion page, happy to delete and repost. Seems to be of most direct relevance to people buying and selling.) One uses the title "2009 Hamer Newport - Semi-Hollow", but the same accounts have other instruments at similar prices; there have been half a dozen in the last day or so with the same photo, located in Australia, Germany, and other places. They appear with 2-3 days to run and only $20-40 as the starting bid. The users have a few thousand points of reputation. Then the ads disappear, but without then appearing in a completed-listings search, suggesting that it's not simply a reputation scam. Presumably run by bots. Any thoughts?
  9. Lovely stuff, the top on this one is just about the average of my two blue ones. They're GREAT.
  10. That's my ultimate telecaster, right there. Maybe it started life with an EMG?
  11. Kalessin

    Which USA Hamer should I get?

    I'm a huge fan of the mid-90s wraptail studio/artists; I get the JB/59 concept, but prefer lower output. So I currently have Lollar P90s (hum size) in a 96 Artist, and BKP Mules in a 96 Studio, and can't imagine anything greatly improving on these. (Currently getting some BKP BLue Notes (HSP90s) put in a '95 Studio, but can't comment on that just yet.)