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  1. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    My original Hamer blue marble, 2HB Steve Stevens. Maybe it is that I've spent so much time with it, or maybe it was born perfect, either way I wouldn't sell it for a million dollars.
  2. Asking and getting are different things. White and black ones in great condition sell for $1,100 tops. You'd need a unique color or boomerang inlays to get near your price. For the record, I own 26 Hamer SS at the moment and have a pretty good feel of the market.
  3. You and the seller are taking a risk. Of course if you pay by Paypal and use your credit card, you have the advantage of saying "Item never received".
  4. Nobody noticed these 2 Quad Basses on ebay?

    Unless the circuitry is active, almost all such things serve as treble cuts.
  5. Nobody noticed these 2 Quad Basses on ebay?

    Does anyone know what all those controls do?
  6. Cabinet's Impact on Tone

    I've owned a LOT of cabinets. The best by far was Bogner 4x12 straight cabinet with UK made V30s. It is rear loaded, true 13 ply birch plywood. I never liked front mounted cabinets like the VHT or Boogies with the metal grill covering.
  7. Worst shipping job contenders

    I received the marble Virtuoso in the case with the shipping label on the exterior and a single piece of duct tape over the center latch.
  8. Pics of studios and studio customs

    The second is for sale btw.
  9. Finally learned all five.

    Once you can play them E to E, learn to connect them going up and down the neck.
  10. R.I.P. Tommy Keene

    https://imgur.com/gallery/Zb9mb so close!
  11. # 0067

    What no shelf?
  12. David Cassidy In Hospital

    Because you're weird?