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  1. One of the one's that got away...seriously...
  2. #72 in the house!

    Dave, that's one of my favorites so far. The semi-hollows are all killer. Selfishly, being #0075 is even more fun tonight.
  3. How did you get to the HFC?

    Kizanski and BCR Greg. Met them at the Robin forum.
  4. 0071

    I've yet to be underwhelmed. Wow...
  5. Successful bands' member replacements

    Every time I go to practice, I turn one last corner and Charlie Huhn lives in the house on the left. He took Derek St. Holmes place in the Ted Nugent band and played and sang on five platinum albums. Gary Moore brought Charlie in and he sang on a studio and a live album with Gary. Then, Steve Marriott of Humble Pie died and Charlie took his spot. Lonesome Dave of Foghat died years later and Charlie took his spot. He's been in the band for nearly as long as Lonesome Dave was. Charlie is, for those of you that don't know, a fantastic gardener and musician/singer. I've stopped numerous times to talk to him. His significant other does title work for Eric Clapton's mother in law in Cleveland. It's a smaller world than most understand. Charlie has yet to come to practice, but he's been known to stand on the sidewalk outside. Other than Ringo, I think Charlie's the ultimate replacement.
  6. So...

    I read somewhere that he was so well invested that he volunteers to be caretaker for something like twenty acres in Central Park. He used to live in the same building as Don Imus. Imus said he was the nicest guy ever. Then Imus quipped, "but rich guys usually are!"
  7. Best Cali evah?

    The best word to use is "ambitious". A close second is "delusional".
  8. Daytona, T-62 or Vintage S?

    I've had dozens of maple bodied guitars and they all sounded thinner and brighter than mahogany, limba, koa, alder or ash. All of them. And they were heavier, which is personal preference "no-no" too! Different strokes...
  9. Daytona, T-62 or Vintage S?

    Never buy a guitar with an all maple body. Never...
  10. 0075...

    Trish sent me some shots. Moving right along...
  11. Non-master volume Marshalls.

    He built my pedalboard. Great guy.
  12. Non-master volume Marshalls.

    My 1971 100w Super Lead sits. For decades... Friedman's stuff is ridiculously good. My buddy has three although I only know they have model names with sexual overtones...
  13. Tell me about the frets. Thanks.
  14. #70 The official thread. ;) NOW WITH PICTURES!

    I'm so happy to have been a minor part in this "deal". Shawn so deserves this killer guitar. I thank him for keeping me in the loop. Have fun this weekend, my friend.
  15. Fender Texas Special Pickups

    Rocketfire pickups are the best I"ve ever tried.