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  1. My god. Take away a zero from that price tag. That's crack-smoker territory.
  2. devrock

    So, if I was going to build a bass

    I know jack sh*t about basses, but a 12-string sounds amazing to me (or a 15????). Why not do something totally different than the rest?
  3. Isn't that more of a Chap? Isn't the slanted fretboard a Cali must-have feature?
  4. $1100?????? COME ON!! 🙈🙈
  5. Yeah, I've done that "I'll sell something to cover it" move before. We know how that ends!! (with two guitars :D)
  6. No affiliation, but just found this store's listings and came across some fine axes, including this bad boy: https://www.gbase.com/gear/hamer-steve-stevens-ss1-1986-pink
  7. devrock


  8. Nice job. Although, not having the same pickups really makes the comparison moot for me.
  9. devrock

    New Dokken

    My god.....that is atrocious. He's beyond the point where he should know better than to go on stage like that. I'm not really a KISS fan, only marginaly, and only wnet to one show in the 80s (Animalize tour @ MSG). I'd be furious if I spent money to see a performance like this.