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  1. I've got a JB Jr. somewhere that I could dig up- would be happy to PIF if you don't have the right fit yet.
  2. Anyone ever spec out a totally custom guitar, only to find your tastes change after time and you find your self out-of-love with it? Whether theme, paint, inlays, or shape (esp. a one-off)? I've seen some incredible unique Hamer COs that have passed hands around here like that girl everybody dated in college. How did it go? Is it a matter of growing out of a certain aesthetic? Did it look awesome but never really played or sounded like you imagined? Or does it still play awesome, but you question why you ever thought that looked cool? To date I've only ordered one CO, and I'm still enamored, but with a second in the works and the opportunity for it to be a one-of-one/first of its kind, I find myself questioning an impulse to do something unique and totally original, thinking I want it to be a lifer but I'm worried about a specifically themed aesthetic, and how it would age with me, or me with it.
  3. Lana ripping off Radiohead?

    The thing that stands out to me is the bridge melody in creep is nearly note for note with the last form in the Hollies song, sung by the rhythm section in that mashup right at the end.
  4. I've got a Sony VCR that was a good unit back in the day, i doubt I've got the remote. You'll want to connect with the composite (analog) connections, there's a combo cable with red, white, yellow rca plugs (red/white are right/left audio, yellow is video). Message me if you're still looking for one.
  5. #0068

    I dig the matching headstock. Sort of a reverse-MuseTip effect.
  6. great deal on both of these pieces. Best of luck.
  7. Semi-Hollows?

    vintage natural.
  8. There's something else about that glow material that makes them different from other v-picks. I don't think they are offered any more, or at least the old ones aren't- but I have two glow medium v-picks, one rounded and one pointed, that I have kept up with for years because they sound different/better. They don't chirp like other v-picks and are closer in feel to the Gravity acrylic picks. The other picks I use the most are Wegen bluegrass, I guess they were designed for acoustic but they're my fave electric pick. They are a rigid delrin-based material IIRC, but different from other delrin pics I have used. The have asymmetrically beveled edges that really have a sliding effect on alternate picking. If you're left handed they'll bevel the opposite edges.
  9. Wagner WCR Pickups

    another vote for the American Steele set. They absolutely kill in a LP. Only pickups that I've liked as much in a solidbody guitar are the Gravelins in my Ultimate.
  10. Frenzel Amps?

    Nice work! @django49 I like the V baffle in that cab, I guess you can get some good separation wiring it for stereo as well? I was thinking I may put together a little cherry wood TW style head shell for it, but I'd imagine the steel cage probably keeps it pretty lightweight for taking to practice, etc...
  11. Frenzel Amps?

    Thanks for the first hand info. I'll give the blend thing a try, though I'm guessing I'll set it up for cleanish plexi or JTM tones for the most part. I can see how separate tonestacks would be useful if you plan on using both channels regularly or switching back and forth in a song, etc... I don't see many used ones for sale, were they easy to move when it came time to pass them along?
  12. Does anyone here have any experience with Frenzel amps? They are family owned and run, made in Texas, to order, one at a time, completely PTP, no PCBs, no turret boards, etc.... I've been researching them for a bit and they seem to fly under the radar, I have only read glowing reviews. And they are crazy reasonable pricewise... Most feature a twin input with dedicated preamp circuits, (Fender/Marshall) based on the 5E3 and Plexi platforms. Shared Bassman-style tonestack, and ability to run any octal-based tube type in the power section. They also make rack pres and power amps, even stereo hifi stuff. I was looking for a low-medium wattage, high headroom, high portability lunchbox-type amp. Just placed an order for their Deluxe Plexi 525- which sounds like it fits the bill- http://frenzeltubeamps.com/page4.html It should be here in about a month. Anyone else play these things?
  13. My favorite 2 channel editing platform.
  14. I'm home with child till her mom gets back around 930, if I can get out early enough I'll come say hi. That load in/out sucks at Smith's, careful on those stairs!