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  2. 1970 Princeton Reverb in a newer 1x12 combo cab with a ToneTubby ceramic. Get's the job done quite well.
  3. There's a good lookin' Standard belonging to James Honeyman Scott on the block there as well... https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/13312/lot/2312/
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  5. This is my grab and go for gigs. The other guitarist in my band always gets pissed at me, he wants me to carry my 4x12 cab and JMP top. He always takes at least one 4x12, sometimes the whole full stack, to gigs. But I hate to carry stuff. And for club gigs the combo is easy to get on stage quickly, mike one of the speakers and adjust the volume according to the soundmans wishes. Then just roll it out after the gig and in to the car. This is a Marshall 2040 combo from 1973. Rebuilt in to a JTM50 on channel two. Channel one is a 6G6-B type of circuit, but with EL34's of course. Solid state rectefier. I mostly use the JTM50 channel. It sounds like heaven. 1973 greenback G12H-30 speakers, one 75hz and one 55hz. It's a heavy beast. But it has got casters. So I just roll it, smooth, like a pimp.
  6. Looks like good news for me! I'll be looking to sell my mint Vector KK next year...
  7. Dang. That little amp...I’m getting the feeling again.
  8. This is my main amp. Mesa Boogie Mark V:35 head and Mesa Thiele 1x12" cab with C90 speaker.
  9. Very nice. Love the natural finish!
  10. Actually, it does appear to be a refin - there’s a “box” around the serial that wasn’t visible when I was looking on my phone screen. The serial looks like it was masked off.
  11. Was that at one of the Stevensville clinics? I recall hearing that same advice from him!
  12. Not sure if I like them or not, as I have never given the band much of a listen. Frankly, my first impression of bands from the subgenre I like to call "Sentence Fragment Metal" was not a positive one. Zoltan certainly racked up a few endorsement deals early on, so there is that.
  13. Definitely an alligator in there @hamerhead
  14. Wildwood is one of the best guitar shops in the world! They are the largest Fender Custom Shop dealer in the world too... I've purchased several guitars from them and their long-time sales guy Bruce is a personal friend. Very knowledgeable and easy to deal with... Highly recommended!
  15. A 5E3 Tweed Deluxe clone I built. I run a little battery powered pedal board with a tuner, OD, and a reverb pedal in front of it. Great little setup.
  16. 6V6 Splawn Super Sport head with a Bogner Cube or a Rivera era Super Champ, BBE Green Screamer
  17. Fender Super Champ XD, properly biased and with an Eminence Ragin' Cajun. I don't use the models much, if at all, and rely on a dirt pedal instead. Still, it has covered my needs nicely. On those (rare) occasions when I needed additional grunt, it went into a head cab run into an oversize 1 x 12 with an Eminence Ramrod. No muss, no fuss grab and go, one trip, a tweaked Pro Junior with an Eminence Copperhead and a Hamer Special with pickups out of an Eclipse.
  18. Blackstar Series One 10th Anniversary. Ten loud watts powered by a mighty KT88. Digital reverb. This has everything I need in a combo amp.
  19. 59 Tweed Deluxe Clone! Duncan delay, hall of fame reverb and a Barber Direct Drive, I’ve got an auto wah if it get’s funky and a home made fuzz if it gets old school dirty. That get me to most tones!! I also split the channels.
  20. polytune2 mini, chorus, delay and Lovepedal dirt (either a PurPlex+, Plexi100, Jubilee+). Oh, and Xotic miniwah on the floor. So, 4 plus one...
  21. Nice! Sure has the look you want in a Tweed. I had a '51 Deluxe (5A3) that I gigged with a couple of times. Something special about the old seasoned pine cabs in those - reverberates like mad so that even cleaner notes ring forever...
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