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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone know fretboard radius on a 1989 Chaparral Standard Sustaniac ?
  2. Snow and ice are fine and all... but really, after 6 months of shovelling the stuff it starts wearing pretty thin. So, I've decided to sell a few of my guitars to fund my own peaceful takeover bid of a (very) small Caribbean country (((golf claps))). First up... my 1989 Hamer USA Californian Elite. * Solid flame maple body * Ebony fretboard with boomerang inlays * Hamer branded Floyd Rose Tremolo * Super-clean neck, front and sides with only two minor dings on the back upper bout. Pretty impressive for a nearly 30-year-old guitar. * Almost no fret wear and truss rod works perfectly * Duncan 'buckers in the neck and bridge and comes with it's original hardshell case, OBL bridge humbucker, case key... ...and a personally signed photograph of Prince Charles (authenticity is debatable). * Asking $2250 USD plus actual shipping. ** If you are in the US, typical shipping cost is $115.00 CDN to most destinations which translates to approx. $90 USD. OK, that's the skinny... I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. Questions, comments? Fire away. Thanks for looking.......