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    Thank you, Roy Clark. We miss you.

    Brilliant musician on many instruments not just guitar,some guys just have "IT" and ROY certainly did! RIP!
  3. I would, but I'm tapped out after giving to all of the millionaire celebrities who lost their homes.
  4. Insurance never covers everything of course, but such occasions are why you should have an emergency fund, you know, in the event of an emergency.
  5. You could be right AND be a dick. These are not mutually-exclusive.
  6. Was he not insured? I mean, I feel bad for the guy, but a gofundme? Am I the dick?
  7. tommy p

    Old-Timey Hamer Sighting

    ESPECIALLY the shag carpet!
  8. My sister was right in the middle of the Woolsy fires and was evacuated with her disabled husband and two dogs for several days. Her house is OK while entire neighborhoods on all sides around her burned. It was a tense few days. I hope Wayne and his family (the important things) are OK.
  9. Man, that sucks ass. Charvel, in my opinion, has a cemented position in guitar history. I mean, the dude sold EVH the parts for Frankie.....c'mon!!!
  10. Okay Boys and Girls, Time for a massive dump (not that kind) of "more stuff" (Chuck Barris of The Gong Show). I'm not confident that much of this will sell here as it's too low brow. But what the hell.......? rigamarole - a set of confused and meaningless statements. rigmarole. hokum, meaninglessness, nonsense, nonsensicality, bunk - a message that seems to convey no meaning. 2. rigamarole - a long and complicated and confusing procedure; "all that academic rigmarole was a waste of time" First, 1974 Univox U130l two channel, solid state guitar amplifier. Good condition, input #1 is a little scratchy. Variable Ohm rating to match speakers (2, 4 or 8 Ohms. Channel 1 has a volume control with push/pull high boost plus bass, middle and treble controls. Channel 2 has a volume, bass, middle and treble controls as well as a master volume and reverb. I bought it for $200? but I just need to move it and will take $100 plus actual shipping and fees if any. Next is a small custom speaker enclosure with speaker. It might be good for practice in a small apartment or condo. The again it might only be good as a door stop. It works very well I just don't know the specs on the speaker other than it's an 8 inch, all wood construction, rubber feet, tolex in very good condition and the handle is also in very good condition. 13" wide, 12" high, 7" deep, weighs +/- 12 lbs. $50 shipped.
  11. I have an Ian Anderson Flying V in see through T.V. white. Nearly mint and killer mahogany Gibson spec V. I have build pics and there's even a video on Ian's Facebook page of the exact guitar. Killer light and plays and sounds great.
  12. Check out this UKELELE version- incredible!!!:
  13. Today
  14. This is still available, I think my price is in the ballpark, any offers out there?
  15. DBraz

    085 Maverick with a twist

    Looking awesome! I am really looking forward to seeing this one completed.
  16. cynic

    Thank you, Roy Clark. We miss you.

    Dad was a big fan of Roy and Hee Haw, so I was a big fan both as well. Ace Frehley made me want to be a rock star; Roy made me want to play guitar. "Karnikov knows a genius!"
  17. G Man

    Thank you, Roy Clark. We miss you.

    I used to love me some Hee Haw, and he was a big part of why. In a way, it was like my first music based show as a kid. RIP Mr. Clark.
  18. shankyboy

    Thank you, Roy Clark. We miss you.

    I have always wanted to find that album he did with Gatemouth Brown.
  19. shankyboy

    Hamer Sighting

    Equipment[edit] Keb' Mo' with a Hamerguitar at the Crossroads Guitar Festival, June 26, 2010 Keb' Mo' uses several types of guitars, including electric guitars, acoustic guitars and resonator guitars. He has a preference for red guitars, as he says on his website: "I have a history with red guitars. My first electric was a red guitar." He mostly plays on a red custom Fender Stratocaster which features two single-coil pickups, and one humbucker and is much modified from a regular Stratocaster model. On stage, he prefers a red Hamer guitar with Gibson P-100 pickups. Gibson P-100 pickups?
  20. https://www.wayneguitars.com/history.html
  21. I just saw this last night and donated. I forgot they were in that area of California. They've lost everything, but at least they're OK.
  22. Much appreciated! I'm not a great photographer by any means and the top is much nicer than it looks here. Also, more pics:
  23. in conjunction with the my ad for the Sunburst, I also have a MONEL for sale. The back story: A bit of a distress sale here. I screwed the pooch in my first year of retirement and didn't plan my finances correctly. I bought too many guitars instead of putting away money for taxes. So I have a few things that must be sold; my arrangement with the Mrs. is that guitars and other music related items are assets to be liquidated at some point in time. My daughters don't play guitar so........ Custom 2003 Hamer Monaco Elite in excellent condition. This guitar has never been played out, always in smoke free environments. Upgraded with a beautiful "Ultimate" Quilt Maple Top, bound and crowned with a chambered body that reduces the weight significantly. The neck is a vintage neck carve. No dings, no scratches and the frets have very little wear. No tarnish on the chrome and the binding is just starting to patina. OHSC in great condition. There is some very, very minor fret wear. The guitar plays wonderfully and is fast up and down the neck. Price? I paid $1,800 for this guitar from a member on this site. I'd like to just get my investment back so $1,800 plus actual shipping and any fees. I think this is a very fair price. I have it listed elsewhere for much more. Thanks for looking.
  24. Hamerica

    Thank you, Roy Clark. We miss you.

    Condolences to Roy's family, friends and fans. One of my earliest memories of Roy Clark was an 8 track tape my dad had with Roy leaning on a Rolls-Royce - "I Never Picked Cotton." Seems like yesterday - RIP Roy. Hamerica
  25. Here are the pics of the plug job, Like i said it was done locally by a guy who i would never trust with any of my guitars but the original owner took to him.Of course the fine cracks are finish checking. Some filing and sanding would make it look much better. it does not effect its play what so- ever. Sorry to have these up here late but family emergency's have that tendency to take over.
  26. scottcald

    Thank you, Roy Clark. We miss you.

    So sorry to hear this. Roy didn't have the same level of general public appeal that Glenn Campbell did, but both of them were players and performers.
  27. ...obviously the cat woke up!
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