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  2. So they both arrived and I left the day after for a week's vacation at my in-laws place. Did not bring them. First impressions- The Rickenbacker is on the light side (good). Felt really good to strap on-plugged it in and there it was. Not sure how I went all this time without having one around the house considering Squire and Lee are my biggest bass influences. I need to get the cover off the treble pickup and install the bezel I bought from the Rickenbacker boutique when I get home. The Jazz bass will be a great solution for having a fretless without having a lot of money tied up in one. If I trip over a really nice fretless Cruise 2Tek that would be a different story...
  3. Foam surround? Hard to tell from the picture but it looks like it. If that’s the case I’m guessing stereo woofer!
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  5. You're welcome! Glad it made it there in one piece. That guitar has a lot of 4321 Club mojo on it too.
  6. To be fair its sounds pretty much like as you would expect a junior to sound - I'd say it sounds "loud" - if that makes sense - potentially there is some EQ frequencies that are emphasised - but I can't really put my finger on it. It just sounds good!
  7. Awesome, Just the idea of was looking for. Does the volume you play the amp have any the load mismatch? i.e. If I don't play at higher volumes am I less likely to blow something?
  8. A work of art. Beautiful. And that picture helps to do it justice. I have a humble standard spec Studio I found cheap on CL but I will say the top also has beautiful grain. Hamer did not discriminate. Great guitars. Good luck with the sale. And I hope it stays in the club.
  9. All i use is a digitech RP 355. But all i really use is distortion. When i mix down on my MIXCRAFT 8 PRO STUDIO DAW, I might add a little chorus and maybe a little reverb. I don't use a lot of effects. Use to many and your music sounds like a jumbled mass of shit. It's a lo t easier getting crystal clear recordings without a lot of effects. To each his own. The RP 355 has it all man. Everything i need in 1 unit. Of course i'm not gigging. I'm just writing and recording. With the help of my vocalist from Tulsa we manage to create some halfway decent stuff. He is an old band mate. We've been doing this for about 3 years. We have 18 copyrights so far. Any of you guys heard of REVERBNATION ? if not it's a musicians website with over 6 million members. You can post your tunes for the whole planet to listen to. There are constantly record labels looking for new stuff. Everybody wants to make the cash. So if you think your songs are good enough for people to listen to put them on there. You can join for free. If anybody is interested JImmy and i call ourselves Bottoms Burning. You can browse reverbnation and find us. There are a few bands that call themselves that. We are the ones with DRUNKEN STATE COLLEGE on a sweatshirt. Had Custom ink put that on there for me. Naturally there is some real crap on there but there is great stuff as well. Usually the higher ranked ones are the best. There is a ton of hip hop, rap whatever you want to call it. But there are all genres any style you can think of. It's really worth at least checking out. A lot of people have their music for sale cheap, Ours is protected so we opt to let people download if they wish. There are people out there with resources looking for ideas to rip off. That's why copyrighting is the way to go. Mailing yourself an unopened cd of your stuff and relying on the post date is no good according to the powers that be. Copyrighting is a pain at first but it gets easy. The more members the more complicated it gets. You can copyright 9 tunes for 55 $. As a collective work the trick is you need to choose CONTENTS TITLE when it comes up. Do that and your golden. Strongly suggest that people serious about it get their shit copyrighted. It really is the only way to protect your ideas. And i know for a fact that there are an awful lot of good ideas out there. Every musician i know and have ever known have at least some of their own stuff. Most of what i've heard is pretty decent. Sooooo Keep on rockin
  10. Like to two layer for the wiring. Cool Surf board idea. I almost used my old skateboard.
  11. I love those guitars, but I don't know the differences in all the models to ever consider pursuing one. If I saw one in a shop, I wouldn't know what I was looking at.
  12. Czech made Korina Vs and Zs! YUM!!!! Best bang for the dollar.
  13. This is the story behind that cover: The band got the pressing for On Through The Night and were furious at the cover. The label choose it without the band even knowing. They hated it, such a bland design. It looks like a cover for your standard 70's AOR band. Just meh. So for their next album they wanted something special. They contacted the guys at Hipgnosis, who had done all the cool Pink Floyd covers, Led Zeppelin, ELO, AC/DC etc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hipgnosis . They were THE art agency for cover art in the 1970's. Look at all the great covers they've done. But, as the band was still kinda un known, Hipgnosis presented them with this idea of the diver and the empty pool. The band loved it and took it on the spot. In later days Joe Elliot found out that this cover was initially made for PInk Floyd, but they rejected it. So it had been sitting on a shelve collecting dust for some years. Joe still loves this cover though, and it's a great story behind it. I love it too. Great artwork. Weird. But that album stood out on the shelves in the record stores, and I for certainly choose to spend my hard earned money on that album over some run of the mill Tygers of Pan Tang album. Most probably because of that cover. It told me this was not just another nwobhm album, it was something more. And it for sure was!
  14. Yeah, and to be clear, I didn't mean to suggest the Super C isn't an incredibly well built guitar. I'm sure Mike really dedicates the same awesome craftsmanship to that as to anything he does.
  15. Hello I just acquired a 1995 Hamer eclipse 12 string. Hasn't even shipped yet. Got it from a studio in Delaware. According to the dude it's 1 of 200 made. Also that it has been on quite a few artists albums. Looked up the value in the blue book of guitar values and couldn't even find a listing. Which is strange. Perhaps because there were so few made ??? Anyway I've been reading raving reviews on this guitar. No bad ones at all that I saw. One dude said I kinda sounds like DO IT CLEAN by ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN. Gave it a listen, I like it. Also 1 dude said after playing and getting one of these he sold his Rickenbacher 12 string. Said it couldn't hold a candle to the eclipse. Everybody agrees on the following, Easy to restring, stays in tune, durable, ( guitar and finish ) Sounds fantastic. Just what you would expect from a vintage Hamer. I have a 1984 prototype 2. Best guitar ever. Except it's heavy as hell a little over 10 lbs. Like having a downrigger weight tied to your shoulder. Other than that it is phenomenal. Best sounding clean guitar I've ever heard. With the middle and neck pickups selected. Has that kind of single coil strat sound. I rewired it recently. And I used the STEVE STEVENS wiring PDF. Well the way that is you cant get the middle and bridge pickups at the same time, No motherbucker effect. Which is 1 thing Hamer is famous for. So I don't understand that. All you have to do is switch the hots for neck and mid. That will allow you to have everything you want. Had to get my neck pickup rewound as well. I found this guitar in a music shop in @ 1988 or so. For 300 bucks. A buddy of mine saw it and knew I was into Hamers. The reason it was so cheap is because there was a small Kayhler issue. Took 5 minuets to fix man. It was black. The paint was all worn off the back of the neck..and the finish was real bad. So I kept it like that for a while and got sick of it so I pulled it apart and had a friend put about 13 coats of white laquer on there. looks great. They came with black , white and candy apple red, and another color I can't remember. Can't seem to get any pictures posted which sucks man.
  16. I´ve buyed an old acoustic amp with a "wrong" speaker inside. But what it is? (12") Thanks for a hint !
  17. Oh look! A dead horse! I gotsta beat on it some!! Gonna try for some straight answers here... First, you have two 8-ohm speakers and two four ohm speakers. For the 8 ohms (or the 4's for that matter), any sonic difference between series and a parallel wiring is likely, as noted previously, somewhere in the province of Eric Johnson. We mere mortals needn't worry our pretty little heads about it. What is more important is the impedance match between the amp an the cab. A tube amp with an impedance selector on it will put out the same amount of power at each of its impedance ratings provided the speaker load is matched. OK, that's out of the way. If I'm reading your intentions wrong, just stop me right here................................. OK, what you want to do is take the 8's and wire them in series = 16 ohms. Then take the Eminence 6's (which punch way above their pay grade) and wire them in series too = 8 ohms. Wire these two pairs in parallel and you get a combined impedance of 5.33 ohms. If you care, see the magic formulae and incantations above. Now then. Having had a Footnote and the speaker (I actually have 4 of these speakers looking for a cabinet), I know that the Footnote was originally driving one of those 6's. Ergo, a 4 ohm load. Solid state amps generally don't mind an impedance mismatch to the up side even if they produce less power and this is a pretty minor mismatch. Additional speaker cone area as well as cabinet design can more than overcome this. So, you're cool with running the Footnote into all 4 speakers in this configuration. Now, with the Monoprice: tube amps, as a general rule, are more tolerant of an impedance mismatch to the down side than they are to the up side. The exception I've found is with EL84 amps which I think has more to do with the output transformers. Yours is a 6V6 and the output transformer looks pretty hefty. Again, this is a fairly minor mismatch, so you should be just fine. This is commonly called series/parallel wiring and most 4 x 12 cabs have been wired this way since Pete Townshend demanded them from Jim Marshall. Take THAT, EJ... 🤣
  18. What Dutchman said. The host moved us to a new server, and of course promised no disruptions, but apparently it restored to a point prior to a number of posts within the last 24-36 hours.
  19. Might of had to do a system reboot to an earlier point in time to get the bug out???
  20. Sad. I play the shit out of my Triple Threat and it's keeps getting better with time. The LE's are tremendous instruments and designed to be used as such.
  21. Huzzah!!! The blackout gave me time to reconsider making an offer in the For Sale board, so... bummer for the potential seller, good for my Shishkov account.
  22. Aesthetically, the Super C doesn't appeal to me either. I am completely in awe of Mike's artistry and craftsmanship on the 2 Super C's I've seen and played. In some ways, I think the Super C is superior to the Cali but will add the caveat: without a standard, bench line model to put head to head, that's a tough call. Acknowledging it's purely subjective nature, I'd take the shape of the Cali with it's flatter surface and nice rounded body edges any day.
  23. Some of my last posts are missing. No big loss.
  24. Same concern about damaging my “regular” Studio Custom, much less this very nice one. Buy two, play one.
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