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Found 4 results

  1. Happy New Year. I have a packet of Mesa catalogs and price sheets etc from April 1981 and also 1989. Free to a good home. One or the other or both. Still in the mailing envelopes. Would prefer they end up with a a Mesa fan and not just a hoarder. Will ship USPS media some time this week.
  2. So a good friend of mine has let me care for a nice 81 boogie mark iib head. Its gorgeous, finger jointed cabinet with wicker facing, graphic EQ, reverb, and class A / Simul class switch (15 or 60w) Anyhow it was his fathers, who was quite the picker and passed away many years ago. The owner (my friend) dosent play. It sat in an anvil road case with deteriorating foam for at least 12 years and really needed a good once over. So I cleaned it up and took it to Andrews amp lab in Atlanta (highly recommended for service and his own amps) to get recapped and checked out top to bottom. I love the amp but it is crazy how many options for tone there are. 4 gain stages (clean preamp and clean master affect the lead drive and lead master) and I find myself fiddling with this more than playing through it. Im pushing a single 12 canabis rex in a pine tweed style cab. Im usually the one saying "go try it and you'll get there" but this amp is puzzling me. So far its been a one trick pony as I can get a great clean tone but using the drive channel at those settings sounds like ass, OK i mean good looking ass but something is just not right. Flip side is I can set a great lead drive channel but when I go back to clean channel its just not right. Its also the most touch sensitive amp Ive ever played. Any Mark II or III users care to share starting points or an approach to setting this thing up for use of both? What cabs? Looking for any experience with the mark II or III that you boys are willing to share!
  3. PRICE DROP! For Sale: 2017 Mesa Boogie TC-50 Triple Crown Head.Near-Mint condition. I am the original owner. I barely used it. Kept in a non-smoking home. Head is like new, footswitch has a few tiny marks on it. Works perfectly – no issues at all. Comes with everything, cables, footswitch, slip cover, paperwork, everything that originally came in the box. I also have the original box, so it will be shipped safely.3 independent channels, each with 2 Modes. Full-size tank spring reverb, EFX Loop, CabClone™ XLR speaker output. This amp covers it all, from fat Blackface cleans to chunky Metal OD and everything in-between. Great EL-34 British crunch, can also run 6L6 and 6V6 tubes. Foot-switchable boost on all channels is icing on the cake. You can pretty much run this amp without any OD pedals with its 3 channels and boost. Made in the USA!Dimensions: 19 1/4" H x 22 3/4" W x 10 3/8" D $1,400. FIRM Shipped/PPG (You cover the Regular PP Fee if you want to use that) (I'll lower the price as time goes by)Sorry, no trades on this one - Thx.Ernie
  4. The time has come to start to get serious about letting some things go. It just seemed like a good thing to do to offer them up here. I am thinking these are reasonable prices----If anything seems outta line, just let me know. AND I still am open to working a trade for a 25th Anniversary Ltd edition (not the mahogany top one) if anyone wishes to trade-----OR sell outright. COVERED! My inclination is to list the net price I would LIKE to get. Add for costs if it needs to be delivered/PayPaled. I would think it better to sell the amps locally, but I will at least list them too. I will add a limited number of pix to keep from being too bulky. I can certainly provide more. Hamer Triple Threat 1 of 30 You probably have a pretty good idea of what there are. All stock. Near mint. OHSC $1900 GIbson ES-347 Black, gold. From the 347th day of 1978 Has the Dirty Finger pickups, factory splitter. fine tune tp and "crank out" tuners. Definitely not mint. Has been played a fair amount. But in great playing condition. Below what people SEEM to think they can get for them of fleabay,,,,,This WAS my "forever" guitar for a long time....But things change. Also $1900 Gone! Carvin Semi-Hollow I understand this to be pretty rare and collectible, if I can say that of a Carvin Has all the period correct toys, including splitters and phase switches. Decent top too. A poor man's 335 OHSC $850 GONE! Hamer Eclipse Bright red, excellent condition. Has been played but no significant wear. No chips or chunks. OHSC $600 THD Flexi-50. Really unique amp. Goes a few steps beyond the Univalve and BiValve. Allows mismatch of power tubes for great rounds of experimentation. 50 watts. The name stands for flexibility, not PLEXI. Excellent condition with footswitch to select the master and boost. Sort of a "1 and 1/2 channel amp". I just have not got the time to fully use it to its potential. $850 Mesa Nomad 45. 4 x el84s, 3 channels, very versatile (IMHO). Was custom made (not for me but I DO have boots that match) with the "lizard skin" covering. Has the original slip cover and 5 button footswitch $700 Mesa Trem-O-Verb 100 watts, heavier than hell (weighs more than my wife) 2 x 12 $850 Parker Fly Deluxe---SLIGHTLY modded! Someone decided they did not like the horns and trimmed them. Actually, not a bad job. Looks even stranger. But it no longer pokes you in the ribs and it is even lighter. I like Parkers for the versatility of the HBs, splitter and the blendable piezo. But you either like it or you HATE that shape. It does not bother me, but I have too many toys, (I also have an original one---no mods---except that it also has a Roland synth adapter. No pictures of that one right now). $525 for the blue one, $900 for the other. Gadow Custom Single Duncan pups, factory splitters. Green quilted top (nice enough figure but too dark to really jump out). I think the mahogany on the back is really nice. OHSC $550 I also have a couple other Gadows. Really great tops. Near mint. Will have to get around to doing something with them, but later on. Same with the G&L Legacy and Comanche (semi-hollow). Obviously I have way too much stuff and need to START to get disciplined. (Novel concept, that!) Not a fire sale. Not urgent. But I DO have to start cleaning house more than a little after some excesses of the past year or so. Thanks for looking!