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  1. My first P90 was advertised as TV Yellow. Imagine my surprise when I opened the case and it was avocado green. This was only a couple of years after the manufacture date. It was around 1990. After that disappointment I stuck with the reds.
  2. That's what BCR Greg said at the time c2008. But then there's this, so I stand corrected. Thanks for setting the record straight..
  3. Did this once pass through the Django Gallery? If so, I was the original owner. Supposedly it was the last Standard made. It had a COA at the the time. .The color, flame and nickel hardware look familiar. It was sold by BCR Music . Maybe there is a photo there.
  4. Bump. FYI, about ten days ago I bought a Mirage from Al. It was better than advertised. He packed very well, shipped promptly and was a good man to deal with. Viva la HFC.
  5. Melancholy P-90 Goodness.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Black Old Black Cortez three simple chords+DADGAD+Crazy Horse= My vision of Heaven
  6. I need to find some flathead phillips head1/2 (?) screws for the tremolo plate or the cavity cover. Are these 4 x 1/2s or what? I don't see anything like this at StewMac. Thanks.
  7. Mr BubbaVo is a very good man to deal with. Highly recommended seller and HFCer. Packed very well and shipped promptly. I think he may have overstated the bumps and bruises and foibles. Shipped with a new pot, a couple knobs, resistors, strings, a newish case and thankfully the tremolo cover which I was not shown in the photos. Not sure why I didn't pick up a Mirage years ago when you could buy them for $800 or so all the time. This one rings out and has a good chime. For me, a keeper. Thanks again.
  8. How did you get to the HFC?

    I was sucked in by the Modern Vintage ads of the early nineties but child support payments kept me from buying even a P90 Special. All I could afford was a Guitar Player subscription and 1-2 very cool and cheap Fender USA Bullets (where the aluminum pickguard was bent up to anchor the strings). I then found the HFC board. Was there an original board that some hacker took down? Is that why some of us have joined dates of December 31, 1969? Must be mid-90s? I learned a lot and when the child support ended - - even though I was starting on a second set of children - - I was able to join the one in / one out club. Besides my wife's wedding gift Strat, a Reverend from JohnnyThunders and a Pete Townshend SG, they have been all Hamers. Except for the Mirage coming in from BubbaVO, I have trended towards Talladegas. Reminds me that I need to send the mods some more money to keep this going. Thanks to all.
  9. I have never tries a Mirage and so this just be a good intro.. Bumps and bruises don't bother me. Also have been looking for a p90/miniHB combo, but this should get me there.
  10. Ill take it if still available Will PM now
  11. https://reverb.com/item/10147182-hamer-artist-custom-usa-with-factory-bigsby-and-duesenberg-pickups-rare
  12. Crunchee, Look at the (lousy) photo of the heel of the neck. Does that look like a crack or repaired crack?
  13. When I looked at it, I was thinking of a P90 in the neck and also a Bigsby - shooting for the poor man's version of Neil Young's Old Black. Decided to wait for something else. As I said, describe the condition when you get it. The seller seemed to describe it as "good, not great" etc. but it looks better than that in the photo above.