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  1. I had to google zero fret. You all have a good eyes. I missed the first fret marker too. I'm still not seeing the zero fret, or can you tell it's a zero fret by how deep the strings are laying in the nut? Regardless it's still a nice guitar.
  2. Your are correct. My memory is slightly off and I was thinking someone would probably correct me after I typed that. I'm not up on either group. It was the carpenters playing that rainy day in the car. My cousin was into the carpenters. My uncle was making mocking sounds. Thinking back I thought it was the muskrat thing but it could have been baby... baby... It was a sappy part of a song and my uncle was taking full advantage of the situation. I have more appreciation for the Carpenter's and Captain and Tennille today then I had in my youth. It still amazes me how when I hear music from the past it take me back to events and places from my childhood no matter what style the music was. I'm going to shut up now before I dig a deeper hole
  3. Looking for tips on learning bass guitar

    I own a bass and have not picked it up in years. My wife told me the same thing. I was not playing with the kick.
  4. I had another cousin who had a Baricuda. I drove it right before he sold it. 318 and I think 3 speed manual. The car was light. I remember hitting 90 and letting off the gas because I felt like the car was going to float off the ground.
  5. My parents were divorced. I spent weekends with my dad and step mother. In the winter it was always a long trip to the ski resort on weekends. I think they call it adult contemporary radio. I heard a lot of the carpenters riding with my parents. On a few Thanksgiving weekends my uncle and aunt sent me air plane tickets to come visit. To this day I remember riding in the car with my uncle and my cousin his adapted daughter. Was the song called muskrat love? My uncle was making mocking muskrat sounds. While my cousin was singing along word for word to every song on the cassette. This family was and is the real deal. Anytime someone mentions the Carpenters my mind goes back to that day.
  6. NGD - I went full cheeseball...

    I don’t know a lot about the VH guitar history. I’m guessing EVH started with 25-1/2 scale and went to 24-3/4 scale with the Wolfgang series. I may be way off base but I was reading this post hoping someone would mention the scale length of that guitar. Maybe someone could put a link up to the VH guitar history.
  7. I'd prefer a inline 6 headstock on a Strat. But I currently own two PRS guitars so I'm sure I could get over the headstock. I think he said 7.25" radius. I've never played anything smaller than 9.5", but I'm a little critical of the 7.25" radius. Other than that if the price was right I might buy one. I like that silver and white model. I really like 2001 to 2007 Fender American Standard Strat's and there is an abundance of them. I like the neck on my 1993 Strat Plus as it's a thicker C Shape. I mod my Strat's with one TBX tone control and one Seymour Duncan Liberator volume control. Same control for all pickups and I move them down so I don't bump them, the down side is volume swells are out of the question with this configuration. I guess for me it does not pay to buy a brand new Strat because by the time I'm done modifying it to my liking I've killed the value of the guitar. He did not mention price which I'm assuming is around $2,000. I can buy a lot of used American Standards for that kind of coin.
  8. Bat Guitar!

    I don't know. If they would have made a bass version I could see Paul McCartney playing it. Which would have made it iconic and it would still be in production today.
  9. Headstock Shapes

    I have to believe Eddie was involved with this Peavey design, and I think it's an awesome original design. But then I think was he inspired by Music Man or is it the other way around.
  10. Headstock Shapes

    I've tried to draw a new concept headstock and I'll admit I can't do it. I've always thought the early guitar companies had it made because they were able to start from a clean slate. I despise the Dean Headstock however when you see one you know that's a Dean. So originality has to count for something. If it's cool looking someone might say that JD looks like a Huber. Is that a Washburn or a Hamer. When is a headstock shape a Trade Mark, and when is a headstock shape public use?
  11. Headstock Shapes

    Some of the modern designs are OK at best. You're never going to top the Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster, or Standard Gibson Headstock. From what I'm seeing so far you might as well carve a head stock in the shape of a side view of penis and scrotum (can I say that on this side of the forum). Maybe someone has already done that. Anyway I'll probably get taken out to the alley by all the Explorer fans here. If you disagree with me show me what you got.
  12. Apparently I can't read Spanish. I thought that was 20 pesos.
  13. I could picture Prince playing one
  14. That Studio Custom is Sweet!
  15. Alright Gibson!!

    1. You never know what the younger generation (or Kizanski) is going to like. There's a 1% chance these are rare collector items 20 years from now. 2. My gut is telling me you should wait 2 to 5 years if you want to buy one. I have to believe these will be selling used on eBay for $1300. 3. Some guy in the next county has a fairly new mint Traditional for sale for $1300. I already own a Traditional but if I didn't I still by the Traditional over the above "Van Custom" even if it was selling for the same $1300. 4. I about fell out of my chair "As per other Custom models, it ain’t cheap, with a $4,999 price tag" and Hamer is out of Business. Crazy!
  16. Fender Texas Special Pickups

    I think the mystery is solved. I bought a set of TS pickups off of eBay that came out of a 2008 or 2009 Deluxe Road House Strat. The minute I opened the box and saw the same modern stagger my 2001 had I had a feeling I was on to something. I put them in and they are real close to what I remember. My 01 had a fuzzier high end but the middle pickup on that set read 350 ohms higher than the middle out of the Road House. The Custom Shop Texas Special Pickups I purchased that I did not like are vintage staggered and they are about 1.2 K ohm less in the bridge. My 01 Texas Special Strat and these 07 Road House Strat pickups are definitely modern staggered. The Custom Shop Texas Specials have more mids, but there are no highs and they sound dark. These 08 Road House Texas Specials have the compressed bass, boosted mids, and boosted highs to my ears. I'm not saying I want this tone all the time but it's a fun tone to noodle around. I also own 3 Strat's so I'll keep these in the one Strat. Thanks for pickup advise. I've tried a lot of Single Coils and I like experimenting so if I come across a good deal on the Rocketfire or Duncan Antiquity Texas Hots I'll give them a try.
  17. I don't know if anyone hear has experience with Texas Special Pickups or the actual Texas Special American Standard Stratocaster model that was offered from 2000 - 2003. 10 to 12 years ago I bought a Fender Strat SN Z2****** off of eBay just thinking it was an American Standard. After some research I figured out it was a Texas Special Strat. Unfortunately the only picture I have left of the underside of the pickguard is the picture when I put the second tone pot back in before I sold the guitar. From what I can tell all wiring was stock. The changes you see in the picture was because I took one tone pot out when I used the guitar. The tone was bright, extremely compressed, nasally and ballsy even when played clean. For me it was kind of a one trick pony that I like to use when playing a funk type rhythm with chord shapes further down the neck. There was very little pick attack and the sound of chords played down the neck were really smooth and sweet unlike any other Strat configuration I'd played in the past. The pickups measured approximately 6.34, 6.45, 7.66 K Ohm N/M/B. I've owned a lot of Strat's and played a lot of pickup configurations. I sold this guitar thinking I'll just buy another set of Texas Specials and put them in another guitar. I purchased a set of Custom Shop Texas Special Pickups 099-211-000 and put them in my 07 Strat. This configuration does not sound anything like guitar described above. These pickups sound very round with predominate mid range and no where near the compression or brightness of those listed above. The package DC resistance shows 6.2/6.5/6.7 N/M/B. So a slight change on resistance readings. The pickups in Z2****** had a dimple on the back side in the center of one of the middle pickup magnets, which I’m assuming to mark the middle pickup. The Texas Special Pickups 099-211-000 are currently in my 07 Stratocaster but if I recall they have a red mark on one of the bridge Pickup magnets and a blue dot on one of the neck pickup magnets. For all around playing I like the American Standard pickups with the plastic bobbins and even the set of Texas Specials I described in the second paragraph aren't bad. However being I own a lot of Strat's I'd like to have that tone back in one of my Strat's. Had I known it would be this hard to get that tone back I would have swapped out the pickups before I sold the guitar. I'm just curious what others have experienced with Texas Special pickups. I'm also wondering if the pickup specs in the 2000 - 2003 Texas Special guitars was not closer to the Tex-Mex pickup which I've not played yet.
  18. Daytona, T-62 or Vintage S?

    What is the scale length of the vintage S and T-62? That T-62 comes in Jeff Beck green which is what sold me until I found out the body was 7/8 scale. I played a few Daytona's in music stores back in 1994. I bought one off the board here a few years ago and then sold it back to the owner. It did everything my American Standards do but that 14" radius is too big a jump for me. I already own a lot of American Standard Tele's and Strat's and I did not want to have an odd ball neck profile with my main go to guitars. IMO the Daytona is Statocaster-Esque and If I was going with Hamer that's what I'd buy
  19. Not guitar related but similar deal at work this week. I was locked out of my account with a major name brand telecommunication supplier, which I've been doing business with for 20 years. In years past when I'd make an order the account manager would call me and thank me for the business. I just wanted my account online account unlocked, I tried the forgot password button but the password their server sent me would not unlock my account. I end up calling and telling the person on the phone my name and our business account number. I'm sorry but you name is not on the account but if you have someone from your organization whos name is on the account email us we will enable your account. My response was, thanks for you help and I hung up. I placed my order with another company.
  20. Oh please, I can get the same tone from my Mexican Telecaster... Jol definitely took the Talladega to the next level. I really like looks of the Milano but in this life I'll have to settle with my Monaco.
  21. Is this forum a cult?

    People get banned here too. I'm not saying they don't deserve it, but It's usually entertaining. I won't mention names but there's one banned former member that will never be forgotten.
  22. That is nice, I think we have discussed that one here before.
  23. The bid is only at $1000. If I had seen that 5 years ago I would have been freaking out. I hope someone here gets a good deal on it.
  24. USA Scarabs on Reverb are listed 925 to 1450. However I don't know what they're actually selling for. I'm not in the market but if I was I'd be asking about that White Scarab your playing in some of your Facebook pictures.
  25. Fretboard radius

    I think if I had started playing Hamer guitars in December 1994 when I was ever so close to buying a Daytona I would have adapted to the 14" radius. Instead I bought a 9.5" Fender and the rest is history. I can play Hamer's but that flatter fret board just feels weird to me. A year or two ago I bought a Daytona and I thought if I keep this guitar the Fender's will have to go. I don't like jumping back and forth between different necks when I'm used to my Fender guitars so the Daytona went back to the original owner. Bending notes would be easier with a flatter radius. A 10" radius works fine for me but If I could push a magic button all my guitars would be 12" radius.