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  2. That invoice looks to be for a refret and pickup change, not a guitar.
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  4. Not true~ Vintage 1992 Hamer USA Californian Elite Antique Burst Celebrity Owned Near Mint 1 of 1 https://reverb.com/item/63564251?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=android-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=63564251
  5. Nice grab...and Welcome to the hood....I mean Forum. Please let us know if she works out for you. I've heard that repaired necks are sometimes stronger, but they still give me the Heebie Jeebies.
  6. Even MJ is thinking, "Look at this fuckin' freak!"
  7. Nice entry! Looks like it was done reasonably well, some others here can certainly comment better on that. If nothing else, as long as it's playable, you'll have a cool beater guitar.
  8. No. They're just drilled for humbucker legs. They're deeper than a factory route, but should be okay.
  9. That was me.. I want to thank you PF for sharing this link. I'm gonna see how it looks when it arrives, as they have the 48-hour return policy. I've been waiting for something sorta like this, and that price-color-case combo won me over. I can handle an ugly neck if the guit works. It does freak me out a little, like what if I need to use the truss rod.. I've never owned a repaired guitar so I may just leave it tuned down. I am hopeful. 😀
  10. so.... am I wrong, but don't the two holes (inside the big hole) go all the way through?
  11. Have you seen what Steve Steven's wears on stage?
  12. PSA @ Daves ‘92 Special has a heel repair but the price may be just right for someone looking for a guitfiddle with P 90’s. https://www.davesguitar.com/products/special-92
  13. Sorry to hear about another loss. RIP Kurt.
  14. Yeah. And 229638 was probably the only '92 Hamer built in 1982. I'm sure that was just a clerical error.
  15. He's a member here and had posted it here for a long time.
  16. Even if he COULD remember that period, it's highly unlikely he'd remember that guitar. I highly doubt that's ever even been in the same zip code as Pat T. He's gone on record stating that he loathes Floyds, despite Pat Thrall being an early user. But by all means, Mr. Seller...just go with your unsubstantiated B.S. Funny how when this exact guitar was for sale less than a year ago, there was zero mention about Pat.
  17. Nah. That's a typical neck joint on one of those. It's still stronger than some SGs!
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