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  2. Apparently they do not if Prime delivery is two weeks out. I'm going to let it ride and see if they come through. It's not like a Jet Phaser is an essential item. I would expect more from Muse's muse however.
  3. I got the same message. I canceled the order and was considering getting it from another source. But I just paid my daughter's tuition over the weekend. So I ain't buying nuffin right now.
  4. Read it again. Mojotone had nothing to do with defrauding anyone. The pre-wired rig sellers are the ones that put the phony labels on the caps, not Mojo.
  5. I still have my signed picture disc EP of Fu*ck like a Beast. It's a classic!
  6. Hate to see you deprived of the 4 knobs on that unit. Just goes to show: never buy an inexpensive phaser from this man:
  7. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know One of my new favorites to play live.....Not quite like that, of course....šŸ˜‰
  8. Nice recap... The first Wasp and Armored Saint lp's were on regular playlist in our dorm room. That first Wasp album was pretty good, production wasn't that great. trying to think about that early wave of metal signings.... Great White, Malice, Savatage, Ratt, Twisted, Black and Blue... I noticed WASP brought back F like a... back into the setlist. Blackie wouldn't sing it for years
  9. Warning! I placed an order on Friday through the linked Reverb ad. At the time there were 2 units in stock according to the listing. I received the following message from the seller today: Hello, Thank you for your order and we appreciate your business. Although we try our best to maintain 100% accuracy with inventory, there are still rare occasions where we experience an inventory error. An example would be when two customers buy the same item at around the same time on two different places. We regret to inform you that we are currently out of stock of the item you purchased. We have contacted the manufacturer regarding your order and expect to hear back shortly with availability and have every intention to expedite your order once the product is received. In the meantime our sales staff would be happy to speak with you regarding your order and to see if there may be other alternatives to your original purchase. As always, we are also happy to refund you in full as well. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. Look forward to hearing from you. Pit Bull Audio
  10. Yep, I've since found that out....seem this guitar was taken to some sort of Heritage even and signed at that time.
  11. Nice guitar. Marvin Lamb and Ren Wall work at Heritage. Iā€™m pretty sure they were originally with Gibson as well.
  12. A few months ago a friend and I got tickets to see W.A.S.P. and Armored Saint in Charlotte. Another friend had a conflict with the show date for Charlotte, but last week he said, "Hey, man. You wanna go see the Atlanta show?" Well, yeah. I guess I could do that. Then the friend with the other Charlotte ticket jumped in. We went to Atlanta on Friday night. Late start. No traffic. A desire for pizza. We arrived before the doors opened at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, but the line wrapped around the block. The show was sold out. My spot was in the middle of the floor. It was distant for the size of the venue, and would be great if we were in a giant amphitheater or coliseum. I had to put up with some taller people in front of me, but there was no trouble for me. The girl who rode down with us worked her way forward and had to put up with young people trying to mosh. Neither W.A.S.P. nor Armored Saint are mosh pit bands. Armored Saint was killer when I saw them a few years ago. They were incredible in Atlanta. John Bush is every bit the front man that Bruce Dickinson is. These guys should have been bigger. They look at the audience. They move around. All the songs get to the point quickly. They sound metal. I could have been happy just seeing Armored Saint. W.A.S.P. did their set. They start with a medley. They run two songs in the encore together. Blackie Lawless does not make the evil faces he was known for years ago. Blackie also has a giant mic stand that makes it harder to see him. I could see his face from where I was, but if one was up on the front row it was more difficult. His band was on fire. During the last song of the night everyone who has been in W.A.S.P. appears on the video screen behind the band along with a thank you list to everyone who helped the band. I noticed the names of Rod Smallwood and Bernie Rico, Sr. among the many. Regardless of any issues in departures from the band everyone was acknowledged. On the way home all three of us felt that both bands were equally appealing. I was kind of leaning toward Armored Saint. Sunday was supposed to be the opportunity to get a better spot on the floor. We paid for early entry in Charlotte! All the traffic problems usually associated with trips to Atlanta magically happened to all of us driving to Charlotte. I still managed to hit the barricade in front on the left side of the stage. Tammy, the girl who was with us in Atlanta arrived after the fast pass people were let in, but I let her have my spot on the barricade and stood behind her. She got great photos, but I am not posting them without permission. Armored Saint is almost all original members. Dave Prichard died 30 years ago, and Jeff Duncan took his place. Sunday night was Prichard's birthday, so the night's performance was dedicated to him. The Armored Saint set made me think, "Yeah. I like this band better." Everyone played ESP guitars. Joey Vera had an ESP P-bass and Hartke speaker cabs. Jeff Duncan played an ESP Strat the entire time. Phil Sandoval played ESP Arrow (Flying V with a different cut) models and a Gibson Les Paul. The guitar speaker cabs had Krank badges on them. There were no heads. It was rackmount modeling amps for these guys. The drums had a variety of company logos on the bass drum heads that reminded me of the sponsorship stickers on race cars. W.A.S.P. did their set. I got a better view of Blackie at this show. Like in Atlanta, he walked to the front of the stage on the left side more often than the right. In Atlanta I thought he was playing B.C. Rich Warlock, but the logo was different. At this Charlotte show I saw that it was an LTD. Both his bass player and guitar player had ESP instruments. A P-bass and those Eclipse model (Les Paul shaped) guitars. No amps were on stage. It was worth seeing W.A.S.P. again, but on the way out the door I bought an Armored Saint T-shirt. Armored Saint was my preference of the two bands. If you are thinking about going to see this tour I suggest buying the Armored Saint meet and greet that we regretted not purchasing. You get a T-shirt, some picks, and you get early entry to the show. The cost is not far above what you would pay for the shirt, picks, and an early entry pass. I think I could write a novelette about the drunk beside me in Charlotte. That story has nothing to do with guitars, though. I will not wish him any harm. In fact, I want him to enjoy other concerts. I would love for him to be in the audience at a recent Dave Prichard performance. Armored Saint setlist W.A.S.P. setlist
  13. (The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance - YouTube Music
  14. Yeah, yeah, I know. Two people meeting just to sell a guitar might not constitute a gathering but it was fun!! Sold Rugby1970 my 97 Special FM this afternoon and we stood and talked a minute. Funny thing about conversations with meetings like this it goes from point a to point d to point z and then to point b. So much to talk and laugh about in such short time frames. Life IS Good!!!!
  15. Wrong place. šŸ¤ 
  16. When I started playing, after I first changed pickups, I'd ask friends to look into their guitars to see how they were wired. I saw almost nothing but tan ceramic caps in there and a few that were green (mylar?). Never saw this fancy stuff, but none of us had fancy guitars at that point. Fortunately, no audience members at gigs came up angry that the tone would be better if only we'd used more expensive caps.
  17. Thank you for the kind words. And double thanks for the KNON name. I should have the CD's next week. I'll let you all know when they are ready. ernie
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