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  1. Newly Acquired Talladega

    It is at least in the same ballpark as the "Tiger Eye" finish, which I used to have on both a Talladega and Talladega Pro. Sort of like "Root Beer".
  2. Silver and gold Hamers

    I still do have a pair of each......Silver Vanguard and Duo-Tone (the latter, a one off I believe), gold Monaco Elite (P90s) and CO Monaco Superpro. None of them have Duncan pups. All are superb. 3 of the 4 are untouchable at this point, inc the 3 in these pix. Vanguard? Maybe.
  3. Up for your consideration, a 2011 Artist V Series guitar. It is based upon the Custom 22, but has some significant upgrades. I am linking a site with an original posting of the nearly exact guitar, as it has a very nice description....And better pictures than I can manage this darker afternoon. Re the Artist series guitars. They were produced in limited numbers in 4 series between roughly 1992 and 1996. They have become something of collectors items, essentially predating Private Stock models. Earlier, the other key limited editions were such as the "Dragons" and Rosewood LTDs. The series was extended 6 years ago with a run of 300 Vs. At one time I owned both an Artist II and IV, the latter being particularly rare. I think the run ended early as few were then willing to pay over $7k for a guitar, even if it DID have sold gold bird inlays. FWIW, I sold the prior ones for $3200 and $5500 years ago. IMO. the newest version is a better guitar, having several of the improvements that PRS made in the interim 15 years. I very much like the pickups, as they are very clear, but not at all weak. Pretty much in the same family as the 57/08 and 59/09 vein, but they have more sparkle. To me, sort of like the Ultimate Artist has. And a lot of "bling" like the Hamers with the "Ultimate" finish. Ebony board, nicely figured hog back, a bunch of abalone trim. This one is "black gold" and in excellent, very near mint condition......Meaning I am struggling to find a single mark. And a "cut above" case. Weight is about 7lbs, 11. Asking $2,450, inc shipping (CONUS only). Please add PP if needed. Why sell? STILL have too many. This one could stay as a top rank part of my arsenal. Light, versatile, a great combination of woods and other parts, But it falls between too many others. It is not going to edge out my number one Huber, even if it has a prettier face. And something has to give. I reckon a few more will appear soon. https://wildwestguitars.com/electric/prs-paul-red-smith-artist-v-black-gold Bear with me on pictures......My camera is not fully cooperating with the new PC......
  4. Dubble Bub(s)ble. Just chew on that one.
  5. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    While I already cited my long time Numero Uno, I will second the above recommendations of the SuperPro. The korina CO Goldtop on the right is all kinds of wonderful. It complements well the other Monaco with upgraded P-90s on the left. It would be hard to improve on either one and I cannot imagine them ever going anywhere.
  6. BEST PLAYING GUITAR? Hmmmmmm.........

    The K-IIs are tough to beat, but their older sibling (Dolphin) remains my numero uno. Similar neck joint, but longer scale. Surprisingly, the KII on the left (below) seems to play better, but maybe it is just the reduced weight due to chambering.
  7. Yep. One order on 11/18, one on 11/20. No shipping info yet. I understand that some items specified they were "to be built" and might take 2-3 weeks to complete. So, 2+ weeks in thus far. Not yet time to panic. It appears they sold a ton (maybe thousands?) during a very extended, longer than usual, sales event so hopefully nothing got lost in the process.
  8. Korina Artist?

    You might also consider such as a "smaller" Gibson, ES-339 or the like. Unless what you really want is that "bigger" 335 sound. I really like the Collings I-35LC, but that puts you in a very different price range. It would also give you some choice as to sound, as available with Lollar Low-Winds and Thro-Baks,
  9. Welcome back my friends, to the sale that never ends. Well, it ends only temporarily, I guess......Lots more stuff up. If someone does seek that "SRV in a box"" thing, that SRV So Naked looks like a deal.....Though I would suggest pairing it with some sort of boost in front to give a great bit of added flexibility.
  10. Those cabinets are great. It would be a perfect match to the new ODS-II. If I had not shop built so many cabinets in other designs........
  11. Mesa amps

    So long as weight is only an issue moving it IN, I'd go with the Mk. Long ago, I bought a 22+ (it was $300 then) as a "lower weight" substitute for moving around. I did not like it nearly as much as the Mk series. Never quite bonded with the 22+, but then a lot of people love it.
  12. I have previously posted pictures of some of my shop-built replicas of this type of cabinet. There seems to be a strong interest pretty much everywhere that the topic is introduced. When the originals do pop up, they seem to come at a very hefty premium. I have had fun "reverse-engineering" them and building several. But they are pretty time intensive----Too much so to build, finish and ship them. That would be too much like a real job! Here is someone that is resurrecting (and seemingly improving upon) the concept. The price, even introductory, ain't cheap for an EMPTY 1 x 12. But, IMHO, the Forte-style is the best speaker cabinet I have ever used. No affiliation. https://cutthroataudio.com/product/sfz-prism112-guitar-speaker-cabinet/
  13. Worst shipping job contenders

    Mine.....A Twin Reverb shipped, by a music store no less, In a very much oversized cardboard box. ZERO packing material of any kind. I guess the 4-5 inches of AIR on each side of the amp should have been adequate cushion. The box showed signs of having been dropped from a fairly high place, maybe off the loading dock. The very heavy package rattled.....Baffle board was broken out, speakers were loose and ripped, tubes were shattered. I DID get a full refund.
  14. Group shot. PS....This is pre-purge. I have been working off some of my excesses. So some of these are exes.
  15. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Everybody deserves a special guitar for their 40th birthday!