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  1. No affiliation to seller but is local to me. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/msg/d/hamer-usa-studio-used-guitar/6442706032.html
  2. The asking price is getting higher not sure about the selling price.
  3. I would imagine the cost of shipping would be more than the price for one at Goodwill, second handed store or pawn shop.
  4. GC CS Sucks

    I just love the way GC used site works, let's sort the brands by the number of used items they have in there stores not alphabetical. Currently if you were to look for all "Hamer" under Brands it sit's between Agile (34), Hamer (34), Zvex (34) and followed by Istanbul Apgo (34).
  5. Cheap Power Attenuator for $119. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid?icid=210190
  6. Is this a Hamer?

    That is a old Washburn T-Bird it was a bolt on neck model. Pic's of one on Ebay.
  7. Imagine Dragons

    Glad to hear your still doing well Tin keep up the good fight. As far as Imagine Dragons go can't listen to them anymore. My son bought me the one CD for my birthday and after a few listens we both agreed it wasn't music but a bunch of commercial jingles thrown together. I keep waiting to hear some advertiser's tag line at the end of songs.
  8. What kind of cab are you using with the Peavey?
  9. Just something to listen to for the SC X2.
  10. NGD (And HOW!)

    Love it! I take it you have the chiropractor on speed dial just in case!
  11. I have a Fender SuperChamp XD and love it. No experience with the Yamaha but all that I have read about is great things too. I admit I only use about 3 different settings on my SC XD. It does take pedal's very well on channel 1 so experimentation with pedals for a bigger amp is possible at home. I took my small board to a friends house and plugged into his Fender DR and all I really had to do was tweak the dirt pedal a bit.
  12. Update: I stopped by my locale mom & pop shop on my lunch hour. They had a used lil 59, a hot rails, and a GFS version of the hot rails. So I left with the lil 59 and I am free to bring it back for an exchange on another pickup or money back. I am not sure if they would do this for everyone but I have spent enough money there over the years and have known the owners for over 20 years. Hopefully get it in tonight or tomorrow!
  13. I will give the JB Junior & Little '59 another listen once I get home and can turn up the sound louder than 3. Dam sound on this Dell workstation desktop is no better than 2 tin cans connected by string.
  14. In a old Daytona long since gone, I had a SD Hot Rails in the bridge position and I liked the beefy sound it added. Thinking of replacing the bridge pickup in my current Daytona with a Hot Rails but thought I would ask here if there was something else I should try. Thanks in advance for any recommendations. Carl B
  15. This is just the evolution of what KISS started way back when with the KISS Army.