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  1. The neck is what makes this guitar so special, almost every V I have played enjoys excellent access to the upper frets but this one is in another class. The neck "joint" is carved out for supreme comfort. You can play this all day and not break a sweat. It's also uncanny how nice this set Duncan's sound
  2. Hijacking my old FSA to place my Baker up for sale Killer B1 for sale. This is not the ed roman Junk build crap but a real-deal Baker from 2002. Gene is known for his apprenticeship under Rodger Giffin and his stings at Gibson custom shop and as a Masterbuilder at Fender where he worked along side legends John Page, John English and John Suhr and that is just the Johns! Needless to say these early Baker builds remain the pick of all the Baker builds and exceed the PBGs and the Current B3 models and that is saying a lot because those are excellent guitars. I acquired this guitar from the original owner who had 4 original bakers. The only one he kept was his Robben Ford and this was one I had to pry out of his collection! The specs are all listed on the build sheet so check it out. I love the pearburst on a double cut as it seems well balanced. The specs on the neck read as a thin C but I'd say it's more medium but you decide. The specs do not communicate how well this guitar plays. For one thing, the sustain is amazing. The pickups are clear and scream! The guitar communicates through the wood -you can feel the whole guitar resonate when playing. It's also very versatile handling just about any stile of music unless you want thrash metal! Ok, you get it, kick butt guitar and priced for the HFC at $2350 OBO. I might trade but the trade needs to be higher in value over $2500 for it to make sense. Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. Initials under the pickups?

    Both seem plausible. Good a guesses as mine were for sure! Thanks Gang
  4. Initials under the pickups?

    Recently during cleaning I noticed these underneath the neck pickup. Is this code for specs or someone's name -final assembly? -Nothing under the Bridge pup Just curious
  5. GOING GONG GONE! Selling my Les Paul Traditional. This is a 2016 model Purchased in early 2017. It is absolutely perfect as new! Great top! thunderous tone! This is a 2016 model with 57 classic/ Classic Plus pickups, thicker rosewood board, One piece Mahogany body and AA Curly Maple Top in Ice Tea burst. Lifton style gibson case and all case candy is included. Neck is .828 at the first fret and tapers to .973 9.5lbs and the tone to back it up! If you have searched for a new Les Paul recently you know it takes hours, days weeks trial before you find the "one". This one is one of those! Plays itself -The gorgeous top is just a bonus IMO. My criteria for a great les paul always starts with how it feels and sounds unplugged. There are so many mods you can have done to pots, caps, wiring, pickups etc but nothing can make dead dull wood ring so it starts there. This guitar has a nice acoustic chime unplugged and it's modestly loud too with nice sustain that tapers evenly across the spectrum. It's hard to convey feel but you know what I mean -your left hand tells you right off the bat if the neck has it or doesn't. This guitar has a nice feel and plays easy. Next I look at the build itself. We have all seen the ones that left the factory and perhaps missed the QA team LOL? This one is sweet no gobs of over spray or uneven binding or poorly set bridge screws etc, this one could pass the Custom shop muster. Finally, I plug it in and see if my acoustic ear is rewarded with classic LP growl, grunt snarl and the velvety tones we prize. Now this one is negotiable as in... I can fix most anything plugged in as long as it's sonically and acoustically resonant to start with but it's nice to have all the tools already in place. Again, this one delivers on all fronts. The kicker! I just never used it maybe 10-20 hours at home only. I prefer my Strats. No mods, no breaks or repairs ever!If I did not have an R9 already I'd be keeping this but I don't really play either one so selling this beauty! Trade value -Looking for Super strats mainly or a nice Studio custom or Monaco perhaps (Suhr Pro series, Anderson Classic/ Cobra s.) Or a PRS CU22 10 top or similar.
  6. Looks to be a prime candidate for a Checkerboard refin! That would be amazing! I am in Minnesota so if anyone is interested I can help facilitate -No affiliation
  7. Bump for the Les Paul PRICE BLOWOUT
  8. Finished product... It's amazing how a tired neglected fretboard can be brought back to life giving a great guitar a whole new life!