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  1. I typically don't care for gold hardware but it looks great on that guitar
  2. Callaham Bigsby Front Roller Upgrade

    I definitely noticed these but I thought they were just shims to fit the Bigsby to the Arch top. I'm late to this post. I came across this because I'm doing research for my Monaco and Monaco III. I'm not sure which route I'm going to go yet. I agree about not being cheap to mod. Front Roller $45, Rear Shaft 45, how about a Compton Bridge $80. This us adding up to fix a simple tremolo. I'm new to this Bigsby research but aren't the Bigsby's with the horse shoe like on my Monaco and MIII B-5 units?
  3. I didn't vote, but cheated so I could see the results. I own a Monaco and a MIII which don't get played much but they both have Bigsby's. I don't use the Bigsby and I don't have tuning issues. However I've been tempted in the past to try a Compton Bridge. Does anyone have experience with a Compton Bridge? http://www.comptonbridges.com/home It makes logical sense as there would be less binding on the T.O.M. bridge piece.
  4. Some of the nicest PRS guitars show up on HFC.
  5. Olivia Newton John

    I'm in my early 50's. I had a major crush on her in my late elementary and early junior high years and that was before Grease. She still looks great.
  6. Buy the amp. When your practice room looks like this consult the HFC before moving forward.
  7. 1 That is a cool guitar but I'm not cool enough to own something like that. 2 It would be marketable if the price was reduced 98%.
  8. I know nothing about Kurt Wilson guitars but that looks like a nice one.
  9. I had to look at the Ovation. I'm not in the market but I'd have to believe that would sound decent being it has the wider original style bridge saddle unlike some of Celebrity models Ovation has put out.
  10. I really wanted my children to play any musical instrument. I forced my children to take piano lessons. My daughter can sing but lacks coordination to play instruments. My son had some musical talent but he had just a brief run with piano and bass and then gave it up for guitar hero. I could not agree more with the above statement. I don't know how guitars makers can stay in business unless it's just a hobby for them.
  11. Another example of why I like visiting the used guitars on HFC. Nice!
  12. tally

    I really like white guitars and I like Tally's. However with my lead playing at it's current level a single pup guitar would be out of the question for me. I've never played a Tally Custom but IMO the Tally with the DD pickups and 4 way selector is the Pinnacle of Talladega's. That is cool if your the right player.
  13. Yes, I too am glad the price is where it is. I don't know "The Shark" but this could be his next guitar.
  14. My Traditional is a heavy beast but you put the strap on and it stays put it also plays fantastic. GLWTS!
  15. Did you pay the full $399 or did you offer $350? Good for you that was a killer deal either way.
  16. Wow I missed the sale. I've never used a Lovepedal, but I've seen demos on the Purple Plexi, Tchula, and Amp 11. Those would have interested me the most.
  17. What material is the fret board? Does it have weight relief and what does it weigh? Which case does the guitar ship in? I'm really hoping someone buys this so I can forget about it.
  18. That is one ugly guitar in its current state. The birds and racing stripes must go. I rarely like birds even on PRS guitars.
  19. I've never owned a reverse headstock either but with a locking trem it would not matter to me as I would not be messing with the tuners that often. In fact if I ever buy another guitar with locking trem a reverse head stock would be the way to go. On my previous Charvel I would also end up giving the tuner peg a half a turn before I'd realize I need to adjust the tuner on the trem. I think reaching for a tuner that was not where I'd expect it to be would jar my brain to move on to the tremolo. I agree that ESP is Awesome! but it's a toss up with the Ibanez RRG5 WS (J-Custom). Very nice guitars!
  20. Those are really nice guitars! I post like this will really test how well a person has their GAS under control.
  21. I have seen uglier headstocks. The fretboard looks a bit narrow toward the head stock like my Telecaster which is the only thing I don't like about my Telecaster.
  22. Anorexic Strat

    I don't own a travel guitar but if I did it would be headless. Why not cut another 6" of the length of the guitar?
  23. R.I.P. Glen Campbell

    I'm glad Glen's fight and his family's fight is over. Drawn out terminal illness is a bugger to deal with. We were blessed for the eighty some years Glen was here and in that time he wrote and performed outstanding music and songs. Glen is gone but he left his mark that will be a legacy for ages to come. My prayers are with his family and friends he left behind.
  24. Dimarzio's new 59 Pickup. ;)

    I thought they were the 36th Anniversary at first and I was wondering what the big deal was. Looks like a little less output the 36's
  25. That DGT at the top of this page has to be my favorite of all guitars ever posted on any forum. And I don't care for quilt tops. She (is a beauty) it. Has that actually been posted since February? In reality it's probably best that I missed it.