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Found 7 results

  1. One fine Un-Telecaster. Started live as a James Burton Tele, Lave Red Finish (kinda swirley/blotchy). The neck is pretty much the same as the BAJA Telecaster, nice full handful of maple. The guitar was really clean when I got it but had been played in the Cowboy Chord area and the frets were worn down. I need a Tele to run with my Junior for live shows so I bought this one and reworked it to suit my needs. Frets were Dressed and Leveled Cheap Tuners Replaced with Sperzels new shallow holes added for grip points and holes were reamed to fit new tuners. Bridge Replace with 3 saddle instead of 6 saddle Added String Saver Saddles Gutted and wired with CTS Pots, 3way. Pickups changed to Dimarzio Chopper T in the Bridge and a Cruiser in the Neck. Body was NOT Routed to fit strat size neck. It just fit. Ditched he White Guard and made the new guard. Still sounds great clean, great mids for dirty tones. Finish is in great shape, Neck is in great shape, I put a lot into and sometimes I just get a kick out of doing the projects. Specially when they come out this good. You get this guitar with a gig bag, no surprises from some strange seller off the internet. Plays like a million buck and I will add more photos tonight. $575. Shipped to your door.
  2. SOLD!! 2015 Fender Strat Limited Edition w/Solid Rosewood Neck. Hard-to-Find - Hot Rod Red! (Most came in Sonic Blue) Near-Mint condition. Barely played. No marks, dents or dings at all. Just a tiny mark on the pick guard edge, otherwise mint. Once you play a rosewood neck, you won't go back. I have three now, love 'em all! Plays beautifully, low action, straight neck. I'm the original owner. Bought brand-new. Barely played, kept in a non-smoking home. Case is mint condition also. Features: - 1-piece all-rosewood, oiled neck with hand-rolled fingerboard edges - Custom Shop Fat '50s pickups - Nitro thin finish for excellent resonance. - Modern C neck carve - 25.5" scale - 12" radius - Medium jumbo frets - 1.687" (42.8mm) nut width - No-load tone control - Steel Saddles with Elongated String Slots - Copper Infused, High Mass 100% Metal Bridge Block for increased sustain - Lightweight, 7lbs 8oz - TSA Approved Hardshell case Comes with a Mint Original TSA approved Hard shell case (It's really nice!) SOLD!!! Please email me with any questions. Thx, Ernie
  3. PRICE DROP! For Sale: 2017 Mesa Boogie TC-50 Triple Crown Head.Near-Mint condition. I am the original owner. I barely used it. Kept in a non-smoking home. Head is like new, footswitch has a few tiny marks on it. Works perfectly – no issues at all. Comes with everything, cables, footswitch, slip cover, paperwork, everything that originally came in the box. I also have the original box, so it will be shipped safely.3 independent channels, each with 2 Modes. Full-size tank spring reverb, EFX Loop, CabClone™ XLR speaker output. This amp covers it all, from fat Blackface cleans to chunky Metal OD and everything in-between. Great EL-34 British crunch, can also run 6L6 and 6V6 tubes. Foot-switchable boost on all channels is icing on the cake. You can pretty much run this amp without any OD pedals with its 3 channels and boost. Made in the USA!Dimensions: 19 1/4" H x 22 3/4" W x 10 3/8" D $1,400. FIRM Shipped/PPG (You cover the Regular PP Fee if you want to use that) (I'll lower the price as time goes by)Sorry, no trades on this one - Thx.Ernie
  4. Doin' the Craigslist skim and a guy a few miles away is selling a Fender Joe Strummer Telecaster. For background, these were alder-bodied Mexican Teles with 60s Kluson-style tuners, three-saddle bridges with the saddles that look like they have threads on them, 7.25" neck radius and smaller frets on a rosewood board, and a kind of bizarre heavy relic job that involved black over primer over sunburst over bare wood, plus a ton of rust and gunk. I played one ages ago and despite the look, it played great: but they were pretty pricey. This guy wants $350 for his, and while askin' ain't sellin', the few I see on Reverb and eBay list from $650 (no case and warped neck) to over $1,000 (with case and sticker kit.) I drive over to see it, and it is either immaculate or it's a wreck, depending on what you think of relic jobs. He says it's been hanging with a bunch of other guitars he never plays and he wants to clear some space. It has two "issues." The neck plate is not the rusty "revolution rock" one but ordinary. And the control plate and knobs are not very rusty and relic'd. But it is definitely the real deal, so what the hell. Clean it up, oil the saddle screws, add some tension to the neck and plug in. The looks are just bizarre, but I'll be darned if it isn't a really nice Tele. Very loud and resonant, jumps in your hands when you strum it. Neck is bliss, on the chubby side and with really well done wear, how it's a bit curved and broken-in between the frets. Not shrill at all, even in the bridge position, and has this super lively, bouncy, chimey thing going. I couldn't put it down for an hour I still reckon I'll source a properly relic'd control plate, knobs and neck plate then flip it for a couple hundred bucks profit. I'm enjoying this as a hobby, finding undervalued guitars, playing them for a while, then flipping to make $50 or so. It it didn't look so weird I'd be tempted to keep this one. It looks just like the one below, just without the really rusty control plate and knobs.
  5. One of you guys needs this. No affiliation https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/msg/5967465254.html
  6. Has anyone owned a USA EVH (Fender) Wolfgang and a USA Cali (not necessarily at the same time) and can give a comparison of, say, quality of build, playability, shape of neck, quality of Floyd, etc? I think we can see the differences aesthetically, so I'm really interested in knowing how they differ from a practical, players point of view. I realize they're different guitars, but since they're both presumably made for rocking and shredding, one would think they must appeal in similar ways. So can anyone address this? Anyone? Anyone? B.....
  7. Time for some house cleaning. All prices include shipping. Would prefer to use some form of payment that doesn’t charge fees, but If you’d like to pay using PP we can adjust accordingly. All include OHSC unless stated otherwise. Additional photos on request. 2010 PRS 25th Anniversary Mira 245 Soapbar w/Wolfetone Mean/Meaner. Regular/Standard neck profile. Condition is 9.5/10. Asking $1100 1996 Hamer Daytona. Dimario Area pickups installed in non-factory guard w/ master volume, master tone. Original guard, pickups, and electronics included. Condition is 9.5/10. Asking $800 2012 Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic. 60s neck profile. Condition is 9/10. Asking $1450 2009 EBMM 25th Anniversary. Medium C neck profile. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $1250 2003 P90 Special. SOLD 2011 Larrivee Bakersfield. Med to full C neck profile (modeled after early 50s blackguard), 1.75” nut. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $1250 2010 Larrivee RS-2. 25.5” scale. Very lightweight. One of the early runs with Larrivee Gen-3 humbuckers. Condition 9/10. Asking $675 1995 Hamer Eclipse 12. Finish has lifted from high-E side of the fretboard over the entire length, and has chipped away completely for the first four frets. It’s happened in one or two small areas on the low-E side as well. The only time I notice it while playing is where it’s completely chipped away along the first four frets, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Numerous impressions/dings here and there. One small paint chip on the back of the neck at the 9th fret where wood is exposed (size of a match head). Ships in Hamer branded era appropriate HSC that was purchased separately. Condition a very conservative 6.5/10. Asking $650 1999 Hamer Newport. Phat Cats swapped out for TV Jones Classic Plus (Br) and TV Jones MagnaTron (N). Bigsby front roller and main string shaft were swapped for Callaham replacement parts. Tonepros bridge was swapped for Babicz Full Contact Hardware tune-a-matic replacement. Condition 8.5/10. Original pickups, bridge, and Bigsby parts are included. No longer for sale. Hamer import Jazzbox w/Bigsby. Very cool and inexpensive for what it is, but it’s simply just too big a guitar for me to handle comfortably. Condition 9.5/10. SOLD 2009 Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Stratocaster. 22 Fret, modern C neck profile, A.Ybarra ’69 CS pickups. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $1700 2011 Gibson Custom ES-339. 30/60 neck profile. Condition 9.5/10. Asking $2600