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  1. decisions, decisions...

    Bound and Crowned.
  2. The Magpie Salute

    It was a great show!! They played for well over 2 hours to an audience of ~200. Very loud. I really enjoyed the show. Set List
  3. The Magpie Salute

    Just bought tickets to see The Magpie Salute tonight in Columbia, MO. Totally surprised the Columbia date was added. I looked into seeing them in KC when this was first posted, as it was initially the nearest Midwest show on the tour.
  4. Thanks for the posting! I picked up an SRV Super Six for half price.
  5. This is a scam that has appeared on multiple eBay accounts in recent months. The perp is using other user's accounts to post guitar listings that contain a link to "send a message" to buy directly outside of eBay. Avoid.
  6. The right guy is out there. https://reverb.com/item/6024135-hamer-standard-1997-natural-finish-explorer-w-ohsc-rare-find
  7. NGD # 60 Comes Home

    Absolutely stellar!! Great idea with the inlays!!
  8. I Touched My First Shishkov Today - 0059 Arrived!

    That's epic in all regards!! Congrats!!
  9. Also listed on Reverb https://reverb.com/item/5187389-hamer-sunburst-1979
  10. I agree! Great score on yours. The non red M IIIs seem to be few and far between. I hope you enjoy yours too.
  11. Here is the same Spruce Top Monaco III goodness on my back deck. I bought it via best offer on eBay and unboxed it this morning. The setup on this is stellar. Super low action. The seller mentioned the setup was performed by Joe "JEM" Despagni.
  12. I will have the jack relocated to the side, restore the tone pot, restore the Hamer logo and replace the TRC. I am in the Midwest. I had the seller drop it off at a FedEx so I could have it shipped. Thanks again for the PSA!
  13. There is an empty hole where the side jack was. The seller moved the jack to the front to fill the "extra" knob hole.