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  2. I'm curious since this and a number of other products are now built by Boutique Amps Distribution. Does anyone know who owns/runs them? Their website has zero info the company. Is it just me or is that weird? It seems purposeful that they don't have this info anywhere.
  3. I literally stopped bending strings so dang much on Gibson scale guitars. If I can slide into or out of a note instead of a bend, I do it. Worse case scenario would be a bend on record, but a slide live (I obviously don’t play live so YMMV). The worst thing for me was replacing bluesy and emotional bending with actual fucking licks... I’m self taught and don’t know theory, don’t know any chords or know any scales. My first iteration as a guitarist was a Kirk Hammett “Kill em” All” era clone (LOTS of whole step bending)... my next was a grunge era Mike McReady/DeLeo clone (LOTS of whole step bending)... basically my solos were comprised of mostly blooz bends in the 80s and 90s. Coming up with actual licks was like pulling teeth with me... not easy. I wish I had some tips but I’ve tried everything I can get my hands on and nothing ever works. I do happily bend single notes on my Floyd Rose equipped guitars... no pedal steel, unison or adjacent bends involving more than one string though. These bending limitations really fucking suck IMHO.
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  5. That is absolutely fantastic. I’m over the moon for you. A great news story for the beginning of 2020. Is it going to be hung on a wall? Put in a cabinet for people to view? I hope it doesn’t remain cased under a bed!
  6. I think really good examples of rare AND desirable Hamer's will always command a good price. The standard issue, repeatable stuff, may face some downward pressure.
  7. I’ve met Tommy E. a couple times. Great guy. Very humble... (not dumble).
  8. Wish I could... I’ve lived vicariously throughout the years.
  9. Shure is always good. Lots of other good ones too. I like the Audix stuff - OM2, OM5 are both really good and also hypercardioid like the Betas. If price really isn't a concern, Neumann makes really nice condenser mic, the KMS 105. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/KMS105Nickel--neumann-kms-105-handheld-condenser-microphone-nickel and Telefunken makes one as well, though I haven't heard it. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/M80Blk--telefunken-m80-handheld-dynamic-vocal-microphone-black Also, the EV N/D 767 is nice, but they haven't made it in a while, you'll have to hunt for one. The newer replacement for that I've read a couple of unfavorable reviews.
  10. Reminds me of a deb's expensive party dress that she wore once to great effect, and then put out on consignment.
  11. Thanks. Our soundman recommended the Beta too.
  12. I really love Gibson SG's as well Have 2 of them
  13. I'm on the hunt for a PHANTOM Had one a while back got ripped in Erie PA. Best playin axe I ever had to this day
  14. Just acquired the red one Just cant find those prototype II's anywhere hardly
  15. Okay. We've been playing out again for about two years. Sixteen gigs, some better than others. I'm using the old SM-58 from decades ago. We use the Line 6 Stagescape board, powered Mackie 1x15 powered cabs and two 1x15 JBL subs. Volume is not an issue, and we're very pleased with what we're getting out of the PA and monitor mixes. I just want to have a better vocal microphone. Something that's an improvement over the SM-58. I just feel like there's something head and shoulders above the 58. Thanks in advance.
  16. You know that I love this, I even have the Fender amp knobs to make this a Muddy Waters model! But I gotta sell that g*****n amp (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
  17. There’s only 50 or so and it says Shishkov on the headstock! Mine ain’t for sale.
  18. He's looking for the "Ulitmate" after all these years!
  19. By "downsizing", he was mostly just selling off the crap (with one or two notable exceptions). He still has a stellar collection and is still picking up things.
  20. I can have it boxed and shipped tomorrow! Get your project up and going by the weekend!
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