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  1. I only sold mine because I wasn't playing my channel switching tube amps live anymore. The unit does everything and the effects are killer. I dreamed about a unit like this decades before it became a reality. Really easy to program.
  2. They have a video of a Hummer doing it's worst too.
  3. I had one of these and it was built like a tank and did everything I wanted. Great price.
  4. This forum, by definition, creates an inflated market for the used American Hamers. The run of the mill models seem to track the overall market, but the vintage and custom stuff is best sold here, if you're the seller.
  5. This is a top of the line Robin Avalon. It's a one piece fakimba body and one piece fakimba neck. That would be Spanish Cedar to those that don't know. Doug Kauer makes all his guitars out of Spanish Cedar. It's light and sounds like mahogany. The top is fabulous. Big neck (think '58 Les Paul). The finger board is select Indian rosewood. The "double crown" inlays are unique and only a handful of guitars were ever built with them. Everything is bound. Rio Grande pickups. I'm the original owner. The guitar is near mint. I never say mint, no matter what. The guitar has literally no wear. There will be no more of these made. It's light and rings like a piano. I'll be buying BCR Greg dinner, if it sells. His pics are always superlative. I'll post more pics and answer any questions you might have. I just don't have great photographic skills! Price is $3,500. Trades I can flip are welcome. No amps. The word "unobtainium" comes to mind. Shipping is on me.
  6. I was the sales manager at Abney's Discount Music in Orlando from 1990 to 1992. We were the exclusive Peavey dealer. And I'm here to tell you that there were some really good guitars being made at that time. The Odyssey was my favorite. They were really pretty cool for the price point.
  7. OCD V2 - anybody try one?

    Everyone asks if it's for sale...
  8. I'm buying Greg's guitar. Thanks for the offers.
  9. I'm looking for a really good Monaco Elite in excellent to near-mint condition. Must have a killer top and be under nine pounds. I'll pay a premium for the right guitar. I love the translucent red ones. Thanks.
  10. OCD V2 - anybody try one?

    Fuller Brush from my dad's shop in the sixties. I've had it since I moved out in 1982! I also have a yardstick from Citrus Carpets from the same time period. They are my clients today! Kind of wish I'd landed the Fuller Brush Co. instead!
  11. OCD V2 - anybody try one?

    My 1959 tweed Deluxe is my "baseline" for testing a guitar. It's cleans are warm and fat, but the top end isn't at all muddy. When cranked a bit, it's very Larry Carlton-esque. When dimed, it's got that early ZZ Top thing. And it accepts overdrive pedals like no amp I've ever owned. I have yet to try the OCD. I'm prowling for a good one now. Great thread.
  12. What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    I bet you check for that every time.
  13. One of my favorites. The Sopranos was the best series ever. And there are many just behind.