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  1. django49


    Entirely possible my IQ dropped in half since going to work for my own self 13 years ago. The last thing I wanna do is let that slavedriver know I think I am smarter than he is.....Just yesterday, I looked in the mirror and he said, "Have a good day!" So I went home. Wait a minute, I work at home! WTF am I talking about? But it is also entirely possible that I am guilty of TUII....Typing Under the Influence of Intoxicants. Could it be?!?
  2. django49

    Shishkov #90

    With a big EWEterus(?) Any more specific and this will need to be moved to the Outer Circle. Still, better a sheep than a pig. Last thing we need is someone trying to SOW discontent by trying to HOG all the Shishkovs., regardless of what is BACON in the oven. TUSK, TUSK, whatta BOAR!
  3. django49

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    Somehow, redwood sorta flies under the radar as a tonewood. But it is well worth checking out. We actually have several "Giant Sequoias" in the back 40 (I plantd a bunch as seedlings and they are growing fast), but I am pretty sure none will be harvested during my lifetime. Let alone become part of a guitar. Too bad this guy is no longer talking orders!
  4. django49

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    ONE of these. Wanna wager a guess?
  5. IF you want "the best" check these out They are limited edition models that are definitely a cut above even the normal high Hamer quality. The TT in particular is famous for its fat neck. FWIW, I have both the EM Studio and TT and they are 2 of my 3 favorite Hamers. Neither of mine are for sale. You can, of course, find very nice ones for less, but if you want "the best", these limited editions are worthy of consideration.
  6. django49

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    A wonderful early morning wake up call, from Queenie, the Redhead Burl-esque star. Yes, it is burled redwood. When will she arrive? Ah, THAT is the Enigma!
  7. Yeah, but what price can you put on history, er, hysteria, er, hysterectomy, er, sumptin?
  8. django49


    Sneaky peaky...... More to be revealed soon.......There will be a few twists.......
  9. django49

    Tech/Features You Wish Hamer Had

    And (if I can say so myself) the following. As they say, we could talk......
  10. django49

    Tech/Features You Wish Hamer Had

    FWIW, I had three Talladega Pros, once acquired new, two used. All three were great instruments. In a vacuum, one of the better models Hamer made. IMO, of course. My experience, like Kiz, is that I acquired a Dolphin (and for a lower price than 2 of the 3 Tallys, mind you). "Ol' Blue" is still my Numero Uno, 6 years later. As much as I liked the Talladegas, they just came up a bit short when measured against the "original". I have yet to find another guitar that "fits me" better. Though I will quickly add that I have not had a Shishkov in my sweaty little hands. Yet. Agreed completely re the Krautster.
  11. A long, strange trip it has been. Love one woman, many guitars. Us guys from back when grew up barely being able to afford an imported Lyle or USA made Harmony. My first semi decent guitar was a Fender Duo-Sonic (poor man's Mustang) and graduated to a very early Jazzmaster, that cost a whopping $85 way back then. But the "prettier stuff" was out of reach.....Gibson was the ideal, with the then still separate Epiphone a slightly more affordable substitute. Drooled over those catalogs. But everything was "fair traded" and discounts were unavailable. A GIRL player in a friend's band had one of those big orange Gretsches and that was a real anomaly.....Both a girl playing guitar AND the Gretsch.......My friend......"Yeah, we love her.....She walks, she talks, she ****s!" Once I found some decent Gibsons, that seemed the pinnacle. What could be better? PRS came along and I picked one up in 1981 (OOPS----1991!) (Big birthday gift from my wife). Then more PRS. Worthy concept.....The best of a Gibson AND a Fender in a single guitar! But none of them really grabbed me. Left me flat. All long since gone. Back to Les Pauls and 335s. Hamer came. Eventually most (now all) the Gibsons departed. For all the reasons we love Hamers. Got nuts and acquired a bunch. Somehow, that would lead into (in part based upon HFC recommendations!) an appreciation for the even higher quality stuff......Huber, Hartung, Walker, Myka, Thorn. AND a handful of newer PRSi that blew away the earlier ones, including a couple "singlecuts" that are (I think) better than any Les Paul I ever personally owned. Spent way too much. Slowly (sorta) unwinding. Problem is, the high end builders are outta the price range of most people, esp those trying to scrape up some cash, like I was back when you could buy a great used USA guitar for under $100 but had to work 2-3 weeks to raise that much dough. Today, my vote would likely be PRS.....You can spend really big bucks, but also buy at several more friendly price points. USA made S2s or imports, all of them offering very high quality at more affordable prices. So, yeah......If today, PRS. People who have not tried one in the last 10 years or so might be surprised.
  12. True dat.....Judge for yourself... .. All korina, ebony board, f-holes, position of the 3 knobs, hard tail, updated pickups.......Not COMPLETELY one or the other. But much closer in feel and sound to the other pair of SuperPros I once had than the since departed "regular" Monaco, which was all stock. Which reminds me......I keep forgetting to replace the poker chip with the one engraved "MaryAnn/Ginger". One step away from perfect..... 😉
  13. Or, just split the difference and call it a Monaco III - I. FWIW, my Custom Order Goldtop (currently my favorite, edging out the Triple Threat and EM Studio, believe it or not) is listed on the cert as a "Monaco". However, the longer scale and other features clearly make it more a SuperPro. Call it what you will, I call it a permanent keeper.
  14. django49

    60th Anniversary Jazzmasters

    At least one obscure wanker did for a short period......Actually, both a Jazzmaster and, in the below video, a (shorter scale) Jaguar. Not quite the same as his trademark ES-175, but he does a slightly credible job! https://www.jazzguitar.be/joe_pass_guitar.html Was he better with a D'Aquisto? Y'all judge!
  15. django49

    Doyle’s coils.

    FWIW, of the three Super Pros that have passed this way, only one with stock pickups, the one I liked best was (still is) equipped with more moderately priced Lollar Imperials. (Note that particular guitar was someone else's Custom Order and has a few features above the stock. At the moment, it is my favorite Hamer). Nevertheless, I am guessing those pickups might come pretty close to what you are describing as a target. But you might call them direct----It is possible they might recommend the low wind version of the Imperial as being closer to what you seek. That said, I think you might also consider the Wolfetone Dr. Vintage, which might also get you very close to the vintage sound in your head. Either company should be able to set you up for a lot less that 5 Benjamins.