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  1. My review: Don't buy them. They're not real Hamer's and are not deserving of the name. The end.
  2. The only Neck Thru’s Hamer ever did were Impact basses I believe. The exotic version. These necks are both set neck. Mahogany body and maple necks.
  3. Looks like an additional tone knob on that one too.
  4. BRILLIANT! I must get a group shot. There’s a crazy amount of LEDs going on.
  5. No, but I have played Wish You Were Here. In fact that’s the first thing I played on it once it was tuned to pitch!
  6. The LEDs are great when the light dims. It’s trickier picking the right combination of guitar, volume and pickup though...
  7. I know; and you know I love what you have inbound too!
  8. DBraz

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    Stike at Rowyko Kustoms
  9. Oh, and a BIG thank you to MC2 who I met in person to buy this. Great bloke, super easy to deal with, and he even drove to meet me at my brothers apartment in NYC.
  10. Whilst still relatively new to me I have owned this quite a while now. It is a Hamer Double Neck Californian built on 1st November 1991. It has a few rather lovely options. Firstly it is the only Double Neck Californian with full body paint by the quite superb Jim O’Connor. I liaised with Jim on Facebook and he remembered doing the artwork. He utilised a variety of special paints and techniques including real gold leaf and marbling done with feathers. The original colour was blue but the clear has faded to the current green hue which I love. The second awesome option is the LED inlays, all working. The fretboard wood grain is breathtaking. Hamer really cared. The switching, clockwise, is volume (12 string), pickup toggle (12 string), pickup toggle (6 string), LED inlay on/off, guitar selector (12 string exclusively, both guitars simultaneously, 6 string exclusively), volume (6 string). Both humbuckers are Seymour Duncan JBJ’s and the neck single coils Seymour Duncan’s. Weight, for those that care, is 11.78 lbs. It has a great acoustic voice😀
  11. DBraz

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    Nothing like an insane Centaura