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  1. Finally got my Hamer re finished

    The fact that it still has the blade switch is the give away.

    I can't believe it took him all this time to use "boberdrive" in a product! How is it voiced compared to his Budda models?
  3. NGD - I went full cheeseball...

    Based on what I've seen so far from you? No. No, it does not.
  4. NGD- Hamer Content

    Love it! Congrats on the NGD!
  5. NGD - I went full cheeseball...

    Happy NGD! I've played several of the promod Charvels (first the USA ones, then the Japan ones) over the years and all were excellent. I personally happen to prefer chrome hardware on that style guitar (well, any style of guitar) to black too. But ... your outfit in that picture is killing me. It makes me think of all the tired tan-pants blues lawyer jokes on TGP and how, honestly, they're probably due to switch to tan pants rock lawyer jokes any year now.
  6. For me it's my Boden OS8 LE... I still play it almost every day and it's my go-to for sketching ideas and just getting lost in tunespace for a little while on an average day.
  7. NGD sorta.....

    Nice! Congrats on the N-homebuilt-GD!
  8. Yeah, if you thought guitar GAS was bad... Go lurk on gearslutz. Those guys blow so much money on gear it's crazy. I'd like to think a lot of them are making it back by recording bands and whatnot, but ... probably not as many as I'd hope. As far as "going a different direction" goes, it's almost never too late to do something different. As others have said, either step back from this for a while and "miss" it for a while or pivot into something else and give that your attention for now. While I'd be reluctant to expect to make any kind of living recording bands these days, if don't have that expectation going into it, it could be fun. Especially if you always wanted to be a therapist and a childcare worker too, since in small studios you also may get that "producer" credit which can imply those roles.
  9. Alright Gibson!!

    I've seen way worse dreck come out of Gibson in the last decade. These are just charming by comparison.
  10. NAD - TDC

    I don't know which emoji I'm supposed to attach to this, but ... congrats on getting a discount FSB in a few weeks!
  11. NAD!

    My first tube amp was a Blues Classic, the 15" combo version of that series. It was a great amp. I "loaned" it to my neighbor's kid about 10 years ago. I think he still plays, so I'm not pushing the issue any time soon.
  12. Ontological guitar question of the day -

    This reminds me of debates about prescriptivism vs descriptivism in linguistics. Back to the question of relics, I won't say for guitar relics but I have a distressed kitchen table. The wear from the factory is completely different from real wear. The worst part is that it's nitro finished and the edges have gummed up!
  13. Non-master volume Marshalls.

    I gotta ask... How often do you find yourself playing the Budda in that crowd? What do you feel it brings that the others don't?
  14. Definitely keep me posted how that goes if you do it!
  15. Does it seem like it started life as a stock EndurNeck and was sanded/shaped down to what it is now? I've considered softening some of the angles on my strandberg neck, but was never sure how it would turn out.