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    Beautiful guitars!!!
  2. Beautiful, near mint condition PRS SC245 Limited Edition. There was only 250 of these made, (this one is #147) and this one is a real beauty. A case queen, I cant find one thing wrong with her. Great guitar here. You will not be disappointed! Model: SC245 Singlecut 1957/2008 Limited Edition Finish: Charcoal Black Burst Top: Carved quilted maple 10 top Body: Mahogany Neck: Mahogany, set neck Neck Profile: Wide/Fat Fretboard: Indian rosewood Fret Inlays: Abalone hollow birds Scale Length: 24-1/2” Hardware: Nickel Pickups: PRS 57/08 treble & bass humbuckers Controls: 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way toggle Bridge: PRS wrap-around stop tail Tuners: PRS vintage style, with green key knobs Weight: 7.5 lbs. Sell for $3000 HFC Price all in Trade value $3250 -Looking for trades with cash -Looking for electric guitars (Knaggs, Suhr, Anderson, Myka, Huber, Hartung, Collings etc) Stunning James Tyler Mongoose in Burning Water Finish! Currently loaded with BK Stockholm HS-P90 pickups, Hog Body Indian RW neck Thin 59' Neck profile, Mid boost, Bypass, matching HS, Signed COA, OHSC -amazing in every regard! This is the guitar listed on JT site :https://tylerguitars.com/content/mongoose-special-burning-water-finish-page $4500 -Cash Trade value higher "Either you know or you don't"
  3. Pictures DO NOT do this guitar Justice... The Burl top in this finish looks like "great balls of fire". If you have not owned a Fibenare You are missing out! Sell/Trade -Looking for trades with at least 2K cash or a straight trade for a PRS Private stock or Collectors Choice LP -Not looking for amplifiers though Start watching at :30 [MEDIA=youtube]uhN44WIqd0o[/MEDIA] At $6700 new, this is clearly this is an expensive instrument so I am putting this up for sale or to trade +/- cash. Honestly, you'd be hard pressed to find a better guitar. This is a stunning handmade chambered (6.5ob) Fibenare Basic Jazz with Korina and 5A Waterfall Burl Maple top. Fibenare is up there with the very vest builders in the world. I recently sold my Myka and my Briggs Custom guitars and this one is in a whole other league. All amazing playing/sounding guitars but IMO the difference is in the details... The neck and board is solid rosewood bound with highly flame maple plus ironwood purfling! The hand carved waterfall burl top is mesmerizing to behold and the gorgeous flame maple binding frames it beautifully without being "over the top". The pickups and hardware are all forged in-house at Fibenare including the bridge and brass nut. Pickups are true PAFs ALV-63 Humbuckers and sound unreal. The trapezoid inlays are gorgeous MOP. Comes with COA/build sheet and OHSC from Fibenare. Don't let the light weight fool you, I had a killer looking and playing Bantam Les Paul but it lacked that real vintage snarling tone. The Fibenare nails it JUST SOLD IT No Trades at this price
  4. If you don't love it, send it back to me and I will refund you! Otherwise, I will be heading to Chicago for the Car show in February
  5. JACK BRIGGS CUSTOM DC Both the Myka and R8 Sold for cash so I may consider a trade for High end or other Boutique electric guitars Maybe a Fodera NYC. I am good on amps. Maybe a really nice Acoustic. I have been so fortunate and blessed to have owned many high end custom built guitars. I recently sold my Myka Custom and now I am offering this 5A Broad Leaf Maple Topped Custom Briggs. If you don't know Briggs you don't know Jack! -pun intended. Check out this thread... https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/jack-briggs-reserve-stock-classic-10-years-later.262542/page-2#post-24948987 Having owned 100s of amazing guitars from virtually every builder from A-Z I can tell you this guitar amazed me. The Tone is addictive and the neck is sublime. I have seen so many people advert a guitar promising chameleon capability "it gets strat tones, Tele, PRS, Les Paul and SG" Total bunk! No one guitar can do that. If you want bell tones get a strat if you want hunka' hunka' wood get a les paul. That said this guitar has a circuit called slim/fat control that allows you to dial up 100% humbucker or 100% spilt and anywhere in between it's awesome! I could not put this guitar down, it's no gimmick! So you can indeed dial in tons of tones that morph this guitar into a super-versatile beast. Neck is a vintage Medium/Fat C that feels/plays amazing (.880-920) -a hair to fat for me. The guitar is in very good buy not mint shape. There is buckle rash on the back See Pic for the worst of it. There is also a spot of clear coat chip (tiny) on the treble side of the neck. If can be filled but I don't notice while playing. It's a $40 drop fill repair. The case and COA are also included! The case has a broken latch -still 100% functional and original. 1 pc South American mahogany neck Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard 1 pc S. American mahogany body 5A flamed Bigleaf Maple top Madagascar ebony headplate Creme ABS binding MOP trapezoid inlays Medium-jumbo stainless steel frets 3 way volume/volume/tone control with SlimFat control Lolar Imperial neck and bridge pickups Tonepros tailpiece DEAL PENDING Note the gorgeous Figured Rosewood!!!!
  6. This is a really sweet and interesting guitar. First off it has a fat FAT neck. That was first thing I noticed! Ok, now that's out of the way, the tone on these is amazing! I don't know if I have played a better sounding 335. It has all the correct appointments etc. Check out the specs. I love the way this guitar sounds but my girly hands just keep me from playing it and giving it the love it deserves so time to pass it on. Trade interest? Who knows... No real fat necks LOL. I am good on amps. Maybe a Tally? SOLD IT
  7. Indeed thank you! David makes some of the best guitars anywhere at ANY price
  8. Yep, it's a flat top. Let me know what you have. I have an offer on the table already for something pretty cool but I won't make a final decision until Monday PM