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  3. Just saw a clip of Clapton guesting with him on this tour. Frampton smoked him. BTW, "Fingerprints" is a terrific record.
  4. I can't really say records, since I got them because that's where the music is, innit? If I were to unload the mountain o' guitars, I'd likely go to work expanding/completing my collection of WW II battle rifles. If I really had my druthers and the money, I'd collect those cantankerous unreliable and yet somehow appealing little English sports cars from the 1960s. A Jag or a big Healy would be nice but I'm drawn to the MG's, Triumphs and such that you had to blow up the tires because the wire wheel spokes worked loose and punctured the inner tubes, the electrics are a completely non-functional mystery and you have to steer them with your butt. I reckon 3 or 4 of those qualifies as a collection. A Sunbeam Tiger would be the crown jewel for me.
  5. Oh man, so sad to hear. Rest Easy, Ray, and thanks.
  6. Has anyone tried a Princetone Reverb? Is it supposed to give you the overdriven sound of a princeton, or can you get clean sounds out of it?
  7. Jakeboy


    Prayers for his fam and May he RIP. We swapped some gear o er the years and I loved his posts.
  8. What about one of those drum accompaniment pedals like this: https://digitech.com/en-US/products/sdrum
  9. I got to meet him in 2010. He really was a nice guy.
  10. I like Squeeze a lot. I still have the copy of ARGYBARGY I bought when it came out, one of my favorite albums. Definitely a “desert island” album pick.
  11. Miss this dude.

  12. 0054


    That's sad, prayers for his family. He was a good guy.
  13. He was a great guy to talk with. I met him at Bruce’s place back in 2010. He fought a similar cancer to the one I had and we chatted a few times about it in recent years. RIP Ray.
  14. Thanks for sharing that article. If he'd just produced and promoted the Bad Brains, that'd be amazing by itself. Still chasing that elusive 'Gimme something to grab for' solo. I *think* Daryl from BB played base on a lot of album.
  15. Oh, I get it now, you're talking about the 12-string bass. Sorry, I wasn't focused on that at first.
  16. How much is not expensive? The Elektron Model:Samples is a great unit that is really easy to program. I think it is about $400 though.
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  18. Only if you let us borrow your Tele from time to time.
  19. Just had to wipe the monitor; I spat out my manhattan all over the keyboard and desk, too. @Vic Croll (Concrete Sox) Nice craftsmanship and care. Thanks for sharing your work!
  20. Seconded. Great article. Craftsmanship, experience, humanity. Good combinations.
  21. Is midi through your PC an option?
  22. You found a real 52?? AWESOME!! I had the custom shop 52 pup’s in my tele and loved them for all kinds of stuff w a 4 way switch!! Position 4 was really close to Les Paul tones... turned both pups into a pseudo humbucker!!
  23. That is a super cool lofi pedal!! If it comes down to getting a comp pedal I have to thro the Barber Compressor new or old style into the mix. Parallel guitar compression can be really cool dialed in...
  24. Chris, That is odd as well...I have that pedal and several COT50 variants and all are quiet
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