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  1. Music theory is simple

    Music theory is usually as simple as deciding which 7 notes of the available 12 to use.
  2. Monaco III Freeway switch wiring

    Why not a traditional 3 way for the neck and bridge pickups, then a push/push on the volume to turn ON the middle pickup?
  3. Saw Eric Johnson Last Night

    Eric is certainly not wealthy, he talked of selling off most of his vintage gear.
  4. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    I don't, have three Knaggs single cuts, less stress and drama, and if there would be an issue, Joe Knaggs is just an email away.
  5. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    I find it hilarious that people want to be associated with Gibson at all and to the point where they put themselves through the grind to try many to find one that is decent. Why?
  6. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    That has always been the way. Which is why we went with all classic designs in our home, they are timeless. Mauve toilet anyone?
  7. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    I just googled them, an American made guitar for $1200 is pricey? What does a Fender USA cost now? https://www.kieselguitars.com/customshop/
  8. So It Begins- Gibson Implosion

    Direct to market is the future. Retail space costs too much to rent, to heat, man and insure. With stagnant wages, the only way is remove parties from the transaction, why do you think Amazon is doing their own deliveries now?
  9. Saw Eric Johnson Last Night

    At G4 camp Eric had a much younger girlfriend with him, wonder if that is her.
  10. Hamer Eclipse Pickups

    Ask yourself how many classic albums were recorded with Firebirds. Then ask yourself why not. The answers lies within the weeds there.
  11. We've made the death list kids.

    In that case, take up the clarinet and accordion!
  12. https://www.cheatsheet.com/culture/budweiser-and-more-products-becoming-obsolete.html/9/
  13. Headstock Shapes

    The brand folded for many reasons, here are a few: 1. Ownership by non-active Bill Kaman 2. Changes in model names and features that confused the market place 3. Tried to portray themselves as premium brand but were very reasonable priced most of the their life span, which in turn, again confused the market 4. Move to Connecticut dictated less production, which lead to less artist budget, lead to less visibility, lead to less sales................. 5. No consistent model other than the Standard through out their history, which in turn was a Gibson copy 6. The 20+ different models over the years portrayed a job shop image, chasing the latest trend, not that of an iconic brand
  14. Less is more. I'm no longer willing to fight crowds, pay to park or wait on lines to use the restroom.