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  2. Whadda friend in this video. Joel Dantzig! Hammer!! With friends like this, who needs PR? Almost like Kiz done it!
  3. I'll never understand why people treat Carvin like they're a punchline.
  4. Some like solid state. Others are into digital. You, amigo, are definitely a glass man.
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  6. Some of the TV Yellow finishes were yellow. Some were more greenish. That photo makes me think the finish is TV yellow with the camera messing up the color. Otherwise, that would be a cool looking green. Specials were white, cherry red, TV yellow, sunburst black over yellow, black, and natural. 1993 had thin necks. They possibly got thicker toward the end of 1993, and definitely had a nice medium thickness by 1994.
  7. Not only was it an option, but you could also play 3 periods of hockey when you were done playing! It was even available... ON THE DOUBLENECK
  8. You are going to come up with nothing. The name is AsTley.
  9. If an amp could do all the of the nifty stuff the AFX3 can, using only a volume and tone control, I'd be playing that.
  10. Is BSM still in business? I’m interested in the MTC and some of his boosters.
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  12. My tweed Champ clone would agree with 6&7s post...
  13. How does it sound in comparison to a typical Rangemaster type?
  14. I am obviously out of it....I gues I’d better google Rick Ashley....
  15. Should have used a hyphen, 3-48 There is. It's tapped at the ends for the minihum mounting screws. Height adjustments are done in the same way as full-size humbuckers mounted in rings, but with the minis both pickup and ring get closer to or further from the strings.
  16. I used to sell these. Great amps when they worked. If the EV was too harsh for you, a 12" speaker that is a bit more on the sweet side might be an Eminence Cannabis Rex.
  17. Can I swap my order for this one?
  18. I'm not sure a "tone" knob is a risk I'm willing to incur.
  19. If I hadn't already enough of them... For a while I'm kind of bored on the guitar and am searching for stimulus. My quest across the web led me to visit the Knight Audio Technologies homepage. Nigel Knight is know for producing the portable treble booster units that Brian May is wearing on the guitar strap connected between guitar and the signal radio unit. To keep the story short, I'm now the proud owner of one of these treble boosters. This one offers a great lead tone with boost of more up to 32.5 dB. If I recall it right, the original Rangemaster is about boosting 10 dB. My other treble boosters are all from BSM, shading various sound colors around the classic circuit, including the classic unit and a BM 80s sound model. Now I need get back into playing again... http://www.deacyamp.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=72
  20. o.k. : I get old.. and sentimental. My first (real amp) in the early 80´s has been an "acoustic G 100 T 112 W" . Perhaps some one remember ? I am on the way to buy one again now... As I remember the original speaker (EV 12L) sounds very "hard" and not "musically". (I would not play very loud - only at home-, so I don´t need the "strength" at all....) Any suggestions which speaker could fit to this amp?? (maybe Mesa Black Shadow ??)
  21. Is there a mounting plate in the cavities? How are they held in place?
  22. Live, they had always played the hard part out. I think I have scored the 73 live CD one day. Sound quality is a bit odd. But what can you expect from a 73 concert recording of a rock band at the time? Actually, I have always liked that they put B-sides that weren't on the long players. Not always the case, but quite often. Give Us A Wink really is their peak (album) on the hard rock side. Love Is Like Oxygen I have always thought has been highly underrated. Even from today's perspective it had highly modern songs on it. Ha, I'm still riding the wave... 🙂
  23. Not long ago I pickup a set of SD antiquity minihumbuckers to put in an old LP Deluxe. Duncan uses the typical method of install, soldering a nut to the height-adjustment screw with a spacer added to keep the pickup at a specific height above the ring. This wasn't going to work for my installation, particularly for the neck pickup. With the ring screwed down to it's lowest position the pickup stood too tall to avoid the strings. This is the time in most projects when things get put off and it's takes me a while to get around to finding/ordering pieces/parts to make things work as needed. True to my nature, this is how things stayed since November. I needed to take them apart and replace the factory spacer with something a bit longer to decrease the pickup profile. Duncan used 12mm aluminum spacers and 3/48 hex nuts soldered to the posts. Removing the solder and nuts from the posts was only a small hassle, but in my mind an unnecessary one. I chose 15mm nylon spacers and 3/48 nylon locking nuts for reassembly. This way they can easily be taken apart if needed for different installations in the future. The nylon lock nuts are easy peasy and seem to stay in place well enough. I had some difficulty finding them until I landed on a radio controlled airplane hobby site. If you ever need hardware smaller than Ace Hardware or Fastenal carries, RC shops are awesome. With everything back together it was time to test the fit. The profile of the neck pickup is now similar to that of the original Gibson pickup it's replacing. I find it odd that SD would spec a profile that creates problems for LP installs. All's well that ends well, I guess. Now it's time for some solder to get the install completed.
  24. I have heard people say that the Pubster 25 is pretty much an updated Rivera-era Super Champ. 1x10 with reverb and modes for more gain. Can't wait to bring this one up to top condition. It looks to be a 2008 model from the writing on the chassis, so hopefully the foam on the chassis hasn't turned to goo already. It really is a solidly built amp, just like my R55-12.
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