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Hamer tone pots

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Why is it that every Hamer I've ever played the tone controls actually DO something?

I have a 79 Hamer Sunburst I got from a great HFC member, the volume and especially TONE controls actually WORK! The parts ARE original in this guitar.

With the Gibson LP I have the volume and tone controls don't do much as far as SHAPING sound. Anyone have any old Hamer volume and tone pots for sale? Or recommendations? I'd love to get my LP to respond the way the Hamer does. It's not a sound issue, they both sound great but the Hamer's tone controls WORK>

Thanks in advance

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It's not the pots, it's the cap. Hamer uses the same pots for volume and tone, just like 99.9% of other builders (and the taper is actually 'backwards' for tone).

What's different is the cap, Hamer uses a 0.01uF - which is less than half the value most other humbucker builders use. It makes the control a lot more effective as a tone shaper, rather than an effect.

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