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  1. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Did that come from Mike at Curly Maple dot com? I have a few boards from there...
  2. Are you trying to get a wonderful pickup guy that's a friend to the forum in hot water? SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...
  3. How the two different tints age is different too. The "olive" tinted ones look like a real vintage goldtop when they age. The others not so much. The green from sweat and wear looks better on the olive ones to me.
  4. The largest *production* guitar?

    I think that one was Erv Shumake's at one time. I thought he sold it to Elliot at Thouroughbred, but I could be wrong. Mine were long gone by then.
  5. You never get back what you put into a "restoration"...
  6. I've noticed that some are gold and some have the green/gold hue that the old Gibson guitars are known for. I know that it took me a month of Sundays to find a '57 Historic with the right color. At certain angles, it's got the green. And not from sweat or age.
  7. The largest *production* guitar?

    Both of mine were black and had the 12 sub strings. One was structurally sound and the other was a wreck. I found one in Christmas Florida from a guy that was in his nineties in 1988. The other one was purchased at a Wildwood bluegrass festival around the same time. This old man that had two killer F5 mandolins, sold it to me as a consolation for him selling one of the two mandos to George Gruhn. It was his brother's guitar. That was the wrecked one. Wish I had pictures, but that's a long time ago and they were more of a novelty. I know my partner and best friend Chris Lukasik had pics, but he passed away and I never got a chance to go through the picture album he had from our time in business.
  8. 0075...

    If it is, Trish will be in touch soon. She told me that she's working up the build sheets and will be contacting the folks in that batch after Thanksgiving. I hope you're up too.
  9. The largest *production* guitar?

    Gibson Harp Guitar? Curiously, I never found a Burst in the "wild" (did deals on some consigned ones), but I found two of the Harps both from the original owners. Both in the late eighties. They both reside in the Aoki collection. Sold them to Mac Yasuda.
  10. 0075...

    So, I came upon pics of #78 on FaceBook and thought to myself, "Self, I'm guessing your guitar is in the same batch!" And, I was right. Trish sent me pics of my top and said that the semi-hollows are being finished up and my guitar is in process. Here's two pics of the top glued up and getting ready. Is it wrong for me to giggle aloud? That's me..........David R.
  11. Malcolm Young RIP

    I have a 56 year old friend that's been diagnosed with the onset of Alzheimer's. They told him three to five years and he will be nearly completely debilitated. He's healthy as a horse physically. So, he'll be in a nursing home until his body fails. He's joked about suicide. Frankly, I don't think he's joking. He's a very proud man and a successful business man. Losing the mind, to me, is so much worse than losing the body. And knowing it's coming is horrific. God bless Malcom and all involved. I'm guessing there's some relief in it being over.
  12. Will I Get Banned For This?

    Never was a fan of Maiden. Kind of novel that the singer flies the plane and they're still alive. Contact Brent over at TGP. He can tell you how to get properly banned from a forum!
  13. 1992 Hamer Special???

    I'm fucking ecstatic that it's a lefty. So is my wife...
  14. # 0067

    That's downright beautiful. Selfishly, I'm thinkin' it doesn't suck to be #75 in the mix...
  15. Yeah, me too. You can watch the tour online. And frankly, John was more animated that Brian and Roger. John doesn't play for the same reasons I don't go to the concerts. It's not Queen.