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  2. Studio Custom

    FS: Circus Puke Prototype

    Seemed sold and then the buyer disappeared.
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  4. BTMN

    Joe Perry in Bad Shape

    Joe posted, or someone for him, a lil bit ago on FB that he is feeling better. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialJoePerry/
  5. cynic

    93 Special FM Aztec Gold

    Leg work
  6. diablo175

    News From The Bench

    I'm using http://www.guitarpaintguys.com/ brand
  7. Mattson


  8. Is up for sale on R..... I took extra good care of her (second owner as of 97) and would like to see her go to someone on this forum... Rob..
  9. Yesterday
  10. Agreed. Those make me gag when I look at them.
  11. devrock

    News From The Bench

    What brand are you using for the crackle?
  12. BubbaVO

    Saw Zebra Last Night

    That first album knocked me off my feet. Lik
  13. topekatj

    Anybody seen Dylan lately?

    I didn't know Dylan was getting back together....
  14. shankyboy

    New Guitar to me day : MonEl

    Nice score! I have the Monaco III and I love it more every time I play it.
  15. No affiliation: https://davesguitar.com/products/marshall/jcm-2550-model-2554-1-12-combo-87/
  16. I don't think it's a '91. I have a '91 Sunburst Archtop and mine has the pointed truss rod cover and a stadium logo. Nice looking green Studio though. Ambitious pricing.
  17. Len - I think it is KARMA....... 5 years later... Glad the old Sunburst went to an HFC'er, and local at that! Hope you enjoy it and hoping there will be another gathering of the Mid-Atlantic HFC contingency sometime soon. All the best!
  18. tbonesullivan

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    UGH. I would wager that it took so long to ship because 1) no one wanted to pack it 2) they didn't have the right box or 3) they are just lazy. See, they could have just said "look we don't have the right box to ship this mother effer yet." Instead they gave you excuses. Where I work. I've had to tell customers that "we're busy making sure it survives", because shipping a somewhat delicate 5 foot long musket worth 20 grand needs certain allowances to make sure it doesn't break. I can say that the Marshall TSL122 I got from Dave's guitars was packed very well. Survived just great. Now if only I had picked something/anything else to buy.
  19. Dasein

    News From The Bench

    that is positively bad ass! Like hurt-me momma bad ass.
  20. I wonder if that's the buyer, or if there was someone who flipped it in between. That is a really nice color, and I usually don't like green over maple.
  21. tbonesullivan

    WTB: Blues Pearl Amp

    Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long long time. Even when I started really getting into guitars and amps, they were somewhat mythical. The blue ones of course were the hardest to find. I have never seen one in person, though I know one guy who probably has one. He's got so many boutique amps I've never even heard of, which all sound incredible. Good luck with the hunt!
  22. diablo175

    News From The Bench

    Mmm... Glossy!
  23. Ooops! Sorry! I was thinking you had gotten the green one. I gotta learn to keep my keyboard shut until my meds kick in.
  24. No, sorry... I don't think I understood yours either... I bought the mirage, and returned it. the green one would have loved to have, but someone was very fast on buying that one.
  25. And a dang good one for the seller if he can move it for that price... for the next buyer...NOT!!!!
  26. I had two Texas Tornado-s around 2000? I think they were called that. One blue and one snakeskin. They were about $600 at the time. I put up an eBay watch a few years ago. Never saw one but there were other models available now and again but they were way over-priced. What are they going for these days? How did you get turned on to Blues Pearl?
  27. Am I missing something here Dave? Didn't you return that guitar to Sam's for not disclosing a ding on the neck?
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