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  1. The Shark


    Acoustically, it rings loudly and has a full sounding voice. I did get to take it to our practice space today. I play a Line 6 Firehawk 1500 amp with a Lucite bi-fold baffle that allows me to turn up and get a very full sound. The amp is a too bright for me without the baffle. Live, it really helps control stage volume. The guitar, which incorporates the Gravelin "Charlotte" set, is as perfectly balanced between pickup settings as any guitar I've played. The tapped sounds have the normal volume cut, but really sound much fuller than other tapped humbuckers I've played. I love the neck pickup un-tapped and the bridge tapped. It's pretty incredible. Not anywhere near done exploring the guitar. The amp may not be your cup of tea, but I have it programmed pretty well for our entire list and I've played all my best guitars with it in a band situation. I'm so happy with this guitar. I'd be remiss, if I didn't mention how much I love a stop tailpiece and the "LP" configuration (Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood and humbuckers). Somebody mentioned not having much contact with Mike and him getting everything right. Ditto...
  2. The Shark


    Here are a couple more pics from Mike and Trish...
  3. The Shark

    #87 Super-C

    Oh, my. This is going to be one to watch...
  4. The Shark

    Some heavy shit.

    Both those songs are on our list. And many more by both bands. Love the Beatles and Foreigner.
  5. The Shark


    And one of the nicest Brazilian boards I've seen...
  6. The Shark


    I've, affectionately, named her "Blondie".
  7. The Shark


    No time for more pics tonight... It's just perfect. And the weight is amazing! More to come...
  8. The Shark

    Some heavy shit.

    The first song I learned that changed me was, and I'm ashamed to admit it, "Free Bird". The first band I played in played some really good stuff. And I was a hack of a rhythm player. But I knew how to play triplets. And a boy that can play triplets can play mid-Seventies Southern Rock. We jammed that progression for hours. It was formative. I still listen to the live version every New Year's Eve, no matter what I'm doing. I haven't played that song live, in a band setting, since 1978.
  9. The Shark


    Less than twelve hours now. Gig at 7pm tomorrow, if it doesn't rain. Sleeping light tonight.
  10. The Shark

    The revised Gary Moore

    Funny you say that! I have a buddy with a sparkle orange VW Dune Buggy from the seventies. I would never ride in it with him because I'm already amazed he made it into his fifties!
  11. The Shark

    The revised Gary Moore

    Yeah, from way in the back of the "stadium"!
  12. The Shark

    The revised Gary Moore

    Well, my pics aren't stellar, but I want everyone to know how killer this finish is. Ben, a/k/a "Stike", transformed this guitar. It always played and sounded phenomenal. It has the Will Boggs GregWinds in it. They are tapped and sound killer. My buddy Peter from Chellee Guitars made the final modifications and set it up. It's just fantastic. Played it at practice last night. Stike is the man, folks. The finish is flawless.
  13. The Shark


  14. The Shark


    I have a better box. Kiz will agree... Now, let's see what's in it!
  15. The Shark


    I'm the same way. They're all so incredible in their own way.