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  1. Pieman

    how tough to replace a volume pot?

    Mission accomplished, I think. I decided to replace only the volume pot. That went okay. 500k cts pro pot. There doesn't seem to be a lot of variance in the volume, however.. Not sure if it is my imagination. So, I learned a bit. And I would have spent money and time having somebody do it. I had a solder gun etc., so there was no cost there. Here's the "doh" moment - the tone pot is some squarish push-pull control. I never thought to try it out. It had replace Gibson nobs, so I put the original nurled knobs back on. There is an audible "clank" when pushed down and it hits the hex nut. I adjusted the knob height but it is still clunky. Will tinker more tomorrow when I have some time. All in all, I feel more kinship with the guitar now. Thanks for all you advice. I do appreciate it.
  2. Pieman

    how tough to replace a volume pot?

    Thank you all. I expect Stew Mac to deliver new pots, caps, wire, etc today. Dumb question. Do you wire everything together and then mount the pots to the guitar or vice versa. This is a two humbucker one vol one tone project through the opening in the back of the body. Not sure if I am going to just replace the bad vol pot - - and if successful redo the whole thing. As I may have mentioned, somebody was already inside this replacing at least one pickup and the work is none too tidy. Nothing to lose here. Again, thanks for all your advice. I am grateful.
  3. I have a Mirage II, 2 pick up version, one vol pot, one tone pot. The volume pot is wonky. The seller disclosed that when I bought it and he gave me a replacement kit. Yesterday I shot some cleaner into the pot. The ground wires came off. I resoldered that but now the pot isn't working at all. I looked at a couple of you tube videos. I am inclined to do this myself. This is no f-hole, four-way controls project Any tips? For starters, the pot is a Fender pot. Not sure if it is 250 or 500. Should I stick with that or get something else/better like a CTS pot? Should I upgrade the cap? To what? Any favorite pot replacement videos on the internet? One other thing. The wiring doesn't look like the neat wiring i has seen on my other Hamers. Looks like somebody else has tinkered with this in the past. Thanks in advance. t
  4. Sorry, Gorch's post reminded that Moozak's was a one-off Tiger Eye red Tally. I was thinking of the pair of truly tricked out T Pro and Tally that came as a pair, the ones that nobody (but Don) could track down. They had abalone (whatever) fret markers, etc and multi-ply binding. I don't know where those went. That pair was a step up from the 'Root Beer" T Pro that I snagged from Django. I think that was a Wilcutt's custom order with Lollar Imperials. I think that may be it in the photo above (body only, single ply binding). I'll look this weekend.
  5. Pieman

    How Many Talladegas?

    Can we start a registry? For T pros and Tallys? This isn't much more than a spreadsheet, no? Or does somebody have a view as to how Serial does this?
  6. While listening to the Steve Earle station on Amazon Music, I was introduced to this guy. Anybody else listen to him or seen him live? Interesting lyrics. Thanks
  7. At 0:56 is that really a thermometer and a humidity gauge built into the case? I realize this is truly a unique instrument given the Ducotone/melted mothboth finish, but this is getting down to museum-standards atmospheric analysis. It is a cool idea, but has anybody seen this before? The Greg V Ducotone/melted mothboth Talladega shipped in a standard Hamer case. Nothing fancy. Maybe I need to take better care of it. I will shoot some pictures in the next two weeks. The play wear is really amazing. A lot of the crackling has not survived, but the undercoating is just amazing.
  8. So many great Hamers out there. What"s the diff betwee a New Pro and a Newport Pro? P90s vs HBs? Top? Inlays? Neck binding.
  9. Pieman

    Songs that change genres while being played

    Willie: do these count? "Classical Gas" "McArthur's Park"
  10. I have a Mirage Ii. The Wilkenson trem doesn't do it for me. Has anyone installed one of those non permanent Bigsbys or even a permanent one. I know I'll hear it about resale value, molestation. Etc. I just am looking for thoughts on which Bigsby model and roller bridge etc would be the way to go. Thanks in advance.
  11. What's the best guess on the number of T Pros? Is there a registry? Is it possible to create one here?
  12. Way cheap.................Somebody grab this.