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  2. That’s right. Dis ram got too much jam! Deal with it!!
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  4. I can't make out everything on the COA, but I see no mention of 25.5 or scale length in what I can see... From the photos, it looks like a very pretty, but "standard" Elite Mahogany. The Bigsby, pickups and upgraded top are the only things that look to be custom. It isn't full Superpro or Monaco size, and the bridge looks like it's in the standard spot for a 24.75" scale on the Elite's smaller body... but only a ruler will tell us for certain.
  5. Arnie: Definitely a different neck carve - the Talladega was more of a pronounced "V", but the Pro was more of a rounded profile.
  6. Was that the one made for Roman Sawczak, who played with famed Shock Jock Steve Dahl (Teenage Radiation) here in Chicago?
  7. FWIW, I am still of the opinion that the Talladega Pro might have been the best Hamer model ever. Unfortunately, it came out so late in the game, that the company was already circling the drain and it never got out there in sufficient quantities to break through. The current market equivalent (arguably) from either a Huber Dolphin or Dantzig whatever it is called would be priced way higher than $3500. Highly recommended!
  8. This is why I was recently trying to figure out the differences between the hollow portions of the Artist and Duotone Custom. The former was most often called semi-solid, the latter semi-hollow.
  9. What, 11 replies so far, and not one mention of Peavey? If it had a Made-In-Meridian-Mississippi-Peavey USA neck, it'd be more appropriate...and a lot cheaper, no doubt. There are worse-looking 'concept' guitars out there on Reverb IMO, such as this 'guitar, meet bandsaw' series (and again, no affiliation): https://reverb.com/item/32959473-stratocaster-style-douglas-usa-electric-guitar-fender-squire-neck-and-body-partscaster https://reverb.com/item/33582205-telecaster-style-douglas-usa-electric-guitar-fender-usa-pickups-and-saddles-partscaster
  10. See, my Talladega is probably my favorite neck ever. I’ve not taken the chance on the pro because I’ve heard it’s a bit smoother of a v contour. That being said... this one is dealt tempting...
  11. Well... keep in mind that the artist was technically a semi-solid body or chambered solid body. For a sustain block in a true semi hollow body guitar you just gotta make sure there’s a solid block under the bridge and you’d be fine.
  12. When I lived in MS back in the early '80s, it cost me close to $650 to register a new Honda Civic- which only cost $6500! Besides the price of the vehicle registration and "tag" (everywhere else I've been it's a license plate), there was the state personal property tax and the county "Road and Bridge Use Privilege Tax". Nowadays I live in SE Wisconsin. Property taxes for my roughly $300K house are $7300, which is a bargain compared to the Illinois suburbs of Chicago. Home owner's insurance is only $500 a year, so there's that.
  13. If you look on YouTube for more recent stuff, it's younger dudes. The one guitarist I think is from Ireland or Scotland. He plays Framus stuff, I think he's doing a great job. Some of Tate's shows from like 5 or 6 years ago, he sounded rough. The ones in the last couple of years, he sounds really good. Not holding the high notes like he did 30 years ago, but still seems to be hitting them.
  14. There's no denying HOA's suck. I moved to MS after 30 years in/around San Diego (the last 20 as a home owner). No HOA but home owners insurance is $2800 more ($3550) and property taxes are nearly $3300 for a < $300,000 house (about 50% higher than what I paid in SD for a house with nearly twice as much). I also just spent nearly $1000 to register a 2006 Toyota, 2015 Ram, and 2019 Honda. Edited to add: ... and it's freaking MISSISSIPPI!
  15. Love the look and concept of the Talladega Pro! Sadly did not love the neck on my Talladega enough to take a chance on a Pro arniez
  16. Victoria makes great amps, Enjoy!!! arniez
  17. I foresee a maple neck my next Shishkov which is 0117.
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  19. Funny. I got this Studio ArtistCustomWhateverIalwaysmessthenamesup I gigged in July 2019 with. The gig was pretty a burden so I left the guitar in its case since then, never ever touching it. Today (and this is connected to @rugby1970 blue FM) I put her out of the case for the first time since then. Strings are corroded, but - that darn thing is still in tune...
  20. I liked the "Speak of the devil" album a lot, never followed Night Ranger. There are several players who have the sound I like to get with my stuff, Steve Lukather, Neal Schon and Brad Gillis. They have in common that they used Mesa amps and used the Floyd a lot. Also Vernon Reid, he plays weird stuff, but he also has that sound.
  21. Thank you! That really makes it seem like it’s possible. Forgot about those
  22. Geoff Tate had Kelly Gray from Queensrÿche and Simon Wright from AC/DC in his band when he opened for Ace Frehley four years ago.
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