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  1. Shhh...I'm going to pretend that I have no idea what you're talking about.
  2. Wow, a steal indeed! And just in case one didn't feel like they stole it for $850 the seller gives the "OBO" feature for one to really commit a heist. That's about as cheap as I think I've seen a used Newport w/bigsby sell for.
  3. Like many here I almost always use Tung Sol reissue's in the V1 slot (when using current production tubes). I typically don't care for the JJ preamp tube in most every amp I've tried them in except for my THD Univalve where I use them in both the V1 slot and the cathode follower (FWIW that is a very bright amp on the 'roll' input, so the darker JJ's actually work OK with that amp IMO). In every other amp of mine besides the Univalve V2 and beyond typically varies (some out of production/NOS, some current production) mainly because sometimes old stock sounds best in an amp while other times I'll expect a certain NOS tube to sound great in an amp only to find out some current production tube I expected to suck end up sounding better to me instead.
  4. Where is this purple DuoTone these days?

    I was gonna say check with Caddie as well. I owned her for a brief bit, not long but long enough to use it on a demo recording (piezo and electric tracks) and a live show. Indigo finish, ebony board, low action, and possibly still sporting a truly badass set of Rio Grande TX/BBQ pickups...what's not to love there Bonus points for Caddie being a great dude to deal with. Man seeing the picture of that one again...I do sometimes regret letting that one get away
  5. Totally agree on the 5 way Super Switch in these guitars. Kind of a shame they didn't come like that from the factory in standard trim. Oh and what is that below...a Mirage I with a quilt maple top and bridge humbucker!!??? Man that's something I really used to love about Hamer. Just when you think you've seen most every cool/unique Hamer out there you get pleasantly surprised by seeing something you never thought existed.
  6. holLoWskull

  7. delete

    Very interesting. Based on the rear control cavity plate and plastic battery compartment it came with the Sustainiac GA-2 system (typical for that year I believe) that used the sustainiac driver as a neck pickup with a single coil neck pickup route, but the neck pickup on that body looks as if it was routed for the GA-1 system (that required a separate neck pickup and therefore was a humbucker route). That is pretty cool, I've never seen that before. Best of luck with the sale, it's a gorgeous guitar for sure.
  8. Is it just my middle aged eyes or does the first digit in that serial number look like a 0 (making it a 1990 not 1992)? Not that it adds or diminishes any value to the guitar, but worth noting if someone has to have a 1992 (maybe they don't like earlier lacquer finishes, maybe they just need to have that grey shielding paint Hamer used in 1992, or maybe 1992 is a special year for them?) and nothing else will do....
  9. You will think me daft for suggesting this amp if you're a guy who relies on "internet reviews" when selecting gear, but if you can deal with a 60 lb. combo I highly recommend you check out a used Genz Benz El Diablo 60 combo. Very good clean sounds in the warm channel and you have the hot channel for anything from AC/DC crunch to Metallica grind depending on which gain structure you choose. Also comes with a footswitch and has lots of features that can be controlled via the footswitch. The amp can take either 6L6's or EL34's (bias pot and selector switch on back of amp), has individual channel volume and reverb, it can be switched from 60W down to a more club friendly 30W via a switch on the back, and the best part...since so many self-proclaimed 'tone gurus' slammed the amp they can be found on the used market in the $300 - $500 range all day long. Very versatile and well built gig amp on the cheap (used).
  10. Wow it looks alot like mine (back when I had EMG's in it) only a bit more cobbled together (tilted rear humbucker!? extra tone knob hole in the pickguard!?). Obviously I don't think it's ugly...imitation is the greatest flattery after all
  11. Well, it was fun....... but it's over.

    Then you, sir, are just no fucking fun. C'mon man get the paraphrase right...I'm not the one looking to get in a beef, Kiz is All reasonable points stated so no beef taken with any of it, but there is a difference in the perceived urgency between a HFC member posting to "get your orders in while we can" vs. had Hamer said directly to dealers back in say September, October or even Novermber "there will be no more Hamer custom orders as of December 6". I guess my beef with FMIC is while I understand the timing might have made sense for them (factory closing down for the holiday and all) it would have been nice if they had given dealers and customers a little more lead time before pulling the Hamer life support plug to maybe work out a few final orders for early 2013 (a few sales for Hamer, a little extra revenue for its dealers, and hopefully a dream guitar for their customers).
  12. Well, it was fun....... but it's over.

    I guess I'd ask Al, Dave, Greg, and any of the other (formerly I guess now) Hamer dealers here who've done their best to get Hamers into the hands of their customers if they think there'd be any use in petitioning FMIC to extend the window of opportunity for custom order Hamers? I am sure Dave is 100% spot on about Fender not wanting to put any more resources into Hamer, but damned if they didn't shut things down like a thief in the night (not much advance notice to dealers and at a time when potential customers where probably focused on Christmas gifts, Fiscal cliff talks, and Bush-era tax breaks expiring instead of custom ordered guitars). Seems like they should have given dealers a cut-off date that's at least a couple months into 2013 so dealers have a chance to drum up a few more orders before the brand is put on 'hiatus'. Hell Fender should do it as a final thank you to the craftsmen at Hamer who probably have enjoyed building some truly cool Hamers over the years (and might like a break from making Guilds), the dealer network who have promoted and sold Hamers over the years, and the fans of the brand who've promoted and bought Hamers over the years.
  13. Well, it was fun....... but it's over.

    It's sad that FMIC didn't at least give a final gasp and say something like "no more orders after Dec 31," to let dealers/buyers get in under the closing gate. +1 on giving a future deadline so dealers and potential buyers could maybe get them a few more orders. At least they could have waited until after Christmas when people could maybe better afford to do one last custom order.
  14. Well, it was fun....... but it's over.

    any word if the Hamer factory restoration service they were offering has had the plug pulled as well? Double bummer if that got shelved as well.
  15. Have a listen to a track I recorded

    Nice job Lou. The guitar tone and the parts you played sit nicely in the track and overall recording. Do you have any more songs done yet?