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  2. Eh... Everything I buy is pretty much off of here anyway...
  3. Answer: it's not accurate. It's good enough. I stand on the digital scale at home with and then without the boxed up guitar, calculate the difference and voila! "Good enough"
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  5. In honor of Eric (Caddie), here is the purple (technically transparent violet) Studio wraptail (crappy pic, great guitar) that he tried to many many times to pry away from me (I couldn't sell it...I use the guitar in regular rotation and even though it's a "Studio" it's "Special"). A little background story on this one is that Eric told me he was watching/lusting for it on ebay, forgot about the auction ending, and I swooped in and outbid him at the end. Even many years later he never forgave me...and reminded me often in our email conversations If NY ever allows bands to perform again I think I'm going to use this guitar for one of the shows in Eric's honor...he can even look down from Heaven and bust my balls for playing modern Country on a guitar made to rock.
  6. Would that be in 1979 money, adjusted for inflation?
  7. I have a cheap electronic postal scale and ULine prints the box dimensions on one end of the box. I round up slightly and have never had a problem. I also have an "honest face".
  8. Wait, what..someone stole that guitar!? Man I've been away from the HFC most of last year and just found out in the past week that not only did we lose Eric last year but that his guitar was stolen too!? I remember working on Eric for years to finally get him to sell that guitar to me, only to inevitably sell it back to him a couple months later (with a pickup swap and lowered action) when he told me how much he missed it (it was a gift from his ex-wife and daughters, how could I not send it back "home"). He was that kind of guy that you just wanted to do right by, and to hear that someone stole it is almost as heartbreaking as learning that Eric passed away and what he endured health wise up until his passing.
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  10. Regarding Caddie's stolen guitar: It still makes me upset. Someone needs to be held accountable for this.
  11. An amazing story about the genesis of one of Rock 'n Rolls greatest hits. It was a hot night in June of 1964, and Mick Jagger was out partying with Dennis Weaver. Midnight found them at the Playboy Mansion, and they were both were thrilled at all of the beautiful Playmates strolling the grounds and halls. As it turned out they became separated as Dennis followed one young beauty down a long hallway and into a room. Mick went his own way for an hour or so, then decided to find Dennis and call it a night. In the meantime, Hef himself was wandering the mansion in search of his then current favorite playmate. He walked in on Dennis and this particular young "bunny" and in no time the fight was on. Dennis was intoxicated, and so Hef quickly got the upper hand, and was on top of Dennis, fists flailing, when thankfully Mick walked in. When he saw what was going down he shouted out those now famous words: "Hey Hugh, get Offa McCloud"
  12. Apparently, these got lost in the move from Kalamazoo to Nashville. It's only been 40+ years (more or less) since they went missing, but better late than never: https://www.rollingstone.com/pro/news/gibson-search-shipping-ledger-reward-1027847/
  13. I bought an electronic scale that's more than accurate enough; the dimensions and weight of the box are printed on the labels, and every time I've dropped off a guitar either at UPS or the UPS store the first thing they do is check the dimensions and weight. I usually add an inch or two and round up to the nearest pound as I'm just dropping it off and not asking for a debate with a bored clerk lol. Reverb's shipping saves me enough even with the rounding up (most electric guitars are about $60 with insurance).Anything I've shipped privately cost about $80-100 or so.
  14. An accurate weight doesn't matter since the billable weight for a 45x18x6 shipping box exceeds that of any guitar you own (35lbs). The price is the same for an empty box.
  15. Question about that: how do you get an accurate weight for the package, and how does UPS know your weight/dimension measurements are correct and not bullshit to get a lower shipping charge?
  16. I'm not bothered by this. The Reverb selling platform is far superior to ebay and Reverb buyers are, in my experience, less likely to be, to use @MCChris' term, "petulant man children". I just sold a couple of guitars on Reverb. One at full price, one with a very small discount, both within 24 hours of listing. I was able to print UPS shipping labels from my home printer at rates that are less than I could get from UPS. Would I prefer lower rates? Sure, but unless I can sell it here, Reverb is my best option.
  17. Is that just instruments or all music gear?
  18. eBay current charges a 3.5% final value fee for instruments and 2.7% for eBay managed payments. If anything, eBay will now raise its fees on instruments to match Etsy Reverb.
  19. I am SO glad that I'm happy with all my gear and no longer feel the need to sell stuff off.
  20. It seems to me on the greedy side for Reverb to go straight from 3.5% to 5.0% when they are already enjoying so much growth. Over a 40% increase!
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