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  1. Probably be cheaper and easier to get a DVD/VCR combo at this point.
  2. "The Song Remains the Same" intro is one of my favorite 12-string parts.
  3. But, if you gotta have a NEW Hamer...
  4. unfun75


    Cool inlays.
  5. unfun75

    Speaker dust cap glue

    That stuff looks like Elmer’s but it stays tacky way longer. I got some when I ordered surrounds. Good stuff.
  6. unfun75

    BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    The PRS guitars I’ve owned “played” the best but didn’t “sound” the best. SG-style guitars are my go-to for sound and feel. The weight helps, too.
  7. unfun75

    #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Good stuff. I read that you went with the ebony TRC to match the fretboard. Did you consider a TRC that matched body finish?
  8. Dang. I got your cheap bass cab but I live in NC.
  9. unfun75

    Pinnick Gales Pridgen

    Actually he does! Lefty plays right-handed setup.
  10. unfun75

    Will I Get Banned For This?

    Maiden definitely has a formula. They have 3 song styles: the sing-along (Blood Brothers, Fear of the Dark, No More Lies, etc.), the epic story song (Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Dance of Death, Seventh Son, Alexander the Great, Empire of the Clouds, etc.), and the straight-ahead rocker (The Trooper, Wasted Years, The Wicker Man, 2 Minutes 2 Midnight, Aces High, etc.) Each style has ardent supporters. I prefer the rockers first, the epics second, and the sing-alongs third.
  11. unfun75

    Pinnick Gales Pridgen

    It’s good because it sounds like Kings X! The stuff Dug did with Jeff Ament was awful. This is a positive step. Great rhythm playing from Gales, too.