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  2. I know you have a case of G.A.S., but under those terms, I'd walk away.
  3. Looks like the 90's case I bought for 60 dollars shipped back when I bought my 1st 79 Hamer Sunburst [No idea what this would actually fit ] which came caseless. I know cases for Hamer guitars can be a tough find w/o a guitar in them but $200? Hmmmm. I wouldn't be buying.
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  5. I only found out about it when my computer went into chkdsk upon rebooting. I didn't pay attention to it until it did it again. I have been rebooting more often lately because of other problems occuring. Then I noticed it wasn't my C drive but my H drive. There were a lot of downloads, documents, pictures, etc. from past years. I believe I got that drive in 2008 or so. So I babied the thing and copied those files to a new drive. Then I unplugged the H drive and booted up. Static was gone. I'm assuming it had something to do with active indexing since I really didn't access that drive physicall
  6. Easy repair and price will depend on the result you want (visible fix or invisible fix). I can't do it: I don't move to Canada for another 3 years yet (y)
  7. Sometimes it is better to stay quiet.
  8. Except for the decal and its age, what is so special about the cases? I like to have the right case, too, but is that actually it?
  9. Ibanez has a semi hollow and a jazzbox that look pretty nice. Then there’s the bargain-priced ($499.99!) Duncan pre-wired, Bonamassa pickguard. who the hell is buying these things?
  10. Peter,


    I sent you an email in regard to a post you made in the WTB Californian thread.

    I responded to a message you had sent me a while back in regard to another Hamer I bought.

    I am interested in finding possibly buying a Californian


    Rick Recco

  11. Of course... & a fairly easy repair for the right skilled person
  12. Does anybody know a source for the "RAISED" Hamer case lock or latches?.. I have a Cheney type but it's requiring me to route into the case to obtain a flush fit... TIA Dave
  13. I rarely buy 'new' anymore, so it doesn't really matter that much to me. If I do see something I like, then I do a web search for reviews, and look for a used one, whatever that item is.
  14. I have been playing through the same '68 Vibro-Champ since 1977. The sandblasted ash look has been around for a while, but it seems like it is being pushed a lot more now. Maybe it is just Charvel, but that finish is on their Strats for their new releases. I am not thrilled with most new signature models. A Gilmour Martin?
  15. If we raise the money in exactly one year from today, send Josh his dosh, he overnights the Klon to the first person on the list, each person tests the Klon and overnights the thing to the next person, and FedEx never screws up delivery, the last person will get the Klon in 999,999 days - which will be, uh, December 13, 4758 - fortunately a Saturday, so if the last person gets weekends off, s/he'll have the whole day to play. I'm in.
  16. I remember the NYD debut record cover, but don't recall listening to the Dolls. I was too much into prog rock and fusion, and too dismissive of punk. But I really liked Lou Reed. Odd kid.
  17. Be-Bop Deluxe : Inventive themes and stories played out through theatrical musical scenes using composition, musicianship and production values that eclipsed most other art-school-sprung prog rockers. Still iconic. And Bill Nelson is a hellofa melodic guitarist. Marshal Crenshaw : His debut 1982 album laid bare plaintive schoolboy heartache expressed in upbeat catchy hooks hung on the strings of a reverb'd Strat, basic percussion, and bass. He strongly influenced New Wave with both his songwriting and that trio's sparse, open instrumentation. Although Holly influenced Crenshaw, this wasn'
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  19. Another pedal down, my JMP just started giving me fits. I'm going to have to find someone to fix it for me.
  20. Fender has released a 68 VibroChamp for $749....that looks cool, but I can have Lil Dawg make a hand wired head for under $600....
  21. Doesn't matter! That crackle is badass! And a reverse head stock with 24 frets and a toggle switch??? Yowza!!!
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