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    I guess I shoulda put one of these at the end... LOL like a walking thesaurus you are! Well put.
  2. #78

    Awesome, classic guitar, congratulations! What type of bridge/tailpiece will be used?

    Hey @Stike, I've always wondered about the name ROWYCO, is it an acronym?
  4. There Was A Time... Expensive Delays

    The echoczar/angelbaby analog delay from Toneczar effects truly sounds like nothing else, and sits in a mix better than any pedal-format delay I've used. It is large, and was expensive. For tape echo, I am in love with this Space Case TE-1 which is a completely rebuilt, circuit-bent Marantz field recorder. This thing uses regular hi-bias cassettes (I'm using maxell XL-IIs) and sounds glorious. 1/4" instrument level inputs or XLR I/O with custom transformers, plus a breakout box that you can put on a pedalboard and run a TRS line to the TE-1 sitting on an amp or something. The breakout box also serves as a pro DI (1/4" in, XLR out) when not using it with the TE-1. The guy that built these has stopped making them from original marantz units and is releasing a TE-2 model that does all of the original stuff but a whole ton more like sequencing, CV expression parameters, crazy modulation control, etc... and all in a Eurorack format. And it's all in the analog realm and cassette-based. So there are still guys building the unwieldy, non-compact, highly engineered, amazing-sounding stuff that eschews the digital, tiny-footprint drop-it-your-pocket convenience trend, and I applaud them for it!
  5. NAD: Frenzel Sweet Little AC15

    Hey glad to hear you're digging it hamerhead. Mine's a deluxe plus 525 (I think that's what it's called) and it's pretty much a clean machine. The Fender channel (5E3 based) does not scream Fender to me, nor does the Plexi side sound like a Plexi. What they both are is LOUD at the 25W setting, big, fat, shimmery, articulate. The Fender ch has a lot more low mids than the plexi ch, in fact I'm running the bass almost completely off, but that's with a Thiele stye closed back ported cab. The plexi side is a bit more scooped, but I run the bass knob about 1/3 up and it kills. Both sides are a really good pedal platform and that's how I use it. Gain pedals sound great into either channel, you just have to EQ it a bit. If you crank the amp gain up and run the gtr vol full it does break up a bit, but not really in a fender or marshall way. It's great for kinda roots/americana style rock, but I tend to favor running the amp big and clean and hitting with a fuzz or a Fetto. One other thing- it's dead quiet at idle, even with the master up. They're a great value. And reasonable enough that I may look into one like yours rather than chasing top boost tones with pedals. Happy NAD
  6. Experienced wait time?

    I think it depends on what you order, and whether there's a batch of those coming up. You could email and Mike or Trish would likely be able to give an idea of lead time.
  7. #73 is starting to come together...

    The year I was born. I have always liked various combinations of 3 & 7- esp. 33, 77, and 73. 33 has always been what I considered my lucky number.
  8. That happened to me with John Frusciante once after a solo gig of his...he really meant it. I said, "really? F you too!"
  9. Hey Rick if it doesn't make it in time for the gig and you gotta have that look, you're welcome to play #33, it's in your neighborhood.
  10. So you're saying there's a chance... 😁
  11. Does anyone know what the GC guitar in the OP sold for last month? I'm looking at a jazzburst newport pro on reverb, wondering what a fair offer may be. https://reverb.com/item/10809566-hamer-usa-newport-pro-jazzburst
  12. Sunday at 4:30, and right down the street... roger that, I will be there! Looking forward to saying 'hey' IRL
  13. I've got it bad. :(

    I may or may not have spoken with Mike about just such a new model process on the next one... it's going to probably push things back a bit, but I can wait to see something that none of us have seen yet.
  14. 99

    ^^^ Those miter cuts in the binding... They're just better than the rest.
  15. How did you get to the HFC?

    I had finally found a sweet Special (korina, no less) after having my interest piqued by my buddy's Mirage that I mentioned in the other thread. I wanted to talk about it how great it was (is) with people who were equally enthusiastic about these guitars. Did some googling and found my way here. Took a couple of weeks to get approved but then it was immediately comfy once i got in. My profile page says this was February of 2011. Then Shishkov happened and it felt like starting a new tradition with old friends. I still play that special korina several times a week. In typical HFC fashion, that guitar has now been worked on by Murkat, I've sung its praises even more, and have, for some reason, discussed selling it to a member here with a handle with two Bs (haven't we all done this?) 😁