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  1. Alright Gibson!!

    I like the yellow "bell bottom". Needs a yellow switch tip. But I'll pass at $4,999!
  2. Made my day - thanks!!
  3. That British Thing...

    I have Murkats old jmp. What is this british sound? I cant hear anything.
  4. Wow - I loved that bass! Someone got a great deal!!
  5. HB, Mike Shishkov

    Happy Birthday!!
  6. Henry wants to re-live the '80s

    I kinda like the fluoro yellow????
  7. Tom Petty in bad shape

    RIP Tom.
  8. CITES Question

    On August 24th received this response from the US CITES side: "Still have some applications to review before processing yours. Will contact you the day I review it." Haven't heard anything since. Ting, you are right - this is total bullshit.
  9. Another Death Knell for the Guitar?

    I cant wait to buy all these guitars nobody wants!!!!
  10. The Darkness

    One of my favs! This song sounded great around the campfire this year https://youtu.be/EfTiQ-HMCtc
  11. PSA - just got a note from Reverb: new price is 15% off the now $5,999 sticker. A code is required but should be in the listing