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  3. Unfortunately, that's the story of a bunch of nice Hamers that are available right now.
  4. Amazing guitar at a very, very good price. Hard to believe it hasn’t sold.
  5. Being a professional music store, listing (expensive, further) guitars and not bothering to inlude close-up picture of the frets nor the guitar's exact weight keeps me away from doing business with any of them. Last I saw, this is 2020, not 1995.
  6. Actually, assembling a Stratocaster is easier than some of the IKEA cabinets I've encountered.
  7. But the instructions are 100% graphical. No text. It's the Ikea way...
  8. It’s a bit more subtle than that pic in person.
  9. As far as the Grover/Friedman guitars, he is man in charge, keeping the processes and QC in check with others doing the hands on building. If I was going to buy a super strat an you wanted it done in small shop by one or two guys it would be a Wayne.
  10. And beer rings, we don't need no coasters!
  11. Shame on you Scott, I mean really SHAME!! No cigarette burns mentioned, it ain't a reliced amp with no cigarette burn.
  12. For that price, I could hook you up with a guy, he's fairly talented...
  13. The guitar comes in parts, in the IKEA bag below. And you have to assemble it yourself. Allen wrench is included.
  14. “Photo by Brooks”. I thought that looked familiar!
  15. And just put a label on the top of it. If they balk, tell them it has a handle to make it easy for the driver.
  16. I happen to have a NOS ‘97 Standard pickguard...🤔
  17. They posted a black firebird. https://shop.guitarpoint.de/de/hamer/1987-hamer-firebird-ii-black
  18. If you really want amp mojo like that, just ship the amp via UPS or FedEx
  19. I recall the first time I saw or heard a Duo-Tone, it was Pearl Jam at Red Rocks back in 1995 (on their ill-fated self-sponsored tour that only lasted 5-7 dates IIRC) as I was lucky enough to be in the front row and when they started playing "Daughter" I was looking around on the stage to see who was playing the acoustic intro, then realized the guitarist was playing it on a Hamer DuoTone. That was a mesmerizing moment for me (the concert wasn't bad either 😉) and I was determined to get one someday. Took me another 14 years but I finally got my first one in 2009 (it's a '96 3-holer in Natura
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