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  1. $1100?????? COME ON!! 🙈🙈
  2. Yeah, I've done that "I'll sell something to cover it" move before. We know how that ends!! (with two guitars :D)
  3. No affiliation, but just found this store's listings and came across some fine axes, including this bad boy: https://www.gbase.com/gear/hamer-steve-stevens-ss1-1986-pink
  4. devrock


  5. Nice job. Although, not having the same pickups really makes the comparison moot for me.
  6. devrock

    New Dokken

    My god.....that is atrocious. He's beyond the point where he should know better than to go on stage like that. I'm not really a KISS fan, only marginaly, and only wnet to one show in the 80s (Animalize tour @ MSG). I'd be furious if I spent money to see a performance like this.
  7. devrock

    New Dokken

    A very surprisingly rockin song. I REALLY like it. Too bad they're so dysfunctional. They're also TERRIBLE live.
  8. I'm sort of a fanboy of the band, so it's normal for me. I saw them 4x last tour, too (I assumed it was the last).
  9. Glenn was onstage tonight in CT. Identical set list as Tuesday. He seemed a little peppier tonight and he seemed to be really happy to be out there. He was doing his best to rock. I've seen them 3x in less than a week. I think I'm done for a while now.
  10. Thank you, Kevin. I appreciate the clarification! And, yes, he is using the Evertune bridges on this tour. I think he's using a few identical Edwards Explorers. I have been to two shows this past week and haven't seen him holding anything else. On a side note (as your for sale post was removed) I'm sorry to see Hell is no more. I loved everything you guys did and wish you the very best moving forward and do hope you continue to heal. Glad to see your axes made it to good homes. Be well.
  11. That's not really an answer. Is he endorsed by Edwards/ESP?