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  1. I have number 9 in this series. Killer guitar.
  2. Bump to the top for a beautiful Newport Pro.
  3. I am relieved that the earthen maple tally has sold; I was sorely tempted even though I just purchased a beautiful Tally, (Brown Sugar Quilt top) here on the HFC a few months ago and I am trying to downsize.
  4. Vintage Carve neck on the Newport Pro. You are correct there is a subtlety to the beauty of this guitar; it is definatly there but discreet.
  5. For your consideration a 2008 Newport Pro in natural for sale by the original owner. This was my second Hamer purchase; I bought my Newport Pro Korina from Willcutts and loved it so much I bought the spruce mahogany version brand new from Wolfes Guitars. I have added other Newport wood combos and configurations and I need to downsize due to downsizing my home. All stock and as clean as you are likely to find, with a beautifully silked spruce top with touches of bear claw figure in the grain. Asking $1500 plus shipping and fees. I know that is higher than some have gone for but the condition is exceptional and as a 2008 build it is close to the end of production. More photos available upon request, and yes I will regret this. Thanks for looking, Ron
  6. I have a Newport Pro Spruce / Mahogany in natural, I am the original owner and it is in exceptionally clean condition as I have a lot of guitars, and 4 other Newports of different woods / configurations. I am looking to downsize as I will eventually be downsizing my home. I can post or PM photos later if you are interested.
  7. Since someone else nominated my Spalted Maple Standard already here is a closeup: And my first HFC Purchase: And Finally the glorious “Gatorburst” (Not Mine, Unfortunately)
  8. It only lasted about 5 to 10 minutes. By the time I scratched my head, said “hmm, should I ?” and thought about it, it was sold.
  9. GASguy

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    Jesus Christ Superstar was among my first “rock” albums along with early Black Sabbatrh, (Paranoid), Early Grand Funk Railroad,(Closer to Home), and early ELP, (Tarkus). Ian Gillian became one of my favorite vocalists from listening to JC Superstar. I am not sure how I feel about the live broadcast production, but I will most likely watch it, even though I do not watch a lot of TV
  10. I have a limited edition Trinity ASAT Special from the old Buffalo Brothers Shop. Congratulations on your newly acquired ASAT Special, as you said they are great guitars!
  11. GASguy

    1981 Green Grass & High Tides

    I saw the Outlaws in the old Spectrum in Philadelphia in 1977, Sea Level open for them. Lots of great live music back in those days.