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  1. Studio Custom

    WTB: DuoTone Custom

    I have, Eric and I have been unable to come to an agreement on price. Due to the repair and modifications, I believe it is worth less than asking. I believe the lack of sale all this time confirms the market agrees with me. 🙄
  2. Studio Custom

    WTB: DuoTone Custom

    To what, "25 Hamer Steve Stevens" and counting?
  3. Studio Custom

    Jazzmaster .... ???

    Have you considered a pickup swap? Titanium bridge?
  4. I takes 4 hours to drive across Connecticut.
  5. I can read, thank you.
  6. Would be impossible to import to the USA anyway with CITIES.
  7. Studio Custom

    Paul Hamer - H Guitars Demo

    Looks like Tucker Carlson tried to mix a Turner Model 1 with a head stock guaranteed to break upon impact.
  8. Studio Custom


    Needs an F-Spaced bridge pickup.
  9. Studio Custom

    Under the paint

    Most were stamped, because most Stevens were made after the transition to stamping.
  10. Stop trying to fight gravity, the first one to appear with the money wins, that has always been the way these things resolve themselves.
  11. Studio Custom

    RIP Fender MIM

    Gibson's guitar sales are fine after decades of producing crap, it was their other ventures that doomed them.
  12. I custom ordered an Archtop Custom Goldtop back in the day.