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Recommendations for headphones to record


Finally getting around to finishing up the pre production recording  project I began last fall and am finding I absolutely need some type of quality headphones to do vocal recording.

Over ear, closed back, no batteries, etc.

I've done some reading and at least at this point feel I don't need anything over $200 , but that may change ,  for now I am looking for recommendations and keeping things simple.

Using a Korg D3200 digital recording studio with an Alesis Monitor One as the reference amp/speakers.


The phones I've seen the most feedback on in order are:


Audio Technica ATHM50X

Sony MDR7506

Beyer Dynamic DT770

Sennheiser HD280

Shure SRH8407

V Moda MD1200



Thoughts on the above ?


thanks, for looking !

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On 9/14/2017 at 3:16 PM, mathman said:

 Unfortunately my studio is just a corner of a room at the end of the house.  Open back's bleed lots of noise in my house with two kids and a wife who loves her news and book tapes.   Life is learning to deal with the adjustments.

Maybe these?


If she complains about the $499 price, just answer that that's the cost of coexisting with news broadcasts and listening to books on tape. Or she could get hew own pair of  headphones.


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On 9/6/2017 at 9:33 PM, anotherfreak said:

the K240s are NOT closed back, I have the K240 Mkii and I needed to buy something else to stop the bleed through back to my mic, especially recording with a click or drums.

the K72, K52 and the K92's are the "budget" closed back guys. 

A very good point. Sorry I missed that.

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