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  1. The worst hamer usa

    I had a 80 special that had sustain block vibrato and the funky locking tuners with the locking screw on top. and the skinny neck and loved it. I still think the old Dimarzio pickups were some of the best sounding pickup's in any guitar I have owned.
  2. The worst hamer usa

    I am not sure there is a worst, there is a lot of personal preference differences that I like more than other's. I think the worst Hamer USA ever made has more to do with business decisions, management and marketing of the company than it does with any one guitar model.
  3. Did it ever get played? Congrats
  4. No connection to the store. https://www.musicgoround.com/p/923904/used-hamer-base-case-cases
  5. Took a listen to the sound clip and that is a nice sounding tele/P90 bridge pickup. https://www.riograndepickups.com/dirty-harry-for-tele-bridge
  6. Black MIK Hamer slammer Eclipse for $130 including shipping. I just love the neck on it. Now the cheap Kent Armstrong pickup's were replaced with a set of Lollar's mini hum's I picked up for $50 bucks off craigslist. If you ever have a chance to get one grab it they are just simple basic RnR machine.
  7. I picked up these for $75 at a neighborhood garage sale. 2006 MIM P-Bass and a cheap Stagg Mandolin.
  8. The one I don't have now, thinking it will make me play and sound better when that doesn't happen it's onto the next one!
  9. This just came up on Reverb no connection to the seller. It's not a Ecstasy but a close 2nd. https://reverb.com/item/11202536-gibson-les-paul-special-reissue-historic-2005-tv-yellow
  10. You are becoming a official UPS/Fed-Ex shipping and receiving hub.
  11. Looking for tips on learning bass guitar

    I know what worked for me has been to find a good instructor/teacher just to get the basic's down. You may not need many lessons just enough to get you thinking like a bass player. I know around here lessons cost about $20 - $30 per 1/2 hour. I still go and see the same guy who helped me get back into playing guitar after 20 years of not playing. PS, Get a metronome or a drum machine something to keep time too when your playing.
  12. Stoopid music stories

    I was running sound for a band back in 1977 and we get a chance to be the warm up act for some up and coming band called Styx. They were doing a tour of the county fairs and ballrooms at the time. The lead singer backed out because his girlfriend threaten to tell his wife if he was gone longer than a week. She had trust issues I guess.
  13. Alright Gibson!!

    I am holding out for the Scooby Doo versions.
  14. Alright Gibson!!

    I remember drawing some of those same design's on the back of my notebook (the ones with paper) back in 7th grade in 1971. Can I sue Henry for my 7th grade design I mean that is what they look like.