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2002 Gene Baker B1 4/5A top Sell/Trade PENDING DEAL

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Hijacking my old FSA to place my Baker up for sale

Killer B1 for sale. This is not the ed roman Junk build crap but a real-deal Baker from 2002. Gene is known for his apprenticeship under Rodger Giffin and his stings at Gibson custom shop and as a Masterbuilder at Fender where he worked along side legends John Page, John English and John Suhr and that is just the Johns! Needless to say these early Baker builds remain the pick of all the Baker builds and exceed the PBGs and the Current B3 models and that is saying a lot because those are excellent guitars. I acquired this guitar from the original owner who had 4 original bakers. The only one he kept was his Robben Ford and this was one I had to pry out of his collection!

The specs are all listed on the build sheet so check it out. I love the pearburst on a double cut as it seems well balanced. The specs on the neck read as a thin C but I'd say it's more medium but you decide. The specs do not communicate how well this guitar plays. For one thing, the sustain is amazing. The pickups are clear and scream! The guitar communicates through the wood -you can feel the whole guitar resonate when playing. It's also very versatile handling just about any stile of music unless you want thrash metal! Ok, you get it, kick butt guitar and priced for the HFC at $DEAL PENDING OBO. I might trade but the trade needs to be higher in value over $2500 for it to make sense.

Let me know if you have any questions!





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I dig the updated shape and neck through construction! GLWTS!

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The neck is what makes this guitar so special, almost every V I have played enjoys excellent access to the upper frets but this one is in another class. The neck "joint" is carved out for supreme comfort. You can play this all day and not break a sweat. It's also uncanny how nice this set Duncan's sound

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