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  2. I noticed one I’ve been watching on Reverb left the building. Did you pull the trigger?
  3. Here's something to go along with a '59 or '60 LP RI, if anyone's...um, 'ambitious' enough (no affiliation, BTW)...a Hammond C-3, and it comes with a Hammond PR-40 Tone Cabinet. Pretty cheap, only about $3 or $4 a pound: https://davesguitar.com/products/hammond/c3-w-pr-40-tone-cabinet-59-60-madison-608-405-8770-local-pickup-only/
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  5. Definitely a sexy machine! Price seems reasonable to me... close to what I just paid for my Korina...
  6. I'm asking the collective mind of the HFC if they struggle with this sort of issue, or is it just me? Trust me; it's just not you. I have the same problem.
  7. 20 years ago they were $250. So is my price OK? Serious question, because I asked what Dave was asking, thinking it wasn't out of line. ETA: Plus, it's got my mojo on it, which makes it worth waaaay more.
  8. Just about every piece of gear I have was purchased used, and nothing is vintage to the point where it could be considered an appreciating asset. Someone else took the initial hit of depreciation. I think I'm less concerned about a loss of value than I am about defacing a "work of art" with a dent or scratch. My slightly battle-scarred USA Peaveys see much more playing time than my like-new Hamers, Lakland or Fender. In my case, these days "playing time" means in the living room, annoying my dog.
  9. I play ‘em all. If they are super clean I take extra special care of them.
  10. You over paid. Fifteen years ago they were $350.
  11. Shut up, Ben. You can play and you f-ing know it. Notice I didn't say how well... 😆
  12. Oh, and I'm going bare bones with the food choices this time. I've got the sausages, the queso dip and chips, and the bar cookies covered. If anyone wants anything else, like potato salad or baked beans, bring it along. It's all about the music anyway, right?
  13. I have owned guitars that never got touched because they where an investment and the value appreciated faster than a savings account and it was safer than the stock market. I don’t have any now, but I would’t be afraid to pluck 20k down on the right guitar and wait for the right time to sell it again. My players are just that, players...
  14. Love it. Some favorites of mine in there but every one of them looks killer.
  15. I sold my for-Japan-market-only Hamer USA Rick Nielsen 'Signature' Standard a few years back for pretty much the same reasons Stobro mentioned. I bought it new in the mid-90's from Music Land KEY in Shibuya (Tokyo), back when I was stationed in Japan with the U.S. Navy. It was a helluva souvenir of my time there, but I didn't enjoy playing it much (and I didn't play it much) as I was afraid of dinging it or having some other mishap happen to it. So eventually away it went! My current guitars are Tele-style Partscasters that I bought used, the attraction of those for me was the build quality as well as the type of wood and kind of pickups used. Plus, somebody else spent the big money getting those put together in the first place, so I didn't have to. They'll never be 'collectible' as far as I know, but that's not what I bought them for. Thing is, whatever guitars I have now will probably outlive me; and since I'm not getting any younger, I'm gravitating towards instruments nowadays that I enjoy playing and using, rather than ones that I rarely even look at or that I'm afraid of 'hurting' in any way just by taking them out of the case.
  16. ...but never loan anything to Quentin Tarantino!
  17. If The Edge, Bonamassa, Fogerty, etc. can bring uber-rare gear on tour and all over the world, there shouldn't be anything that we could acquire which couldn't make the occasional bar gig appearance. My (used to be, anyway) '58 Esquire.
  18. ... as a wanna-be player, I’m pleased to report my next batch of display cases are being delivered on Monday!
  19. Digitech Bad Monkey. Every once in a while the big boys hit it out of the park.
  20. If it can't be used, gigged, played or rode hard and put away wet? Belongs in a museum or wanna-be player's display case. Next.
  21. I got rid of all those guitars that were super clean, very expensive and sometimes uninspiring. I love what I have now and that is a good thing. Cars? I have a project that I started 11 years ago and after the kids came, there was no $ or $ that I could convince myself was OK to spend doing it. Only recently have I dove back into considering finishing it and I just might. You can't have EVERYTHING, but you should damn will enjoy and appreciate what you do have. Its yours and if you can withstand someone not liking it as much as you do, its worth having.
  22. The only gear that will not leave the house is my Boogie Studio 22 because it is in pristine condition. It was bought new in 1986. The guitars are still played. Beaters are ready for jams. Think of your guitars like cars in that you will put wear on frets just like you will put wear on brakes. It is OK. You do not drive your Lamborghini off-road, so do not dig a ditch with your Hamer.
  23. Over the years I've acquired more gear- guitars, basses, amps, etc.- than a person of my limited talent should be allowed to have. Most of it is workaday stuff and not particularly valuable. Some of it is what I thought at the time was "Holy Grail" merchandise that I had coveted for years. The thing is, I don't use the fancy stuff because I don't want to damage it and potentially deflate its value. Plus there's the "I'm not worthy" mentality where I don't want to appear like a hack with more money than talent (even if that's what I am). I ended with with a lot of money tied up in merchandise that just collects dust. I'm asking the collective mind of the HFC if they struggle with this sort of issue, or is it just me? This also affects other aspects of my life- like cars, for instance. What good is a mid-life-crisis sports car if I can't relax when driving it for fear of breaking something or just getting it dirty? I might be better off with something less exotic and conspicuous. You know, in case I do something stupid with it.
  24. Sadly, they are all loved and all gone. GAS is a terrible, terrible thing!
  25. Cool collection! You play them all, right?
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