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  1. Les is more.....Or, maybe that should be Les is mutt.
  2. A belated bump. I posted this a long time ago and sorta forgot about it. Hey, it happens! Let me offer up a price of $4500 shipped, CONUS, before I again weaken my resolve. The usual terms. How often do you get a chance at a solid Brazilian NECK? On a guitar in near mint condition? When I was pricing out a custom order a year ago, I was quoted a $2,000 upcharge for that!
  3. I am going to go out on a limb and predict that the new owner is going to be a VERY happy camper in a week or so. The ebony board on a maple neck just puts this one into a whole other orbit. And the pickups are excellent, with some of the more effective coil splitting that you are likely to find. And the ebony "trim parts" add a subtle touch of elegance, IMO. Happy birthday!
  4. I appreciate the support! I reckon it would run well more than twice that if ordered today, never mind the 1-2 year wait. Had I not the sunburst Orca 59, this one would be locked down. But I am still trying to purge some of my excesses..... All else equal, it would be good to pass on to folks I know rather than a stranger on Reverb.
  5. One that I think I posted sometime back. Victim of Photobucket? I am getting some interest on Reverb, but will offer here for a lower price......$4500, incl CONUS shipping. Add PP fees if you do not know me. A 2012, exceptional top, sterling silver inlays, maple neck, ebony board, 25" scale, Haussell 1959 pickups, OHSC. Original list price of roughly $8500 6 years ago. If you like the LP Custom personality, you should love this one. No issues at all. Just too many guitars that cover the same territory. Check the prices for "comparables" on Reverb! https://reverb.com/item/10146863-nik-huber-orca-custom-2012-transparent-flame-black
  6. The SuperPro looks nice. More than I would pay, but...... The CO SuperPro I picked up from a member here shares some features like the f hole binding, but has the "regular" 3 knobs, korina body and neck, triple binding, ebony board and custom (original, I think) upgraded pickups. No sculpted heel. Just MIGHT be the "best" Hamer I have ever had, which I think says something.
  7. I've got it bad. :(

    Might be a worthy quest. I latched onto a semi-hollow a while ago that is a bit larger than an ES-335, with solid woods rather than laminate (plywood) and a longer scale. It is one of the most amazing guitars I have ever played. A one off Hamer with fairly similar specs, based upon the SuperPro, lags only slightly behind.
  8. It is on the bigger side. Not quite as much so as the largest late 50s Gibson profiles (or the Hamer Triple Threat). But defintely not one of the thinner ones. If interested, do let me know.....I have someone locally interested in checking it out when he gets back from his weekend gig at the coast. Not that CL inquiries always work out. The L.A. studio guy that wanted to try it out when he was in the Portland area (2 weeks ago) has yet to follow through.
  9. I am waiting for the one with the Henry J's image inlay. I mean if you are going to go for a DOG....... I reckon the p'ups are all bark and no bite........
  10. I do appreciate the comments. I should leave my copywriting to my big city marketing exec wife. Not that she gives a damn about guitars......See her picture below for her offer to help me "relic" some guitars..... I know I DO tend to ramble on. (Has anyone here noticed? ) I guess I prefer to over disclose........
  11. I had them in a Hamer Studio Custom.....A great alternative to "regular" humbuckers. Recently let it go, to someone here, , having become redundant when I picked up a hollowbody similarly equipped. I think you would like them a lot.
  12. Could it be? A "Tele" that actually WORKS for me? The jury be out....... Not sure the last time something dragged doublestop bends on the bridge pickup outta me...... ETA.....The commitment to downsize remains, despite periodic setbacks....... Two sold within the past week, one more likely by the end of day tomorrow.....That is just about the right ratio on ins to outs.
  13. All I am going to say is that I am looking forward to my own chamber(ed) music.
  14. At the risk of giving the impression I am having a "going outta bidness sale", let me post this one. This is an earlier reissue from 1989. The stock 57 pickups have been upgraded to Duncan Antiquity pickups for an aged sound and look. The aged nickel matches well with the tuners and other hardware to make it look even older than its 28 years. Includes the original brown case with pink lining and intact "shroud". Has a very dark (unusually so) fingerboard. Very good condition. Minor wear. One area of missing top coat (not to bare wood) on the back of the neck, about the 11th fret. Over the past 40 years or so, I have had at least 2 dozen different semi-hollow guitars, Those included many Gibson ES-xxx models, including 330s, 335s 345s, 347s and 355s, as well as similar guitars from Heritage and a few other builders. It is often heard that it is hard to find a "good one". FWIW, this is THE ONE I kept out of all that passed through my hands. I know that sound and feel and "vibe" are all very personal, but for me this is the best one I have had. And I have had this one for probably nearly 25 years. So, why sell? Same old thing. Too much stuff and I am not using it as much as I used to do. Which is partially due to a pricier (non-Gibson) semi-hollow that is my current favorite. IF anyone is interested, I can talk about the differences between this and what I am keeping.... This is not an easy one to cut loose, after all these years. Ideally, I would PREFER to sell locally, if only because it just seems that there is so much personal taste in deciding which ES-XXX works for you. AND, I have made some good friends over this guitar. AND it is the very LAST Gibson in my possession. Prices? Seems they are all over the board. I am going to ask $2200, shipped CONUS, PayPal gift.