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  1. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Dang, as beautiful and rare is this Talladega Pro is - I can not believe this guitar is still for sale?!? If I didn't already own one, this one would already be on the UPS truck headed to my house! Talladega Pro's are incredible guitars and with a total of only 50 to 75 of them ever being made they aren't going to get any more plentifull to buy. Just my admittedly biased two cents worth.
  3. Wowzer, that Tally Pro is beautiful! GLWTS.
  4. New Tolex

    Dang, I forgot that I have well over 3/4 of a roll of that same Tolex leftover from a project somewhere around here!
  5. WANT - broke guy DIBS! Man, this thread is killing me.
  6. ^ ^ Oh my, that is absolutely badass ^ ^ Someday, I''ll own one.
  7. Another smooth deal at the HFC

    Yes - Pat keeps his toys nice as can be. Exceeds expectations. Congrats on your new toy.
  8. Divulging full serial number?

    For Bitcoins, No ~ for guitars, it's fine.
  9. HB, Mike Shishkov

    Mike, a happy belated birthday! One of THE best guitar craftsmen to leave a footprint on this Earth. I hope you had a great day!
  10. Yep, love every Talladega I've had - amazing guitars. My Trans Black Talladega is the last regular one right now (still have my Pro). It does NOT have a bound neck and is #855927. Kim had mentioned the estimated total production numbers a couple of times regarding the Talladega's and the Pro's combined - it really wasn't that many. I think he said there were around 50 Pro's crafted and maybe just under 150 regular Talladega's. Hell, I can't remember for sure - ugh. So considering the Talladega's fairly low overall production numbers to begin with - I'm pretty sure neck binding moves you squarely into the rare category.
  11. Welcome to the HFC! Its THE best group of totally guitar ate-up, knotheads on this crazy world wide web of things. I've learned more facts and substance from these guys than anywhere else on the internet - period. Keep in mind that much if this whole guitar/GAS thing has little to do with "need" and much about "want" - that's the first rule of this slippery slope. Bone nuts are certainly nice and better than plastic in most cases, but only really help you on open chords like the others have said above. Your big ticket hardware items that seem to have the most effect tone are of course the pickups, electronics and tonewoods of the guitfiddle in question. If you can get it done cheaply (and well) and everything else is great - I might do it. Of course, the single biggest effect on your tone will be your fingers. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Side note: Every one of us IS born with an excellent one of these. However, many of us either learn to, choose to or are otherwise conditioned to ignore the needle bending BS moments in life. Its how you get things like the Warren Harding Error and really smart dudes who end up marrying crazy hot looking peelers who are actually brutal, Gold-diggers who take all their shit and leave them broke. All his friends saw it coming from day one - but the (now) broke dude didn't?!? But that's a discussion for another thread and a bottle of Scotch or Bourbon. Now back to your regularly scheduled Reverb scammer . . . . . . . . .
  13. Tom Petty in bad shape

    UGH - many of these folks passing seem to be getting increasingly painful over the past few years. Prayers to his family and friends. Thank you for creating and sharing your great music with us. RIP Mr. Petty.
  14. I'm selling a Hamer factory HSC (TKL case model GC4-0), that fits a Newport, Talladega and Monaco. TKL does not make this case model anymore, nor do they have any in stock and haven't for quite sometime. I called them when I was looking for this one. It is in excellent shape with no issues or funky odors and is from a non-smoking house. I have $250.00 in it and need to clear that after shipping costs and any other fee's or vig.
  15. Low volume/wattage amp that still sounds killer?

    ^ ^ This ^ ^ with a really good pair of over the ear headphones cranked up is the closest you're going to get to your previous room shaking vibe. These THR's are really hard to beat for a bedroom/practice amp for that kind of money. I think it may even say on the box that they're patchouli, chakra and hippie-chick approved. Hoooooooooooommmmmmm . . . . . .Namaste.