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  1. 0071

    Those pickups look incredible!
  2. #72 in the house!

    OMG that is beautiful! Semi hollow bodies and hollow bodies look so much better without pickup rings IMO. The bridge too really assists the minimalist aesthetic. That Sir is a classic!
  3. How did you get to the HFC?

    Images of great Hamers online brought me here. Before the HFC I was not much of a forum guy.
  4. 0071

    My favourite semi hollow to date. The Maverick shape looks soooo right for the concept. The top being carved too looks fantastic and those pickups just set it all off. That’s a guitar I’d love to play. Congratulations!
  5. How'd you get into Hamer?

    I saw an Aztec gold Californian Elite in a Soho guitar shop in London when I was about 14 and that was it for me. The guitar shop owner once took it off the wall and let me have a play. The exotic quality, aesthetics, boomerang inlays and sound ticked every box. Until I was in my late 20's I couldn't afford one. By the time I could the slippery slope had started.
  6. Oh of course you can! It just takes a little more effort.
  7. I would say Maiden without Dickinson, Harris or Murray now would be too much for me to handle but I stand by what I said. As long as a replacement doesn't feel like a poor substitute I have no problem. I think that a lot of it has to do with the time served by members and ultimately how influential they were.
  8. Bruce Dickinson made a fine career with Iron Maiden. For me I am not bothered too much as long as the replacement does not stand out as a poor substitute and obvious "second best".
  9. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    Was it like it was when I saw Foreigner a few years ago? They wheeled Mick onstage after the fourth song like someone's Grandad being let out for the evening on a game show.
  10. Glenn Tipton No Longer Touring

    Very sad. I will always remember the painkiller tour. One of the greatest shows I've been to. Him and KK banging heads in unison. Awesome!
  11. Best Cali evah?

    ^^ Nice one. Now it is very nicely priced.
  12. Daytona, T-62 or Vintage S?

    I completely disagree with that. I have owned plenty of maple body guitars and they all sounded/sound different. A maple body/maple neck can be a bit much sometimes. I'd take each guitar as an individual case. Big leaf maple sometimes isn't as bright as is often made out.
  13. Daytona, T-62 or Vintage S?

    I love my T62. Like it has been said before they are not Fender Strat clones and sound different but n the same palette. The materials and flexibility it offers are way beyond a Strat however. The preamp really works and provides much more gain should you need it at any point. Great necks too. I chose a T62 over a Vintage S for two reasons. Body material (maple/maple can be harsh) and the fact it looked more like a Strat.
  14. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.