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  1. WTB Hamer Talladega

    My Trans Black Talladega will be getting posted for sale soon.
  2. PSA: Another Tally on Reverb

    If I recall correctly - there might be near a hundred regular Talladega's out there. But I'd be surprised if it was much over that. Its the Pro's that are much less common. Each are incredible guitars in their own rights.
  3. If I recall correctly, the number of Pro's made is probably alot closer to 50 than 75. I don't think that necessarily makes them "rare" per-se, but they sure as hell are on the thin side of uncommon.
  4. When Does Downsizing End?

    Don - Happy 33rd to you and your wife!
  5. How did you get to the HFC?

    Chris, Oh, the grinding days of dial up. You probably pulled the all-nighter because you were waiting ten minutes at a pop for "Netscrape" to refresh pages! Very cool story.
  6. Heck if I know - probably just with the guitar its listed for? Some of my Hamer stuff was hit and miss for case candy. It seems like the older they get (to a point) the less there is in the case. I try to keep all that stuff and anything else that was from the factory with that guitar. If its a more expensive guitar and I switch out PU's or whatever I'll keep the original parts with it, in case I sell it. Just my originality OCD thing I guess. Its just part the the case candy for that Talladega and if the new owner wants it - I'll gladly send it.
  7. Whoever bought my old 2008, 59' Burst Talladega - I found the warranty card for it in a Pile-O-Hamer crap. (SN: 855934) A strong indication I have way too much stuff. Please PM your address so I can mail it to you. Thanks. (Damn, that was a awesome guitar!)
  8. So...

    FFS - this Rock's version of being Rick-Rolled". You could have put machine guns, Burbon, motorcycles, BBQ and hot ladies in that video and all of that couldn't save it from his prancing and rolling around like Richard Simmons. This video might have been the Nexus of the term, "cringeworthy". My eyes.
  9. Insanely nice guitar! The build quality on these 70's Greco's is incredible by any standard - the new owner will love it. GLWTS
  10. Guitar George - thank you very much for your kind offer to help, but the CL seller has already taken down the ad. So I'm guessing it sold locally. FWIW - the seller was really pretty salty in his emails and didn't really want to answer questions about the guitar besides it being "mint" and "no issues" sort of general answers. I provided my name, city and phone number in the first email to try to quell any scammer / tire-kicker vibe. Despite a few email exchanges between us via CL about the guitar, he refused to speak on the phone and never provided his first name? Just super short and almost like he was being bothered by all of this - enough to have my radar up. He might be the nicest guy ever in person, but man - he came off pretty brusque in that whole exchange. I hope someone here got it, had a better experience and its a great guitar for them. Thanks again for the offer.
  11. Emailed CL seller through CL, who is adamant that he will not ship this guitar. Any help here from someone in that area would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Unless the OP is making a move on this guitar, I will. Dibs. Is there a member here in the SFB area who would be kind enough to help look it over and facilitate the deal? I'm hitting the sack now - one long ass day - but still here. I'll follow up in the morning.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!
  14. Dang, as beautiful and rare is this Talladega Pro is - I can not believe this guitar is still for sale?!? If I didn't already own one, this one would already be on the UPS truck headed to my house! Talladega Pro's are incredible guitars and with a total of only 50 to 75 of them ever being made they aren't going to get any more plentifull to buy. Just my admittedly biased two cents worth.
  15. Wowzer, that Tally Pro is beautiful! GLWTS.