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  1. You're KILLING me with these loaded pickguards... Great stuff - GLWTS
  2. aknapp


    That will look AMAZING after it’s carved!
  3. aknapp

    Pickups repair

    I've never heard a negative comment about Josh or his pickups. We are fortunate to have him as part of the HFC family. Josh could certainly be a poster boy candidate for "Minnesota Nice".
  4. aknapp

    #81, a different but cool build

    The top looks even better after bevelling. Stunning!!!
  5. aknapp

    Sunburst Pickup Tweak?

    That would brighten the tone for sure. If you're handy with a soldering iron,, you could replace the tone control with a 1 Meg pot and/or experiment with different values for the capacitor.
  6. I think I have some nickel plated ferrules. I'll check when I get home. What color knobs are you looking for?
  7. aknapp

    Oh Henry, Just STFU

  8. Sounds terrific - Well done, sir!
  9. aknapp

    Unusual new build teaser

    Great personalization - the army strap is nice touch.
  10. The boy who cried wolf? Again? Hmmmmm, maybe the next thread, no one reads....
  11. IT here, too, and you won’t find anything like that in my house, either. Same with internet enabled thermostat or refrigerator or.... i know it’s a convenience thing, but why invite trouble (or Big Brother)?