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  1. DBraz

    #87 Super-C

    Top glued up to perfection. I absolutely love these update pictures.
  2. DBraz

    #87 Super-C

    Matching flamed ebony peg head overlay.
  3. Welcome aboard! Great collection you have there.
  4. Unsurprisingly that didn't last. Does it remain in the family or has it gone further afield?
  5. DBraz


    Wavy is good babe. Wavy is good!
  6. DBraz

    NGD- Say Hello to My Caliablo.

    Interesting. Very interesting. I look forward to the progress pics!
  7. DBraz


    What amazes me is how that top meets. It is utterly mesmerising.
  8. DBraz

    #87 Super-C

    Incidentally #87 is a great number for me even though I didn’t chose it. It’s the year I finally bought my first electric guitar. Many months toiling with paper rounds to buy the cheapest Squier Strat I could find.
  9. DBraz

    #87 Super-C

    Every one’s a winner.
  10. DBraz

    #87 Super-C

    My second Super-C is underway so I’ll start to post a few pictures during the build. A few differences this time. My original plan was to make this the ying of the original’s yang. It isn’t quite that but has a few notable deliberate spec changes. This one will have a Korina body, a quilt top and a 24.75” scale length. I play more than a few scale length guitars and never struggle changing between them, but they do feel and sound different. I have never owned a Korina body guitar, but like what I read and the experience I had from a brief play previously. I’ve kept the wedge neck from the original too as it is quite a warm wood, is über stiff and feels amazing. This one’ll have a reverse headstock too. The fretboard will be flamed Ebony - the weirder the better. Originally I was going for a hard tail but now I’m not. One of the great things about waiting for the build to get underway is that it gives you time to think about a few of the details. I have been recording a fair bit recently and gravitate towards a trem. Not having one and leaving this guitar out of rotation for the majority of stuff doesn’t seem right. I settled on a colour scheme from day 1 so hopefully it can be achieved. I’ll be watching my Sunday morning emails like a hawk from now on! Here’s a few pictures.
  11. DBraz

    Billy at Darryl's

    Thanks for sharing. Some serious grove and feel going on there. What a tone monster! I use D'addario 8.5's and have done for years (on 25.5'' guitars). On 24.75'' guitars I gravitate towards 9's. I have found that the string gauge does make a difference to tone but that, equally, so does the make of strings. I pick the gauges I use purely on feel.
  12. DBraz


    Looks absolutely fantastic. 👍🏻
  13. DBraz


    You know it!
  14. DBraz


    #87 is already underway. 🤩
  15. DBraz


    Exciting times! Man... I have never got so excited about other peoples new custom orders as I do in this part of the forum.