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  1. Price down to 90 euro each eaRly 80s and SuperD and 99 late 70s PAF
  2. I have some old DiMarzio PAFs and 1 Super D I would sell ,so someone could come back to stock his old vintage Hamer Early 80s PAF: 95 euro each Early SuperD : 95 euro 70s PAF with braided wire: 110 euro I add a Seymour Duncan Distorsion 4 conductor black for 65 euro
  3. Artist Ultimates came with two certificates, the one from Hamer and the one from Seymour Duncan for the pickups (Custom Shop). Ask for both or I can phone the seller for you if interested in.
  4. luis

    NGD # 60 Comes Home

    Truly fantastic Arnie! I am a very conservative guitar guy but these Ultimates are great! I got late to the first run(contacted Mike) but now because CITES and a 30% tax to add to the asked price became prohibitive to me. I have never seen any for sale here in Europe, but I would be very temped if any with the rigth finish would appear for sale.
  5. Gravelin P90s arrived safe and well here (Spain). I had owned and own great pickups but these from Josh have the look.... I will put them tomorrow in a Goldtop guitar. Thanks Josh!
  6. luis

    Feet for Hamer Cases: clip on outer rim

    I have one here I am not using I can give you for free but shipping from here is expensive. What about these? http://www.ebay.es/itm/10-Ball-Cap-Feet-4-Gibson-Fender-Martin-TKL-Guitar-Case-Travel-Bag-Luggage-/122489085021?hash=item1c84eb1c5d:g:qLEAAOSw44BYh00~
  7. luis

    Feet for Hamer Cases: clip on outer rim

    Ebay seller Islandfunhouse had some TKL feet for sale, I bougth some from him in the past and I guess I have one lying around, if shipping was not so expensive this days I gladly send tyo you for free.
  8. I just ordered a metric warparound for my 96 Hamer years ago according HFC members advice. TonePros had US size too. Sorry I am not more useful but I traded TP studs months ago and I am not able to measure them.I can tell you they were short ones as early 50s Gibsons had.
  9. luis


    Polara or Steve, would you explain to me about chinese counterfits? Do you mean COUNTERFIT bookS have not been made in USA?
  10. luis


    Book received and read Steve. I got it a the third try (It was discontinued I was told). I enjoy it a lot, and liked the Improv story and Artist Ultimate. Highly recomended! PS: Just for next edition ask publisher correcting a mistmatch in one of first pages.
  11. luis


    Mine is is on the way finally! It took very long but I am willing to read it. It is a shame I am so far it cant be signed by the authors.
  12. luis

    serial's "hamer book"

    I just contacted publisher and I was told it would be released late this month. They use his UK location to ship to Euro sales.
  13. luis

    Today was the last day.

    Congrats Jay, and my best whishes to you. You got mail.