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  1. ....and this almost-Newport, a damn close relative that's making me weak, too, on Reverb, ith discounted price, too (no aff. as usual): https://reverb.com/item/11319444-hamer-monaco-iii-2005-transparent-red-with-case
  2. Could you live with a different one? There's another one on the bay – and at what a price! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-Bigsby-Semi-Hollow-6-string-Electric-Guitar-USA/401521225448?_trkparms=aid%3D777003%26algo%3DDISCL.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D43628%26meid%3De2c3beb5865c4b5e97c567cf6ed1295c%26pid%3D100013%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D9%26sd%3D173256957617%26itm%3D401521225448&_trksid=p2047675.c100013.m1986
  3. This is the one, the other Jochen's talking about: (Our posts have been overlapping. No wonder: same name, same thoughts) Here's another German butchered Special, a 81, obviously. I don't know, what makes some Germans cut out Hamer Specials, especially in the northern regions of our country. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/hamer-special-usa-double-cutaway-mit-case-in-honey/837468619-74-420 My own Hamers are all healthy, I swear! No affiliation – I live in the south... Jochen
  4. > At least, it wasn't Kahlered ;-) Congrats, RepoMan! How did that story go? What I would like to know: How does a 12-string Std. SOUND – any recordings of that axe around?
  5. Then me wants to throw in a couple of numbers ;-)
  6. Regarding this ^ problem (and any other exchange rate/transfers to other currencies within EU) have a look at http://www.transferwise.com Their xchange rates and transfer fees are a lot better than pp's. Has worked out fine everytime I have used that service (more than int'l 10 tranfers so far).
  7. The dose makes the poison. Too many Newports may not be the baddest sort of an overdose ;-)
  8. Still busy typing – I have my dose of Newports safely in the stable ;-)
  9. Want to assist Bubba: Price is right. For a similar Model from 06 (in about 7,5/10 cond.) I paid about the same plus int'l shipping within Europe. Think, what you would have to pay for a comparable a Gibson CS 336... Breaking news: Message from Reverb: An offer was made while I am typing this!
  10. With her 2 f-holes, but only 2 knobs the Super is quite close to a single cut Newport, I'd say.
  11. Well, let's say so: If I had the money, and there would be no CITES: I would simply not have shown them to y'all! Or: Hätte, hätte, Fahrradkette! (as we in Germany say. At least those Germans who have an affinity towards bicycles. „Shoulda, woulda, coulda“ moulda be a proper translation.)
  12. The link leads to Big Sammy's Shop on Reverb. If you can't see any offerings, change your preferences, esp. „shipping“ to „anywhere“ The link contains my automatic „de“-localisation, sorry! New attempt: https://reverb.com/shop/big-sammys-house-o-gear?ships_to=XX > Yes, seems to work better. Have changed link in 1. post.
  13. Breathtaking find on reverb – no affiliation other than fascination: Kim Keller has got some beautiful leftovers from a more glorious past, Hamer-guitar-wise. And the man's got some fame and glorious past, himself, with reason. He offers 2 absolutely beautiful and scarce Hamers on reverb: A HFC-Sunburst RI and a Monaco Super, doule-f-holed and with specially shaped neck/body-transition. Both: Tremendous lookers and gorgeous players, I suppose! https://reverb.com/shop/big-sammys-house-o-gear?ships_to=XX Drool on! And let's keep them in the family, anyone!