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  1. I sold my 81 Special

    That sucks, but you're right: it's not the only Hamer out there. Ultimately it's you making music that matters. Selling one guitar doesn't take that away.
  2. Newly Acquired Talladega

    And my Ultimate
  3. It was probably the '83 Special I just sold. Now it's probably my '89 PRS CE24 or my Reverend Hellhound and Drivetrain overdrive pedal. Or possibly my Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro...
  4. Silver and gold Hamers

    Nice! Knowing how they sound in the Ultimate, I bet they do sound great in the Vanguard.
  5. Nazareth yesterday

    NWOBHM = New Wave Of British Heavy Metal?
  6. Silver and gold Hamers

    This makes me think of this one dude over at TGP who has only white guitars. Dozens and dozens of white guitars. What Gravelins did you put in your Vanguard?
  7. NCD

    Congrats! What was your rig before this?
  8. That British Thing...

    The side effect of the Fender designs built with locally available parts in England.
  9. That British Thing...

    In modern gear parlance I think you're correct. Makers like Tech 21 and Egnater and Line6 never mean Vox when they say British. I'm not sure exactly where that distinction comes from... Like, was it already established but British sound meant Marshall before we had modelers? I seem to remember Paul Reed Smith early amps had a British and American character switch that was meant to go from Marshall to Fender, but I was hardly up on all the gear in those days and I was grateful for the Peavey amp that I had.
  10. GC CS Sucks

    Also: free candy.
  11. GC CS Sucks

    That sucks dude. Edit: My favorite part of this was thinking that you had a 7 guitar version of this stand: https://www.amazon.com/Hercules-GS432B-Tri-Guitar-Stand/dp/B000ARH3M6/ref=sr_1_4?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1512767317&sr=1-4&keywords=hercules+guitar+stand
  12. Sweetwater

    I don't think I would do one of those over a Korean made PRS.
  13. Saw Setzer last night

    I won't lie Steve. I saw the title and just assumed it was one of your concert reports.
  14. This was a good read.

    Having owned one, I'd prefer a sustainblock style bridge to a TOM or trem.