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  1. I just happened to watch this video last night. Love or Hate his pickups, I thought it was an inspiring story.
  2. My offer was excepted on a Panama Conqueror 5. Although it was a used one not part of the sale. I got it cheap enough were if I don't like it I'll just sell it again. I've been kind of looking for a small class A amp. We'll see...
  3. Dr. Z, Matchless, Tone King or similar modern boutique amp. I don't own any of these amps, but I guess maybe I should try one out because this is what Reverb thinks I should be using.
  4. Some small amps such as my Roland Micro Cube use an external supply. The Micro Cube uses the same 9V as a pedal board. I use a cheap one-spot external supply with my Micro Cube. I'm sure one could easily find a 240V to 9V supply, being that's what they must use across the pond.
  5. I'm glad that Telecaster sold. It was calling my name.
  6. From this Demo I can tell you I like the pickups in the PRS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEBxrOLvVho
  7. Can I suggest the blue G&L Lagacy currently in the FS section. I’ve never played a G&L But these look like some fine guitars.
  8. Wow, I can’t believe it’s still here. This board amazes me.
  9. I can tell by the tone of that guitar that he used quality tone woods and I'm guessing the pickup was custom wound and potted under a full moon. I missed the hard hat bowl the first time I watched the video. He used tie wraps for frets and it sounds like it's in tune. If this video is legitimate I'm impressed and I've been spending too much money on guitars and amps.
  10. https://reverb.com/news/former-gibson-chief-ted-mccarty-on-tonewoods-and-the-problems-of-top-heavy-management I'd really like to read a truthful account of the guitar history. How valid are these comments. "Not too heavy" I'm having a hard time believing a Telecaster weighed more than a Les Paul. I own a Ash Telecaster and a Traditional LP and they are in the same ball park (Heavy Pigs) as far as weight goes. We made a guitar out of solid rock maple. Wasn’t good. Too shrill, too much sustain. And we made one out of mahogany. Too soft. Didn’t quite have that thing. So we finally came up with a maple top and a mahogany back, made a sandwich out of it, glued ‘em together. Then we decided, now what about the shape? We wanted something that wouldn’t be too heavy. The Fender was a much larger guitar, heavier. So we made ours a little smaller bodied, in a traditional shape. Was Les Paul’s only contribution to the design the long tailpiece? That’s the only one. He’s said that he designed more than that. What? What does he claim he did? In one interview he said he designed everything but the carved top. [Laughs.] Well, actually, I have told you exactly how it got to be a Les Paul. We spent a year designing that guitar, and he never saw it until I took it to Pennsylvania.
  11. I had to google zero fret. You all have a good eyes. I missed the first fret marker too. I'm still not seeing the zero fret, or can you tell it's a zero fret by how deep the strings are laying in the nut? Regardless it's still a nice guitar.
  12. Your are correct. My memory is slightly off and I was thinking someone would probably correct me after I typed that. I'm not up on either group. It was the carpenters playing that rainy day in the car. My cousin was into the carpenters. My uncle was making mocking sounds. Thinking back I thought it was the muskrat thing but it could have been baby... baby... It was a sappy part of a song and my uncle was taking full advantage of the situation. I have more appreciation for the Carpenter's and Captain and Tennille today then I had in my youth. It still amazes me how when I hear music from the past it take me back to events and places from my childhood no matter what style the music was. I'm going to shut up now before I dig a deeper hole
  13. dhuber

    Looking for tips on learning bass guitar

    I own a bass and have not picked it up in years. My wife told me the same thing. I was not playing with the kick.
  14. I had another cousin who had a Baricuda. I drove it right before he sold it. 318 and I think 3 speed manual. The car was light. I remember hitting 90 and letting off the gas because I felt like the car was going to float off the ground.
  15. My parents were divorced. I spent weekends with my dad and step mother. In the winter it was always a long trip to the ski resort on weekends. I think they call it adult contemporary radio. I heard a lot of the carpenters riding with my parents. On a few Thanksgiving weekends my uncle and aunt sent me air plane tickets to come visit. To this day I remember riding in the car with my uncle and my cousin his adapted daughter. Was the song called muskrat love? My uncle was making mocking muskrat sounds. While my cousin was singing along word for word to every song on the cassette. This family was and is the real deal. Anytime someone mentions the Carpenters my mind goes back to that day.
  16. dhuber

    NGD - I went full cheeseball...

    I don’t know a lot about the VH guitar history. I’m guessing EVH started with 25-1/2 scale and went to 24-3/4 scale with the Wolfgang series. I may be way off base but I was reading this post hoping someone would mention the scale length of that guitar. Maybe someone could put a link up to the VH guitar history.
  17. I'd prefer a inline 6 headstock on a Strat. But I currently own two PRS guitars so I'm sure I could get over the headstock. I think he said 7.25" radius. I've never played anything smaller than 9.5", but I'm a little critical of the 7.25" radius. Other than that if the price was right I might buy one. I like that silver and white model. I really like 2001 to 2007 Fender American Standard Strat's and there is an abundance of them. I like the neck on my 1993 Strat Plus as it's a thicker C Shape. I mod my Strat's with one TBX tone control and one Seymour Duncan Liberator volume control. Same control for all pickups and I move them down so I don't bump them, the down side is volume swells are out of the question with this configuration. I guess for me it does not pay to buy a brand new Strat because by the time I'm done modifying it to my liking I've killed the value of the guitar. He did not mention price which I'm assuming is around $2,000. I can buy a lot of used American Standards for that kind of coin.
  18. dhuber

    Bat Guitar!

    I don't know. If they would have made a bass version I could see Paul McCartney playing it. Which would have made it iconic and it would still be in production today.
  19. dhuber

    Headstock Shapes

    I have to believe Eddie was involved with this Peavey design, and I think it's an awesome original design. But then I think was he inspired by Music Man or is it the other way around.
  20. dhuber

    Headstock Shapes

    I've tried to draw a new concept headstock and I'll admit I can't do it. I've always thought the early guitar companies had it made because they were able to start from a clean slate. I despise the Dean Headstock however when you see one you know that's a Dean. So originality has to count for something. If it's cool looking someone might say that JD looks like a Huber. Is that a Washburn or a Hamer. When is a headstock shape a Trade Mark, and when is a headstock shape public use?
  21. dhuber

    Headstock Shapes

    Some of the modern designs are OK at best. You're never going to top the Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster, or Standard Gibson Headstock. From what I'm seeing so far you might as well carve a head stock in the shape of a side view of penis and scrotum (can I say that on this side of the forum). Maybe someone has already done that. Anyway I'll probably get taken out to the alley by all the Explorer fans here. If you disagree with me show me what you got.
  22. Apparently I can't read Spanish. I thought that was 20 pesos.
  23. I could picture Prince playing one
  24. That Studio Custom is Sweet!
  25. dhuber

    Alright Gibson!!

    1. You never know what the younger generation (or Kizanski) is going to like. There's a 1% chance these are rare collector items 20 years from now. 2. My gut is telling me you should wait 2 to 5 years if you want to buy one. I have to believe these will be selling used on eBay for $1300. 3. Some guy in the next county has a fairly new mint Traditional for sale for $1300. I already own a Traditional but if I didn't I still by the Traditional over the above "Van Custom" even if it was selling for the same $1300. 4. I about fell out of my chair "As per other Custom models, it ain’t cheap, with a $4,999 price tag" and Hamer is out of Business. Crazy!