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  1. Boomerang~Junkie

    PSA: Free eBook Bundle

    Awesome! Thank you.
  2. Cripes, I couldn't breathe there for a few seconds. Good grief Michael, where in the hell have you been hiding THAT jewel ?!?!?
  3. Wowzer, that red and black Scepter is pretty damn cool.
  4. Boomerang~Junkie

    Photobucket's Revision

    You mean, "Dodo-bucket". F*CK. THEM. They are already extinct, just too stupid to realize it yet.
  5. I have it's twin - these truly are stunning looking Talladegas. The new owner will love it! GLWTS.
  6. If I remember correctly - I bought this Daytona from Pat M. last year - its a great guitar in a great Hamer color - Trans Blue with rosewood neck. Plays wonderfully . All original with a Hamer HSC that is in good condition. No odors, smells - from a smoke free house. Two minor issues: One of its previous owners had installed a string tree on the headstock - which I had removed, plugged and finished over. Smooth to the touch - now it looks like a small, faint knot in the wood. Has a fairly long and very thin worm on the back that I had filled but is still partially visible. It can be seen here prior to being filled smooth. http://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/80505-gud-wud-my-daytona-bodies-ash-or-what/?tab=comments#comment-919372 I'm selling this to fund another toy purchase. This is a great guitar - whoever buys this Daytona is going to love it. $925 ~ check or PP gift - shipping on the buyer to CONUS only. Sorry no trades. I'll post photos later - I'm also leaving town for a couple of weeks - so shipping will be delayed for the buyer.
  7. Boomerang~Junkie

    Woods used on the 78s Sunbursts/CITES problem

    ^ ^ ^ THIS ^ ^ ^ I respect the environment and do NOT like wastefulness of any sort. However well-intended it might be, this CITES thing has been a three alarm dumpster fire from the start. FGJ’s comments about the “road to hell” are spot on – but now leveraged to a globally bureaucratic level with the backings of governments to take your instruments and destroy them. How wonderful. If I recall correctly, the bulk of the exotic/protected woods harvest globally for the last few decades go to the furniture and flooring industry. Another example, massive quantities of Sitka Spruce were ground up into pulp to make disposable diapers that ended up in your local landfill. Yet, the ENTIRE musical instrument industry’s consumption in this regard is somewhere near or below 1% !?!? They really should exempt musical instruments from this whole cluster-f*ck. Sorry – rant off.
  8. Holy crap guys - its been marked down 50% ! ! !
  9. Boomerang~Junkie

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Awesome trailer. Heck yeah, we'll get a babysitter and go see that one.
  10. Price reduction way-back bump. * * * SOLD * * * to HFC members only with insured shipping on buyer. No trades please.
  11. I'll be reposting Hamer Improv #13 tommorow. It's the only cognac colored one Mike/Hamer crafted. Built by Hamer for endorsee Kal David. I bought it directly from him. Mint with case - no changes or issues. PM if interested.
  12. Boomerang~Junkie

    How Many Talladegas?

    If I recall correctly, there were somewhere between 30-40 Talladga Pro's crafted and less than 100 Talladegas. The Pro numbers might even be closer to 30. To know best, the should actually be a "Kim" question or one of the other gentlemen who worked there.
  13. Boomerang~Junkie

    WTB Hamer Talladega

    My Trans Black Talladega will be getting posted for sale soon.
  14. Boomerang~Junkie

    PSA: Another Tally on Reverb

    If I recall correctly - there might be near a hundred regular Talladega's out there. But I'd be surprised if it was much over that. Its the Pro's that are much less common. Each are incredible guitars in their own rights.