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  1. The Shark

    Sweetness in Sweden - #0077 lands!

  2. The Shark

    Red Rocket Commander coming my way...

    I don't think this guy was ditching our deal because he got more money like my buddy Wes from Rebel Guitars did. I think the new guy legitimately forgot to pull it down. I was paying him asking price, so he didn't have an ulterior motive. And I've dealt with him before.
  3. The Shark

    Red Rocket Commander coming my way...

    Guy just PM'd me to tell me that it sold on Reverb last night. After we made the deal...
  4. The Shark

    Bryan Adams

    Gjika's stuff is really killer too. Wish I could, but Tinnitus is creeping up on me.
  5. Been looking for a good one for a while...
  6. The Shark

    Bryan Adams

    I've had a Liverpool, a Rocket and an Express by Mark Kane. All were killer. I just can't play loud anymore.
  7. The Shark

    Bryan Adams

    Keith Scott pushed me down the Trainwreck Amp rabbit hole. Played a Rock Superbowl in Orlando and it was the best live guitar sound I'd ever heard.
  8. I'm thinking of putting a set of those in my Newport 90.
  9. The Shark

    Gig Bag Recommendations

    Cool story about that particular suitcase. When I first became an accountant, I worked at a place called the Duval Home in Glenwood, Florida. It was pretty famous as homes for the developmentally disabled go. When the "residents" would arrive, their luggage was oftentimes never delivered back to the families. The Duval Home had become their home, so no need for a suitcase. The basement in one of the residence halls was filled with suitcases. I saw them all piled up next to the dumpsters one day and snagged about a half dozen really cool ones. I have a full tweed set in storage that's dead mint. It has the large and small case along with the ultra-rare tweed cosmetic case. The one I posted above got most of the wear after I found it!
  10. The Shark

    Gig Bag Recommendations

    Be careful, that could be a "relic"...
  11. The Shark

    Gig Bag Recommendations

    I have a tweed suitcase from the mid-fifties. I can't tell you how many times somebody's offered to buy it.
  12. I had a 50wt 2x12 BelAir that sounded great, but it ate tubes like crazy. Had a 100B, but it sounded like a chainsaw. Used 25wt greenbacks. Graphic EQ just couldn't overcome the "buzz".
  13. For sure. But they were a good representation of what the amp actually sounded like most of the time...
  14. Yup. And I know where there's one for $1,600 in sunburst, if anyone's interested. Dead mint...
  15. The Shark

    Greta Van Fleet

    Uh, no.