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  1. Dropped the price a bit, if you're interested but think I'm high let's talk. ☺️ $1650 with both sets of pickups (Gravelins installed), $1450 with just the original Duncans (SP90-2n, SP90-3b)
  2. soli'd

    Pedalboard Pron

    I had to look this up, you have now opened a rabbit hole that I will have to follow thru to the end. Thanks for the future project! And yes, custom grip tape will be involved. 😎
  3. soli'd

    Pedalboard Pron

    It's for use with an amp that has an FX loop- the idea is that some effects like dirt or compression remain in front of the amp, while other effects (namely delays, reverbs, time-based stuff) goes in the amp's loop, after the preamp. It's called that because four cables are used. πŸ™„ https://www.rolandcorp.com.au/blog/4-cable-method-4cm
  4. soli'd

    Pedalboard Pron

    My daughter (7 at the time) and I took it on as a project that I did not expect to turn out so well. She was looking to jazz up her scooter and I found a whole series of graphic grip tape strips on Amazon, the nebula pattern was from a company called Envy. They make all types, I saw this one that could be a nod to Hamer... Anyway, I suggested we try to mod one of my volume pedals with it, and the existing rubber pad on that Ernie Ball MVP peeled right off. I told Rainey (daughter) to find the part of the image she thought would look cool, and she lined it up, and stuck the recently peeled treadle pad onto the back of the grip tape strip (the rubber part was still sticky with adhesive), then cut around it with scissors. we peeled the grip tape from the backing and put it where the rubber pad had been. Took about 10 minutes and less than $10.
  5. soli'd

    #73 has landed

    Cheers FC- I know this one has been a long time coming. Can't wait to hear your feedback (and the guitar's 😎)
  6. soli'd

    Pedalboard Pron

    I've got way too many pedals but I only like 5 or so on a board at any given time. I found a good deal on a couple of these small boards made by Roadiemade out of Nashville, and split up the "Keeper" pedals into two small boards. I could get thru a whole set with either of them, and I've been just grabbing one or the other lately, but using them together opens a bunch of options. One has a Cioks AC10 psu underneath, the other has a TrueTone CS6. The TrueTone power line is really great. Tons of current, lightweight and affordable, totally noise-free. Each board gets powered with a regular 3-prong drop cord.
  7. soli'd


    Redwood? 😏
  8. I'm putting up my first Hamer, knowing it won't be my last. This was a small run for Willcutt's in 2007, cherry transparent over Korina body & neck. VG+ condition. There is some honest playwear, this guitar has been gigged, but it has been well cared for. There are a couple of indentations here or there, a little worming on the back, but nothing thru the finish on the body. There are a couple small blems on the neck, one is a tiny ding thru the finish about the size of a pinhead, the other is some small little white specks under the finish, came from the factory this way. Both areas are pictured; neither can be felt while playing. Frets are in great shape, minor wear in the cowboy chord area. Hardware is Tonepros from the factory, wraptail with adjustable saddles, Kluson-style tuners. Custom Order Certificate included. Pickups are fantastic Gravelin P90s, the neck is around 7.8K, the bridge is around 9.0K. These sound markedly vintage but without the noise- they can be chimey and bell like, or they can grind and growl. They are RWRP in the middle position. Full disclosure, this guitar has one modification other than the pickup swap, I sent it into Murkat to take give it a run-thru and setup, he recommended hard-mounting the bridge pickup for sonic benefit, and glued in dowels in the PU cavity surface for the mounting screws. It does sound better than ever, but if a buyer wants to reverse this mod, Jay says the dowels can be be easily tapped out. This is pictured below as well. Upon request, pickups can be swapped back to the original Duncans, or the Gravelins will stay and the original pickups will be included. The finish is tough to capture, the Korina wood grain is much more visible in person and shimmers from certain angles. I don't think there are many Korina Specials out there outside the Special K run. It's about 8lbs, Vintage carve neck, around .890 at 1st fret to .960 at 12th. Incredibly comfy in my hand. It's acoustic voice leans toward the sublime. 😏 OHSC included, it's in VG+ shape as well, a few scuffs from use, but all the latches work, etc... Original Hamer USA care manual and adjustment tools are included in the case. $1650 shipped CONUS with the Gravelins installed and the Duncans in the case. $1450 shipped CONUS with just the original Duncans installed. Would like to keep it in the HFC family; it's only posted here for now, offers are welcome but I'm not looking to trade at this time.
  9. soli'd

    Oh the Horror!

    I guess the guy in Kalamazoo who cut the open book shape in the headstock called in sick that day.
  10. very cool. looks like mine is about 6 months younger. didn't notice the different (kluson) tuners before.
  11. This one could be mine. Trans cherry over korina, Tonepros adjustable wrapper. The cert says it was a custom run for Willcutt's; I wonder how many there are.
  12. Anyone know what mod is needed for this to be optimized for AVID Eleven Rack? I know that has been a popular pairing in the past, but thought it requires a certain chip (UNO?).
  13. Can we just make this a setlist request thread even if we can't make it? 😏 "You" is really fun to play, and the only song I really dig off the first record. "Decks Dark" off the last one. "Myxomatosis" is great but would be hard to pull off naturally "Where I End and You Begin" is great and fairly straight forward "Separator" from TKoL is great and could be pulled off in a low key way. Maybe a really stripped down arrangement of something like this clip of Jonny & Thom & a CR78: