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  2. This is the first one. Same layout as a typical Hamer but angled. The Bigsby got in the way of the switch. Jol had me delete the switch and place it in the third potentiometer position.
  3. No shenanigans. Only when you got up within 2 feet, in the right lighting and were specifically looking for them, could you see them.
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  5. Why would he expect a refund before he sends the item back? Who does that. So wierd. definitely call reverb this morning, they should take care of it from here.
  6. I’ll take tubes over profiles every day!! They’re good and getting better but just not there yet!! A cranked tube amp has thrilled listeners for dang near a century!!
  7. Very cool! Here's a little something you might like to see, if you haven't found the web pages already: http://www.silvertoneworld.net/amps_50s.html http://www.silvertoneworld.com/amplifiers/1392/1392.html
  8. 1958 Silvertone Model 1392 ... 10 watts of Silvertone fury ...
  9. We played a gig this past friday with some other bands. I used the amp the club provided as we only had 5 minutes between each band. It was a Hot Rod Deluxe and it sounded much better than I expected. Smart little Fender amp. Anyway. The other bands, much younger players, all had brought their Kempers and what have you. I have to say, standing in front of the stage watching, that profiling amps just don't sound right in small clubs. In an arena, when everything comes out of the PA they might work. But it just sounded puny and weak when the guitars only came from the PA, when the live drums came from the stage and the PA combined, and the bass too. They all had set their guitartones for sweeping arpeggios and that nu-metal rythm tone with kinda scooped mids. But it just not the same as a guitar coming from a real amp on full blast - miked, so that it comes from the PA and stage at the same time. I want my bones rattled. Those Kempers sound like castrated dogs, no oomph. I will never go down that road. It's like riding a skateboard for real down a steep road, or playing Nintento Wii, riding that interactive skateboard infront of a tv-screen. So, I rather grab my to go amp for gigs. It's worth the hazle, always.
  10. I’ll poke around and post it when I find it.
  11. That’s really cool! I’d love to see that!
  12. Hamer’s ‘94 and ‘95 Swamp Ash stock was actually pretty heavy. Don’t recall exactly if that’s why they switched to Alder in ‘96 for most Cruise/Daytona/T-51 bodies, or not.
  13. My Micro Block got here today, too. Still in the box, though.....
  14. Wifey bought me this for Christmas last yr. Wonder what's gonna be under the tree this yr...


  15. My original (I've had three) 2230 went dark over a period of years. Our soundman worked at Audiotronics in Orlando, so he replaced them from time to time. First wife got that one. They do pop transistors on occasion and the transistors are known to "weaken". The one I have now has new transistors and extra bulbs! I'm guessing that the aforementioned tune-up being about $200 is spot on. If you listen to vinyl or tape, you should restore yours to it's original form. If you're using a "service" and all your music is on your phone, it might be a fool's errand.
  16. +1 - That is a BEAST! I have its smaller brethren, an SX-980. If it broke, I wouldn't hesitate to fix it. Love the sound, and real wood, of these old 70's receivers . Fix the Marantz!!
  17. The twilight shot. I'm just glad I didn't knock it off the railing, lol. It's about a 20' drop. I'm just glad it sounds so killer, definitely the best sounding of the 3 cruises I have owned.
  18. Oh shit.. this more neutral lower light picture shows the telltale red hue of alder... dangit, it's alder. 2 piece means that there could have been knots on the other side of the blank. Definitely AAA grade alder (hence the many open pores which gives it such beautiful texture).
  19. Mine showed up today. Power stuff is bigger than the pedal/ power amp. Plugged it into a 4x12 guitar>dirt box> delay> quilter> cab. Not Bad! in a pinch, you can have a tago the way you want and just plug into a cab. It can get loud. controls are good, not "that" sterile in tone. With the right pre amp in front.... I got two to make a on the cheap wet dry wet rig
  20. I don't do 'Heave 'n' Go' (or 'Grab 'n' Go', for that matter) anymore, all my current amps are heads, and I don't have anything bigger than 18 watts...though 18 watts is more than enough and plenty loud for me and for home use. I've got a couple of VHT Standard 18 heads (the ones with the mahogany front panel), the Mojotone 18-watt Marshall Model 1974 clone head that HFC member Fractal built and I bought here on the board, and my 15-watt Mack Skyraider head. They're all toteable if I wanted to tote, which I'd rather not. I've got one comfortably light weight Seismic speaker cab with a Eminence GB128 speaker that won't mess up my back, but my VHT 1x12 extension cab (which matches the width of the Standard 18 head...and both are w i d e to begin with) isn't something I'd want to carry around for long.
  21. No knots and some sections on the back even look a little flamey. Maybe it's maple?
  22. So I'm guessing we'd have heard if there were any shenanigans or carelessness evident. Were the meltdown-precipitating cracks very evident?
  23. Quilter came in today, just sat with it for 20 minutes plugged into a 2 x 10 pine cabinet I had built with Eminence Legends in it. Played my Suhr Classic T with a mini Humbucker in the neck. Sounds surprisingly good for the $179 I paid for it. I was happy to discover that the tone controls are not at fixed detents, they move smoothly from setting to setting. The "Lead" voice is crap, but the others are useable and once I put a few dirt pedals in front and a reverb pedal in the loop, this would be useable as an emergency backup for gigs. Not such a Stupid Deal if you ask me!
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