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  1. TobiTill

    Line Mixer specs/recommendations

    Thanks for the suggestion, but since all the other aspects of the routing are taken care of, all I need is a solution for the summing of the signals. A looper/switcher (and the ES-8 allows for parallel routing and signal carryover, so it meets some of my requirements) would be too big (I am already considering replacing all my effects with a Line 6 Helix, but even the Helix can't do all I need it to do.). At the moment I am using 2 inputs of my amp and 1 Y-adapter (like this one: https://www.radioshack.com/products/radioshackgold-series-mono-to-mono-y-adapter ). Obviously I need a solution that offers higher fidelity. I have edited the original post for clarification. Thanks for the suggestion ! Cheers, Tobias
  2. TobiTill

    Line Mixer specs/recommendations

    Hi Lockbody, Thanks for the information. Since not all 3 multi-effects are in the chain at the same time (but their outputs have to go to the main output all the time) and since I split my signal to the 3 multi-effects at different points in the signal chain (before/after OD), a parallel looper is not a solution, I'm afraid. Would a passive 4 in 1 mixer like the DOD 240 work? https://dod.com/en/products/ac-240 That would keep everything at instrument level, wouldn't it? About 6 db of signal loss to be expected? I'm open to all suggestions. Cheers, Tobias
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently running 3 multi-effects pedals in parallel. I need a (preferably really small) line mixer to mix the 3 (mono-) signals so that I can use this rig with guitar amps that have only 1 input. Edited for clarification: Summing the 3 signals to 1 output without compromising the sound quality is the goal. The volume levels I can adjust otherwise (on the multi-effects units themselves). I am contemplating the Behringer MX400. Since the signals coming out of the 3 multi-effects units are buffered, what should the input impedance of the line mixer be? Input impedance for the Behringer is 47 kOhm . Will that suffice? Thoughts? Recommendations? Insults? Poems? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Tobias
  4. Simply beautiful. That caught my eye as well. And an F-hole stamp/signature just does it for me. Have a great weekend with it. Regards, Tobias
  5. TobiTill

    # 60 plus New Family Member

    Congratulations on those two beautiful guitars. I might grill you with some questions once you have emerged from your music room in about two weeks... Enjoy. Cheers, Tobias
  6. TobiTill

    #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Something about the looks of the three Gretsch-O-Trons threw me off at first. (Just an unfamiliar look to me, apart from having seen the sparkly gretschified Daytona in pictures). Now I see how balanced the guitar looks. Yep. What a great way to celebrate a birthday. Enjoy the heck out of it. Cheers, Tobias
  7. TobiTill


    I like the suggestions that Veatch and BubbaVO made. The Shark's suggestion would work as well. I can't wait to see the outcome. Cheers, Tobias
  8. Nice, I'm envious. Have you considered taking the bass clarinet out of its case and playing it again? Amplified? Maybe with a Floyd Rose installed? Cheers, Tobias
  9. Hi Everyone, Apart from the usual suspects (Miles Davis, Coltrane , etc. ), it's been this guy for the last 20 years: Louis Sclavis Cheers, Tobias
  10. TobiTill

    Green(burst) with envy...X2!

    Just seeing the yet unfinished guitars, I can't imagine the exhilaration upon receiving one of these from Mike's hands (especially for those who get to pick them up in person). Cheers,Tobias
  11. TobiTill

    OHD: '81 Graphic Special

    That one's stunning. Play it in good health. Cheers, Tobias
  12. Hi Zorrow, I'm used to 2mm Jazztone or 2mm Delrin picks, I think it's a combination of the thickness and the material that is responsible for the "click". I am not referring to the normal attack by the way, but to a distinct sound the 30x and 50x picks make, that i don't get when using the 20x Jazztone or 2mm Delrin picks. I'll see if I can get the other (clearer) Primetones next week when I'm back home. Have fun experimenting, everyone. Cheers, Tobias
  13. Thanks for making me aware of these, Zorrow and Steve Haynie. I ordered the 305,307,308 and 505,507,508. The 307 and 507 work best for me (bigger picks, round tip), no surprise there, as I generally use the Dunlop Jazztone 207 . So far (20 minutes of playing) I love the 3mm and 5mm thickness and the general influence on my tone. Unfortunately the accompanying click-sounds are too pronounced. Does anyone know about 3mm or 5mm picks (regular size) that don't sound so "clicky"? Any suggestions are appreciated. Regards, Tobias
  14. Hi Ting Ho Dung, Thanks for posting this. I watched this video a while ago, some remarks surprised me as well. As far as Billy Howerdel is concerned, I always liked the sounds he achieves. When I first heard "The Hollow", I finally realised that a ring modulator can be used for wonderful things. (My apologies to all the ring modulator addicts here, you know who you are.) Concerning Billy's guitar choices / repair induced changes: It just proves that we all like different things regardless of how the details should be , doesn't it? Anyway, putting gear discussions aside, A Perfect Circle and Tool are two of my favourite Rock bands. Unfortunately I've never seen either band live. Hopefully that will change soon. (I'm doing my best here to increase the internet karmic pressure on the universe,) Have a good one. ETA: I'm going to pile on with this one: Creative goodness from the part of the brain that I've been neglecting for too long. My apologies for the distraction. Cheers, Tobias
  15. TobiTill