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  1. django49

    Gibson Looking To Replace Juszkiewicz

    So, they are looking for someone with " Prior Profit & Loss experience with global premium brands".... Apparently Henry J could only satisfy one half of that requirement.
  2. And the lady in the bar asked if I was free. She wasn't. (No cash changed hands).
  3. django49

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    Edging towards the "finish line", one step at a time.....Will soon sport the Ghost wraparound bridge system. .
  4. Now that's finny......I could use that for playing scales, IF it can hold a tuna. Probably has a biting tone.......
  5. django49

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    Okay, so the LAST one was "inspirational"......Now come shots of the current build. As Rod Serling might have said, "Picture if you will....." A pair of woodbucker pickups with exposed ebony bobbins and surrounds with gold screws to go with the gold frets, ebony knobs and switch tip. One part of me said his unique "dragon" inlays would be wild, the other said "too much". So, simple abalone dots set into that dark ebony. What a way to end the week! So, why am I suddenly thinking of Burl Ives?
  6. django49

    F**k Snakes?

    Good point. But I am not planning on trading in my snake skin boots for chicken skin. https://exoticleather.biz/large_views/chicken_leather/hcc210_brown.htm
  7. django49


    Getting ready for some binding and frets and..... Simple, dark and elegant!
  8. django49

    Wooden It Be Loverly

  9. Well, it is easy to add more rack space. Leastwise, that is what they TELL me.
  10. Busy week! The Special is now sold too. OF course, if there is still further interest in guitars with P-90s, and an "H word" on the headstock, there ARE options.....Offers?
  11. Oh man, does THAT bring back memories! In the late 60s, there was one in a pawn shop in Portland for a killer price.....Took me a week to scrape up the cash. By the time I got back, they had doubled the price. Still "fair" in full retrospect, but more than this poor cowboy could muster when I was working for $1.65 an hour..... No longer on my radar, but I recall how badly I wanted one of those! Wow, nearly 50 years ago...... GLWTS.
  12. But ya gotta appreciate the totally transparent tone! Oh, wait.....I thought I was posting on TGP.....
  13. And, over here in the REAL world......
  14. django49

    Gig Bag Recommendations

    At a certain age, having a working zipper seems to become optional.
  15. I guess I did not get around to bumping this. The Vanguard just sold.....I was kinda surprised it took that long, what with a few others without the pickup upgrade coming and going in the past month or so. But what do I know? The Special is still here is anyone has the urge! I STILL have a few too many P-90 equipped guitars, but at least I am making progress.......