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  1. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    Well, to be fair, Rob was dealing with back issues (again) during that tour. There were times where he could barely move on stage because of the pain.
  2. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    Knock him all you want, but no one else is out there carrying the torch for hard rock and metal like he has.
  3. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    Eddie Trunk had quite a bit to say yesterday and today that sort of sums up everything. The one thing I disagreed with was that he suggested/wondered if KK should be asked back. KK is not Glenn. Never was. He could never play Glenn's stuff. Anyway, he's obviously known about Glenn's condition for a few years now, but wouldn't say anything publicly (obviously). But he mentioned when the guys came in to do press for the last album he was shocked by Glenn's appearance (before he was told what was happening). He said he barely even recognized him. He was very thin, gaunt and moving very slowly - that there was clearly something wrong. Eddie was pretty blunt, though, about the upcoming tour. He doesn't think they should do it, as the band is now down to 2/5 of the original outfit (I say 3, as Scott's been part of the band for 29 years now - the other drummers were like Spinal Tap players). He's been railing on bands that have been doing this as of late. Like you guys said, it's become almost a tribute/nostalgia band without Glenn and KK. Really, that trio has ALWAYS been the face of Priest. I've dropped close to $1,000 to see them in LI, CT and NJ next month. I'm really torn on whether they should forge ahead, but I guess they are anyway. They could survive losing KK. But Glenn? I dunno. Either way, this is a now a definite farewell tour.
  4. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    Well, it confirms what we all saw and suspected last tour. Although, I'd argue he didn't get better as the tour went on. Personally, having KK back wouldn't do much for me. The loss of Glenn is a gut punch, though. Rob and Richie have become very close, but I imagine it's going to be extremely difficult for Rob to do this tour without EITHER of the old guys by his side.
  5. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    Here's more: http://teamrock.com/news/2018-02-13/judas-priest-open-up-on-glenn-tiptons-parkinsons-battle
  6. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    Weekend at Bernie's
  7. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    Painkiller will always be one of my top-3 metal albums of all time along with MOP and maybe Rust in Peace. What Glenn (especially) and KK did on that album was second-to-none. The addition of Scott, however, also elevated them to an entirely new level. So it was a quantum leap for the entire band.
  8. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    I HIGHLY doubt he'll show up at any show in North America. If at all. I think it's a wishful thinking type of statement.
  9. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    I think the KISS thing is asinine. They're delusional if they think anyone will pay money to see the band without Paul and Gene. Same with Priest. Without Rob, Priest could barely sell out clubs back in the late 90s. (Hell, they can't even sell out arenas any more WITH Rob) So, that fantasy is also silly.
  10. Best Cali evah?

    I emailed the guy and he fixed it.
  11. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    If you search for our discussions on here for the last tour, many of us suspected Parkinson's. He was REALLY struggling during the 4 shows I saw during that tour. You could see his hands shaking when they showed him on the video screen at Foxwoods. I was really shocked when they announced a new album AND tour. I just couldn't see how Glenn could do another tour. Alas... A good friend of mine - who is very close to the band and has had a long relationship with them - and I were talking just this past Thursday about it. In fact, Glenn, for the first time, didn't participate in any press activities during the last tour. My friend noted it was VERY odd for him to do that. It also explains why he wasn't participating in any of the two Fantasy Camps the band did (which looked really bad anyway). He was the one who alerted me to the news this morning. The passage of time is fucking cruel. I'll never get the vision out of my mind of Glenn shredding the All Guns Blazing solo on stage during the Painkiller tour. THAT is what Glenn Tipton was, and will always be, for me. The solo to Beyond the Realms of Death is the equivalent to - or greater than - Stairway to Heaven or Hotel California. This is just heartbreaking. He is, HANDS DOWN, the most underrated and under appreciated guitarist of all time and it just fizzles out into a cruel, cruel ending. :(...
  12. In a giant case. Duh!
  13. Best Cali evah?

    I've seen pretty outrageous pricing on guitars from Korea and Indonesia, but this takes the cake.