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  1. HB, Mike Shishkov

    Happy Birthday!!
  2. I want it but the border is a problem. Pm Me
  3. Henry wants to re-live the '80s

    I kinda like the fluoro yellow????
  4. Tom Petty in bad shape

    RIP Tom.
  5. CITES Question

    On August 24th received this response from the US CITES side: "Still have some applications to review before processing yours. Will contact you the day I review it." Haven't heard anything since. Ting, you are right - this is total bullshit.
  6. Another Death Knell for the Guitar?

    I cant wait to buy all these guitars nobody wants!!!!
  7. It's love at first sight!!!
  8. The Darkness

    One of my favs! This song sounded great around the campfire this year https://youtu.be/EfTiQ-HMCtc
  9. PSA - just got a note from Reverb: new price is 15% off the now $5,999 sticker. A code is required but should be in the listing
  10. I thought they all had victory inlays? Cool colour!
  11. CITES Question

    I am working with a seller from the U.S. and in his research he came across this: According to this article https://www.fws.gov/international/pdf/factsheet-cites-permits-and-certificates-2013.pdf - see top right bullet point on page 2 - "Appendix-I specimens may be exported by a U.S. resident without CITES documents, provided the foreign country does not require a CITES permit." However, in my case, Canada requires a CITES permit from the U.S. We submitted on May 16th and have not received it yet. On July 21st, we received this note from the U.S. side: "I was assigned your application requesting a CITES permit for re-exporting a guitar. Please be aware that we process applications on a first come first serve basis. I have 29 applications to review before reviewing yours. I will contact you the day I review the application to confirm if any additional information is needed and to give you an estimated time for finalizing the application. " What a pain...Good luck, Arnie!!
  12. Hey Canada!

    ^ya this. #72 is on the other side of the country waiting for a visit from you!! Have a great vacation bubs😀 ps Candian girls are really pretty...stay strong