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  2. Have chisel, will travel. ETA: Who the hell sprays clear over old paint?? Damn. That guy needs to be kneecapped.
  3. I've got the gas for a PRS Vela. Especially the thinline. No idea why. Interesting pickup combination. Odd scale, 25", with an offset-ish body. But. With all my March, April, and I'm betting at least half my May gigs cancelled, I can't seem to pull the trigger. We're not even rehearsing. They say the first step to recovery is recognizing you have a problem.
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  5. I don’t know much about either of their catalogues, but I’d put BFS “Girl All The Bad Guys Want” right up there close to “Stacy’s Mom” on my all-time power pop favorites chart...
  6. My Fav 3: Harem Scarem Goo Goo Dolls Diving for Pearls
  7. New holes drilled and dowels installed today. Will drill screw holes tomorrow. So far, so good. Thanks guys.
  8. Studio rooms ARE expensive. 😉
  9. The Struts Bowling For Soup Slade Bowling For Soup consider themselves pop/punk. Ignore that. They play pop, and they have a Fountains Of Wayne connection.
  10. When I hear "Power Pop", I think of the Raspberries.
  11. A regular on the Lovepedal thread on TGP confirmed 18v is safe for the standalone OD11.
  12. Hard to say that my one and only Shishkov is not as good as any other I have had. This week, my favorite is a Thorn Artisan. Though I am not quite (yet) ready to say that "Old Blue" is still not my numero uno.....Hard to say it is my "best" guitar, yet somehow it is the one I turn to when I need the one that fits me best......
  13. Greg at BCR called me on the phone playing this one.
  14. Vanilla Zen is very, very, good. Clearest, less compressed, and most articulate of the Zen family.
  15. Bam ! That’s how you do it! Sounds great. I love how the snare pops. And the electric(?) coming in with that sustaining feedback is awesome. I wrote and recorded a Tremolo laden track today but it is not done nor is it polished lol. I am certain I will write a CV track soon. I am angry about it and strong emotions result in good music. Super job, Polara! Good mix and production too.
  16. I might have pulled that thread back up to add what follows but it was first posted about 5 1/2 years ago and the last post was October of '17, so it's been archived. That said, I wanted to add the outro solo on "Words of Wisdom", the last track on Another Page, the sophomore album by Christopher Cross (1982). Incredibly emotional playing by Cross himself. I looked thru the archived thread and didn't see that song listed. But do yourself a favor and listen to the entire song instead of just the outro. "Words of Wisdom" starts off with a rolling guitar line (like"Sailing" did on his first album), the orchestration is perfect, and there are excellent guitar volume swells throughout the presentation. The outro starts with a nice piano solo for about eight measures then Cross takes over. He's a much better player than many folks know. Not many fast passages but every note is heart-wrenching. I dare you not to get choked up--it's that brilliant, and would make my Desert Island Top 10 songs list. The reason I was motivated to this is on accounta Cross has just announced he's tested positive for Covida-19. Enjoy:
  17. Damn! Just missed out on that Robin Baritone!
  18. I have owned (and probably still own) an embarassment of guitars over the years. I don't think I've owned a guitar better than my Shishkov DC, and that only barely nudged out my Shishkov Ultimate, which topped my favorite Hamer Standard. The DC does it all, never goes out of tune, sounds and plays great, and the neck carve fits my hand like it was carved specifically for it.
  19. Gigolo Aunts You Am I Teenage Fanclub Superdrag Starbelly Cliff Hillis Greenberry Woods The Rooks P. Hux (Parthenon Huxley) (Just to name a few great ones that haven't been named) Obviously, stuff like The Knack, Romantics, Rubinoos, etc. - lots of classic stuff from the late '70s and early '80s.
  20. Really cool and versatile pickup combination there. You can do almost anything with that guitar.
  21. That's a real beauty Cam. Congrats!!!! There's a guy that lives in my town that owns the largest collection of Robin guitars in the world. He's got quite a few examples of every guitar Robin has ever built over the years. He's also got a lot of custom offerings that were just built from him. I think I'm going to hit him up and see how many guitars he has that are like your model and see if he'd let one go.
  22. These are easy and fun pedals to build! https://www.pedalpartsandkits.com/store/
  23. I thought I was the only person who tended to buy more shit when he wasn't playing. Good to know I'm not alone, haha!
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