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  1. They are very pricey but I have dealt with them before and negotiated hard on a sale and part exchange. I guess you'd really have to want something that they own.
  2. NCD

    Every part of the equation helps. Really glad it worked out well for you. Revel in the thump!
  3. Oh good heavens how tight is that flame!? Woh...
  4. Some studio time with #0066 today!

    Very cool indeed. The fact you felt comfortable enough to record straight away with the Shishkov speaks volumes. It's a horrible feeling when a technical issue sets in. Your jack episode reminds me of my recording issue about a year ago. I was asked for an 80's guitar "top gun esq" theme for a song. I quickly put one together that worked using plenty of trem and then, for the first time ever, I had tuning issues on the Virt. I had stretched new strings a day or so ago and played them in. I was truly foxed. Then after a bit more head scratching I realised I had only finger tightened the nut clamps. How professional. Doh!
  5. GC CS Sucks

    Your experience would really annoy me Diablo. Then again I haven't bought a new guitar from a guitar "shop" for nearly two decades.
  6. Of course it wasn’t just Cali’s... I tried Diablo’s first guitar (a Floyd modded 70’s Strat), Diablo’s Diablo (which is a go-to noodler) and the Burrito (a Cali esq custom guitar built by his friend “Meatbomb” complete with sustainer). By the time I sampled the Strat my legs had recovered enough from the Fath Cali and I stood for the first time in quite a while. Rock on!
  7. Ate at Reading Terminal Market. Reminded me of Smithfields market in London in some ways. Lots and lots of good food. And donuts.. In the evening Diablo, Mrs Diablo and I went out for a nice meal. I had Cod and potatoes. You can take the Londoner out of London...
  8. Without question my Virt. At least for solo’s although it’s only left my house once. Invariably my most played guitars are my Shishkov Super-C or my Californian Custom and they go everywhere.
  9. That is hard to answer. To play probably the red sparkle Cali. There was something about that one.
  10. I survived. I did stay sitting down after the exertions involved in trying the Double Cali first!
  11. Last Cali. For today. The Bengal. Another really superbly well executed finish. I instantly felt like Satchel. A shame I can't play like him... The burst on this is much more apparent in person than in this photo. The blend from yellow's to orange is faultless. Another Cali with great overtones. Whatever you may think of Diablo's refin ideas one thing is for certain. They are all brilliantly executed and to a VERY high standard. There is absolutely nothing worse than a poor refin and it could also be argued that how a guitarist choses their guitar finish is like a reflection into their soul. Diablo's guitar's ROCK and reflect his self admitted devotion to 80's shred! I am really grateful for the opportunity to play them.
  12. Round two. No stopping for drinks. I was on a mission from Rock! O'Connor Cali Standard. Lovely looking guitar. Does everything you'd expect from it. I was actually interested in buying this one as Diablo knows but something else came up... Cali Swirl. I have never played a Cali with a swirl finish before. The finish is very well executed indeed and well suited to the guitar. Godzilla! Another well executed finish. Diablo was explaining the process of his design and how it was executed by Learn. A lovely playing guitar with plenty of edge. Calioactive. Yep. I am warming up for some more Rock poses. Loved this one. What you cant see from the Learn artwork is that the black is actually a smoke like effect. Up close this really shows. Diablo was explaining that he spec'd black and Learn surprised him with the additional feature which really compliments the radioactive theme on the face of the guitar.
  13. My brother is currently living in Manhattan and during a recent visit I was invited to visit Diablo at the house of Cali's. An early start and a little over an hour on a train and I was there! I was made incredibly welcome and, after my insistence of overcoming the "Rocky Steps," a stop off for lunch and the journey back, I insisted on being introduced to his collection. It's fair to say I have not played as many Hamer Californians in one sitting in my entire life. Very cool! Diablo plugged in and the journey began. Diablo has a different set-up to me as he likes to throw heroics on the whammy bar (which he demonstrated) so it took me a while to become adjusted making me play a bit ham fisted. Never the less it was a thrill to try them all out. First on my list was the Fath Double Cali. What a great looking guitar. I felt compelled to pull a suitable face. The O'Connor rose looks much better up close than on photographs. The gold leaf really pops and the shallow scalloping on ebony is really sweet. Next up was the C3 (named by Diablo as it is a Custom Chequered Cali). Love the look of this one. Great rock Cali well executed. Diablo questioned whether the binding was the right move? It absolutely was in my opinion as it really sets it all off. Love the red logo too. There can't be many Hamer's out there with red logos. That's 3 set-necks on Cali's in 10 minutes! Dayglo retina burning Cali next. The first bolt-on of the day. Single humbucker, reverse headstock, boomers, bad ass! Gatorbyte's former Cali. The red sparkle is insane. Really changes as you move the guitar and with the matching headstock and alternating boomers its brilliantly executed. I spent twice as long on this one as I did some of the others. The overtones on this particular model were all over the place. Hold a note and you can hear it change after 3 or 4 seconds. It almost sounds like it is crying (ok, my playing isn't that bad). Yes I am hitting the guitar (gently of course, with my palm) to get a suitable purr at the appropriate moment. Rock on!
  14. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Magnificent. The headstock works so well with the rest of the guitar. Seeing it come together is awesome.