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  1. Favorite Christmas guitar songs to hear or play?

    Fareed Haque does a great version of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch":
  2. Hi Guys, So I bought some contact cleaner for the scratchy 5-way rotary switch on my Phantom Custom. Took off the access panel and... holy crap! Where do I spray on that thing? Do I have to remove it? I can't see anywhere to put the nozzle of the spray can. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  3. I really like the Lil' '59 in my strat as well. Classic PAF tone that I think blends well with the middle and neck single coils.
  4. I'll be different and say Alex Lifeson, Hemispheres tour 1978. ES-355, Boss CE-1, and a wall of Hiwatts (and then I could see what he was using for a booster at that time, if anything)
  5. Hi all, I remember long ago, somebody posted an excellent diagram, or map if you will, of all possible chord changes/resolutions within a key. I've tried searching but the terms are too generic and I can't find it. Can anyone help me find that diagram? Thanks in advance for your help, Jim
  6. Best 12 string bass emulation. Go!

    My Digitech Drop in octave down + original signal mode, with a regular guitar, does a fairly decent impersonation.
  7. Hey Canada!

    I'm way out west in Edmonton, I've been thinking about letting my Phantom Custom go...
  8. JimHalinda

  9. Memorable lead breaks

    I've always liked the call-and-response sax solo (really one sax with long delay) in Hall and Oates' "Maneater":
  10. I have a Les Trem II on my Starcaster Reissue - works and sounds great! I do have to adjust my right hand technique as the spring section is so close to the bridge, but that hasn't been too big of a problem. Enjoy! Edited to add: I didn't notice any difference in tone after installing it... I'd guess your string change had more to do with it?
  11. Gibsonitis?

    I was the original owner of a '96 Jimmy Page signature LP, and it had that exact issue. There was no weather checking on the rest of the guitar, but the headstock looked just like that picture above Edited to add: it lived a pretty mild life mostly in my basement, and in its case. Didn't play out much with it, hence no weather checking.
  12. So are we all in agreement?

    One of many reasons why I'm done living with animals. I never had one pee in a case, but I did have one barf on an amp..fortunately it only touched tolex and didn't get inside. My house is now a pet-free zone.
  13. I'm the original owner of this Phantom Custom, only mod is a Gibson LP-style output jack and plate: