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  1. Regarding the pointiness of later Gibson USA Explorers, it's one become one of those things that once you see it, you can't unsee it. (like that damned FedEx arrow in the logo) Totally turned me off the Gibson Explorer after that. They all look 'wrong' to me anymore. Congrats! Great looking guitar.
  2. Gibson The Paul?

    Do any of you fellas recall seeing a version of The Paul with a red paint job? Same configuration with the pickup selector near the controls, open black pickups, and with a coat of paint? I don't recall if the headstock was unfinished with an embossed logo or if it had the normal black headstock face with the gold sticker Gibson logo. A friend in high school bought his Paul with the red paint job at the same place that I bought my SG in late '89. (our first guitars)
  3. Do we still do NGD threads?

    I hear ya. As soon as I started playing the EE, I thought 'this doesn't bode well for the Elite...."
  4. When I was a kid, I happened across a Sunrise Metallic Gibson SG Elite at my local music store. It was for all intents & purposes, PINK. I was smitten. Of course, back then I couldn't rub two nickels together at gunpoint, so I missed it. Then about ten years ago, I snagged an '87 Elite off ebay. It was nice. It too, was pink. Then I got talked into joining a terrible Rockin' Country/Red Dirt band. (Our lead singer was Larry The Cable Guy, Jr, feel free to projectile vomit at anytime.) At the time, there was nothing more fun to me than to take a pink guitar to redneck gun 'n knife clubs and bludgeon the locals with said pink guitar. Mercifully, that band self destructed after six months. I sold practically every guitar that I'd besmirched during my tenure in that outfit. But I missed that damned pink guitar the most. Here it is not long after I'd gotten it. So I found a 1989 Elite model @ Chicago Music Exchange on Reverb awhile back. I waited. Made an offer. I felt they were asking too much. Then I used their Earth Day 15% off coupon. That got the price a little closer to what I felt was an acceptable figure. Not quite as pink, but flashy enough for my tastes. Guess Sunrise Metallic got redder & less Avon pink from 87 to 89. added a new wiring harness with Bournes pots & new caps Goodbye crappy circuit board stock pickups, hello to some of Mr Gravelin's Finest And voila! But wait, there's more! This fella popped up for sale. I couldn't resist. I R Dum.
  5. I prefer Brad to Joe. Taking a two year break from playing guitar/music was kinda dumb, but God, I needed a break. Playing along with Van Halen I to get my chops back up is also kind of a reach these days. Much more so than when I was at the top of my game, which wasn't much. Gibson Explorers are shaped wrong. I cracked the back of the headstock of my '62 SG/Les Paul Junior recently, and I really hate myself for not double-checking the latches on the case before I picked up the case, only to watch it skitter across the bedroom floor. Not digging this new Failure album as much as I'd hoped. Recently got back on Facebook to run the dealership's FB page, and I really, REALLY regret that. I still like pink guitars. I think I'd like to have a brownface Deluxe one of these days. I gots da blooz.
  6. WTF am I doing owning a dobro?
  7. I wanted to see if I could do this.... This is a list of guitars that I can remember owning. I still have (I think) the ones in bold text. I wonder if I missed any? You'll notice no Fender Strats Guitars I've had pass thru my hands 1989-2000: 197? SG Std 1989 Explorer 1974 Les Paul Special RI SC 1979 Les Paul Custom 1995 Les Paul Special TV DC 1979 SG Std MIM 1994 Tele red MIM 1991 Tele blue w P90 neck, painted copper, converted to Esquire Epi LP Standard Pink Sparkle Flake Squier P bass 1985 Explorer with Kahler 1983 Explorer White 1998 Les Paul DC Standard Tamale Red 24 fret 1992 SG Jr black 199? Peavey Foundation bass 2000-2014: 2000 Les Paul Classic 2001 EDS 1275 Doubleneck 2001 Les Paul '57 RI Historic Goldtop 1957 Les Paul Junior TV SC 1960 Les Paul Junior DC red 1962 Les Paul/SG Junior 1968 SG Special 1968 JTM 45 acoustic 1990 Kramer Proaxe replica '58 Explorer replica '58 Flying V 2001 Les Paul Junior TV DC 2003 Gibson J45 acoustic 2003 Gibson ES335 Candy Apple Red 2003 Les Paul 58 RI Historic plaintop 2004 Les Paul '59 Historic Chambered Cloud 9 RI flametop 2004 Les Paul 58 RI Historic plaintop 2005 Firebird VII Ice Blue Edwards LP Custom 3 pickup white 1989 Gibson SG Elite (pink!) 1995 Hamer Standard '59 burst 2003 Hamer korina Flying V 2006 Hamer Zandard Standard 2008 Hamer Standard korina chambered Goldtop 2008/2009 Robin Fleetwood 2008 Gibson SG '61 RI 2009 Gibson Trini Lopez RI 1991 Gibson SG/LP Custom 30th Anny 2009/2010 Charvel CS San Dimas Hot Rod Flame 2010 Les Paul 58 Historic RI page 30 burst Flametop 2011 Les Paul GC Custom Pro Pelham Blue 2009/2010 Charvel Pro Mod Primer Scream 1989 Gibson Explorer cherry red
  8. Dusted off my Korina Vector last night. That is a fine, fine guitar.
  9. Definitely the wrong thought! You certainly need more guitars. Well, thanks to a recent move & a surprise 20lb weight gain, I've only got three pairs of pants in the new house. So it's Guitars 6; pants 3. The upshot: I now have a sweet ass walk in closet that I can put a lot of my shit in.
  10. As I stood in my closet getting dressed this morning, I noticed I have more guitars in the closet than I have pants. I thought to myself, "I need more pants."
  11. Congrats! That's beautiful. You've got something to be very proud of there.
  12. Got something from Feynman III

    Mitch is a straight up good dude.
  13. Mitch you really went above & beyond. Just got mine today, arrived on my birthday even. Best B-day present ever. This little sucker even has a mini replica of a functional guitar stand! Mind = blowed. Hats off, good sir. Edit: what I really meant to say was, Thank you!