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  1. Love that burst! And the Newport is no slouch!
  2. Speaking Of Yamaha THR's...

    Great looking setup! If you load up a patch, does the patch go away when any of the knobs are changed on the box (Treble, for example)? I had some great presets for my previous THR10 (haven't had time to do any with the new THR10C I bought), but I couldn't change anything about a preset without it reverting back to how the knobs were set. Maybe there's been a software update. I've posted about my Cubase woes back when I bought the first THR10. I've (stupidly? But it was FREE!) loaded it on my PC again and can't say I've had any improvement in experience. I find it infuriating - infuriating that I allow myself to be sucked into spending hours tweaking and setting and have yet to get the first sound out of it. CAVEAT: part of the problem is my PC is some kind of Dell Media-type that has an excess of settings for the simplest of things. So I'm fighting Cubase as well as the PC. If you give it a go, let me know how it turns out. It could be I just need to scrap my PC.
  3. Relix says this was Margo Price. Great review, as always. What an incredible opportunity, but I'd never have made it much past midnight... I get up too early.
  4. Gibson Broken Headstock Reworks

    You have to admit, though, looks better than this:
  5. RoyB! Great to hear from you! Great guitar!
  6. This just in: Henry finally figured out what to do with all those broken headstocks! Ho, Ho..... Oh!
  7. Tale of two guitars

    I was referring to his discussion of the (I'll try to coin a hack term to summarize) "non-algorithmic-able" (sorry) character of nature. Anticipating gluing a carved 5/8" slab of maple to a 1 3/4" slab of mahogany = a particular sound negates natural variation in the woods, glue, barometric pressure at the time of the gluing, earth's magnetic field, position of all bodies having gravitational forces on the operation, etc., not to mention whether or not the builder was in need of a smoke or had to pee.
  8. Tale of two guitars

    I'd encourage you to read Roger Penrose's book, The Emperor's New Mind. It provides an excellent explanation of that... and LOTS of other things.
  9. Nice 77 strat

    Fantastic! I had an S9 with the baseball bat neck. Weighted more than a Norlin Les Paul of the day. What was the price? Amazing, back in the day three bolters were the bane of all existence (paid $250 for mine) and now they're highly-regarded "vintage" instruments. I fell somewhere in the middle as I never had a problem with the neck shifting - a good utilitarian instrument. The pickups were nice, too (from what I remember thirty years hence).
  10. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Forgive me if this has been revealed / discussed in the thread prior, but are those routes for 'trons? If so, it would kill me not to send Mike a message asking for the CMatthes signature model. Exactly like that!
  11. Saw Dream Theater Last Night

    It's always the vocals that kill it for me. I found Liquid Tension Experiment more listenable, but the sheer amount of musical information is still fatiguing after a few songs.
  12. A 1974 (or was it a '78?) silver face Fender Twin Reverb with factory JBLs. Parents (who were extremely hesitant to embrace the concept of me as a guitar player (he'll just quit that, too)), who had bought it new two Christmases prior couldn't for the life of them understand why I'd trade off a perfectly good new amp for this monstrous old amp (heck, it still had vacuum tubes!). I was obviously out of my mind. Even still, the Twin with the dirt pedals available in the day didn't sound anywhere as good for rock as that micro stack. I've got to stop looking at it!