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Found 9 results

  1. Thinking about getting a Monaco III. (One of the models I have never owned) Anybody have for sale or seen one available? Thanks in advance! Ernie
  2. This came up by searching the ebays: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-USA-Artist-Black-2007-with-P90s/272870539928?_trkparms=aid%3D888007%26algo%3DDISC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D41375%26meid%3D27bef18e1bb8420ba677647ed807ba78%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D2%26sd%3D352178306579&_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982 Price seems the bomb! Go, grab it!
  3. Originally spec'ed by Steve Jackson of the now spectacularly defunct Jackson's Rare Guitars in Sydney. http://www.premierguitars.com.au/product/hamer-artist-korina-custom-usa-2007/ This site appears to sell for private owners on a 20% commission, but is located in Sydney.
  4. I'm very pleased to announce a batch run of the current Shishkov Guitars USA pickups to be built specifically for the HFC crew. All of these are the standard models that can be found in the current Shishkov guitars and will only be available here, for a limited time, discounted for HFC Supporting Members. If you're not a paid-in HFC member, I would encourage you to join up, support the HFC, and get a great deal on these Shishkov Approved tone generators! We've planned for 12 Charlotte HB Sets, 12 Charlotte Bridge pickups (50mm standard, 53mm optional), 6 P90 sets, and 6 ST neck single coils. Humbuckers feature 4 conductor output leads, P90s feature single conductor pushback braided output leads, and the ST neck single coils use modern PVC coated lead wires. Prices for HFC Supporting Members are $115.00 ea. for humbuckers, $85 ea. for P90s, and $70.00 ea. for the ST single coils. There are a few options available so please take note before you order. Shipping is $8.00 for the continental USA. Shipping elsewhere is no problem: please contact me for the cost. Some info on the pickups: Charlotte 11k A5u Bridge / 7.9k A2 Neck / 42 and 43 PE A medium-output modern hybrid set that retains much of the desireable PAF sonic characteristics but with higher output gain and a more contemporary voicing. As people have already attested to, this is an extremely versatile set that does all flavors of blues, rock, shred, and down-tuned chunk with ease - modern tones for modern music! Think Gary Moore in the neck, and a full, agressive "rock!" voiced bridge pickup that lights up high gain amplifiers just right. These were designed to provide convincing single coil split sounds as well, which is why all Charlottes come with 4 conductor output leads as standard. Bridge pickup is available alone in 50mm or 53mm and is the ideal upgrade for current Shishkov Ultimate owners, as well as anyone else who wants an extremely versatile modern/vintage flavored "mid-gain" rocker in the back. Zebra (Ivory/Black) is standard, but I will accept requests for other bobbin color combinations within reason. $230 a set / $115 single bridge. *Nickel, Chrome, and raw unplated German Nickel Silver covers are available for an additional $15 each. Ivory or Black mounting rings +$4.00/set. Mounting screws and springs included. SP90s 9.1k A5 Bridge / 7.8k A2 Neck / 42 SPN With a hotter vintage style in the bridge and a slightly underwound neck pickup, all the classic P90 tones are on tap with this set. From old blues, country, rockabilly to Woodstock-era Santana, Townsend Live at Leeds, Leslie West/Mountain- authentic P90 tones abound. The SP90s feature single conductor pushback braided lead wire and your choice of Black or Ivory covers. Mounting screws and springs included. $170 a set / $85 single ST Single 6.1k A5 / 42H This Neck position single coil pickup serves up heaps of hot 50's Strat tone: balanced lows, distinct and authorative mids, and an open, airy top. There's a serious Gilmour/SRV thing going on here which mates up very nicely with the slug coil from the Charlotte bridge pickup for those with that setup- sounds killer! As is, it will retrofit any strat, and most S/S/H or H/S/H equipped guitars. Black cover included, uncovered with cloth tape wrap option. $70 each. A complete, matched set is available if you ask for it. -- Payment must be paid in full via PayPal or US Postal Money Order to reserve your set. Please contact me with your preferences in HB bobbin colors/cover or cover choice on the SP90/S-Type Single and include the address you'd like them shipped to. I'll reply with my PayPal or mailing address for your PO Money Order. Simple and easy, just like last time! I expect shipping to begin in approximately 3-4 weeks, with the potential for special requests to take slightly longer. I'm really excited to be able to offer these special pickups and am looking forward to getting to work. Working with Mike, Trish, Chris, Ted, and all of you - it's a real pleasure and an honor. Questions? I'm here, paying attention, and will reply quickly. Here we go!
  5. So between my lack of self control and the gracious enabling of my brothers here I've been on a real kick of buying gear for the studio, amps, and of course many USA Hamer guitars in the last year (with something korina on the way to me now!!!). A big studio purchase and that pesky uncle sam (gotta pay the piper!) have got me in purge mode and you get to reap the benefits!!! All prices include shipping (cont US Only), paypal fees, and insurance to your door. ( i hate the whole price + you pay shipping and paypal fee approach!) I have not had the pleasure of selling to any HFC members but have had 100% feedback on the pro audio forum gearslutz https://www.gearslutz.com/board/itrader.php?u=10496 Lexicon MX400XL Reverb Unit - SOLD XLR Version | 4 Channel | Dual Stereo Reverb | Delay | Dynamics | USB or Analog Operation and Control. Has XLR, SPDIF Digital, MIDI, and USB ports + a footswitch input (TRS) I used this in the studio and it has everything from fantastic verbs and delays crazy effects . Would be perfect for a front of house PA system, guitar payers rack rig, or studio. Excellent condition (no rack rash). Only selling because I upgraded to a PCM 70. Lexicon is the standard for time based effects. Seymour Duncan SL59-1 “Lil 59” Bridge - SOLD Single coil sized PAF bucker for the bridge position – Black. Great condition Seymour Duncan SH-PG1n Pearly Gates Neck - SOLD Very sweet sounding and can get aggressive when pushed – Black Bobbins (fogot to take a pick of the front of the PU). Great condition Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Humbucker Pickup Set Neck and Bridge - SOLD. You know exactly what these are and just how good they sound – Nickel | Great condition (this finish is called nickel but looks chrome – these are from my USA Artist Custom) HAMER USA Seymour Duncan HOT P90 Soapbar set Neck and Bridge – no idea what these are worth so correct me if Im way off on the value – Lets say $90 shipped and delivered. These are in good used condition and show a little wear. Came out of my USA Special. - Black
  6. Searched the HFC and over the years there has been a lot of discussion about phat cats and P90's in general but I couldn't find a thread that hit my note! THE PLOT: So I yanked the Seth Lovers out of my artist custom (lovers will be up for sale soon) and put in phat cats. Absolutely love it! Best thing Ive done. Standard Fralin p90's in one of my specials but I prefer the Phat Cats. For blues and rock that I play, they were literally made for this maple topped hog! Ive adjusted the PU heights and have gotten a pretty good balance but the neck is still a bit hotter (read bridge as high as possible.) I play more in the middle and neck positions honestly, but when I want more meat and gain for barre chords and such the bridge phat cat is just lacking a hair. Id love to stay with a p90 but get a little more out of the bridge position. THE Q's 1: Any HB sized bridge p90's that are hotter and complement a phat cat neck? Anybody using Fralin, Lollar, or Rio for the bridge? Mag swap the Phat Cat? 2: Now that my strat is set up HSS (not digging the 59 I put in the bridge) I'm thinking of going P90 for the strat bridge as well. Pending the question above I could throw the PC bridge in or try something else bucker sized. Any recommendations? Clearly Im head over heels for P90's here lately and can say I do not miss humbuckers at all. Any experiences or wisdom would be greatly appreciated fellas!
  7. Slim and fast neck, recent set up and in very clean condition. Includes Lollar P-90s and SKB hard case. Made in 1993, serial number 333485. $850 PP shipped. Will consider trades.
  8. 1993 Hamer Special P90 - $700 shipped in Continental US (PayPal gift appreciated) Butterscotch Serial# 333478 Well despite my best efforts to downsize I've continued to add so putting up this Special for sale. Also have a BCR Jr so when looking for a P90 that tends to get played. Overall in good shape, biggest imperfection is a indentation from what appears to be a guitar cord plug (above the bridge, see pic) Frets are in great shape, no wear Neck is slim and fast 1st fret - .792" to the top of the finger board 12th fret - .821" to the top of the finger board 7.9 lbs None original hard case
  9. SOLD!! 2013 Axl Bulldog. Red, All Mahogany, set-neck. Near-mint condition. 9.8 Condition. One tiny mark at the the tip of the lower horn, otherwise perfect. I’m the original owner. Lindy Fralin dog-ear P-90, TonePros Featherweight wraparound bridge, CTS pots, Orange Drop Capacitor and TonePros Kluson vintage-style tuners. Also has a "Bite Switch," a push-pull pot that bypasses the tone for full, clean signal path tone. Nice and lightweight at 6lbs 5oz. Plays superb with a One-piece neck, Medium C neck carve. Low action, no fretwear. 100% original except I have 2 pickguards for it. The original black and a custom-ordered, exact fit, pro Red Tortoise that I think looks even better. I've owned a lot of Jr type guitars, for the dough, this plays as nice and sounds better than most. Kept in a non-smoking home. Comes with a gig bag. $400. Shipped/PPGift (or cover the PP fee) Firm for now, I will lower the price if it doesn’t sell. Sorry, no trades on this one.