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  2. Much easier to dial in than you think, especially in this case- I'm leaving all my custom presets and IRs in her for any HFC buyer. And yes, stereo.
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  4. http://www.vintage47amps.com/V47-Speakers/ I have their 25W Alnico speaker, stunning.
  5. Hey @gorch, welcome back. As you can see, the Hamer virus is still with me ...
  6. It appears that COVID locked down the video. It‘s not available from here. And I‘m vaccinated. 😷
  7. That was a member’s from here that was for sale two weeks ago - did somebody buy it and flip it for almost double what Matt was asking or did Matt sell it on Reverb?
  8. They’ve been rotating a few pedals through tonight, I’ve noticed. Two more have been added in the last hour.
  9. I have some 6x9 vintage Jenson's I took out of a 1962 Leslie cabinet. There where 6 I think that went round and round. I needed the other stuff for parts and kept the tubes and transformers. He can have the speakers just pay shipping. I there's a couple in very good condition!
  10. Many years ago I had a chiropractor tell me to rest my foot on a 4" or so step, box whatever. I had a really messed up L5 S1 situation after years of humping gear in and out of bars. The step made my hips shift and really helped me get thru a night of playing! Just another thing for you to try. The wide strap gets my vote along with light guitars!! Good Luck!
  11. I get that a lot. Been compared to Steve the drummer way too often…
  12. Lawdhavemussy, I am such a sheep:
  13. There's a borrowed Helix in the other room that pretty much extinguished pedal GAS, but a Bonetender and 200 lbs of fuzz fell into my cart and you know how that goes...
  14. I'm in for a 200 lbs of gold...fat and dark is my thing.
  15. Hang in there. Ever try an inversion table. I love mine.
  16. Yes we are live with a sale at pre-COVID prices!!!
  17. Those of you interested might want to check in.
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  19. I liked them in the '70s through Eye in the Sky. After that, not so much. The variation in lead vocalists in order to match their styles to specific songs was brilliant, I think. My band started covering this one during the lockdown and it's easily become a crowd favorite. Funny thing is, everyone seems to know the song, but almost no one identifies it as an APP tune.
  20. I'm really pleased for you Ting and as always cheering from afar!
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