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  1. And it is gone. Anyone here get it?
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2001-Hamer-Artist-Korina-HB-Jazzburst-Electric-Guitar-Made-in-USA-w-Hard-Case-/292322221659 no affiliation, looks real nice, I have a beautiful example of this model or I would be interested.
  3. Tom Petty in bad shape

    I was lucky enough to see him several times in concert, most recently 3 years ago with Winwood at the Garden. I loved to see the multiple sweet guitars that Petty and Mike Cambell would bring on stage, as well as the great musical performances. I am a big fan of the Traveling Wilburys as well and Tom's work in the Concert for George, he is one of the truely great ones IMO.
  4. Semi-Hollows?

    That is just insanely beautiful.
  5. I try not to comment on active sale threads, but now that this is sold: What a beautiful guitar, Love the turquoise ray gun and inlays, great color and top, I wish I could have sprung for the cash price of this SS.
  6. I have the same model minus the bigsby. My favorite Newport out of the 5 Newports that I currently own, and most likely my favorite Hamer. Killer guitar.
  7. I would appreciate it if anone who has, or has had, an adjustable wrap tail studio would share their opinions, thoughts and impressions of this model. I am guessing the factory original wrap tail models were made in the 90's? What were the neck carves like? Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron
  8. Semi-Hollows?

    Someone, anyone, needs to share more.
  9. Custom Order Thread

    Joe Barden Soapbars
  10. Custom Order Thread

    Full custom order, spalted maple top, and according to CO, "one piece korina back & neck & peghead" ebony fret board with crowns. Newport Ebony board, trans red on spruce / mahogany, factory Phat Cats and stop tail. Special K, book matched Korina body and neck cut from a single board, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, bound neck and peg head.
  11. PM sent on the EV BK-1 Handheld cardioid condensor and 357B vocal mic.
  12. Custom Order Thread

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That's the one that haunts my dreams, most beautiful Hamer I have seen, IMO.
  13. Hamers vs. "boutique" guitars

    Maybe not boutique by strict definition, but in my mind the level of quality is nearly equal to or equal to boutique quality. I could post even more examples from my own humble collection. ETA: I am sure that there are other and better examples out there.