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  2. Every SNS so far has included either an AMP11, OD11, or the Box Of Awesome (OD11 & Kzoo).. at least for ten last 2 years...
  3. Good to know. Now I just have to keep an eye on when he includes one in his special sales.
  4. I'm very happy with the Fractal Audio FX-8 running 4 cable method into either a Reverend Kingsnake 20/60 watt 1x12 combo amp or the Reverend Goblin 15/5 watt 1x12 combo amp (custom Mojotone 1x12 combo cab). I use the compressor a lot on that multi-effects processor and am happy with the sounds & options available on that floor processor. Guitar George
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  6. I was reading my posted and I'm surprised you made it all the way through that horrible mess. LOL
  7. Something similar to the electronics in the Variax is what I presume. I have owned a Variax, and was somewhat underwhelmed. As much as I have embraced modeling on the amp side, the guitar side has not drawn me in...yet.
  8. this looks similar - IR for your guitars? $99 at Amazon with next-day delivery. who's going first? lol
  9. I used to have a TC Nova System, which is a compact and simple MFX with an analog overdrive, good compressor and delays. They aren't very expensive.
  10. Shotguns. Guitars take precedence but I would love to have some nice shotguns. Unfortunately, the last time I was talking to a shotgun salesman, he presented me with a price that interfered with my guitar money, so I have cheap shotguns.
  11. I concur with Bubs, the OD11 and the Amp11 are fantastic transparent ODs.....not compressed and very clear.
  12. Hopefully your nephew is a good egg. While I'd like to say I'm more enlightened than that, I think that would take the sting off a little for me.
  13. OT, but speaking of "flown" and as a spaceflight fan, what do you think of the "other moon watch" - The Bulova Lunar Chrono? I learned about this just a few weeks back: https://wornandwound.com/review/moon-watch-bulova-lunar-pilot-chronograph-review/
  14. I was thinking something similar and it reminded me of an old song by 'The Monks' where their song is a musical ode to the aesthetic qualities of another young lady, where other parts were pleasing to the eye and the same place wasn't so apealling. Ah, those old pre-PC days! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I09xcn1cXA
  15. The M-9 by Line 6 may be enough if the HD400 is too much.
  16. It is a great "Transparent Overdrive", I use it very low and just to goose the front end, but I have used it with the gain turned up to about 2 o'clock in front of the Princeton still retain most of the string to string, with the guitar volume on 10. It works very well with the guitars volume and cleans up great. I wanted the Grey Ghost but held out because after reading the description, I felt I was already getting those tones from the AMP11. That being said, I have not dumped my OD11 because I really like it as a stand alone pedal that stacks well with other overdrives. I use it for the base tone in front of the amp and then stack other pedals into it. Like a Saucy Box HC, klon clone, or a Bad Bob Booster.
  17. I still have that Pod HD bean and Shortboard if you want to test em out. If you want to mess with my Zoom G5N and see how the comps on that compare to the older G2 you're welcome to try that out too.
  18. I know some of you guys won't really appreciate this as it seems to take modeling to the next level. But some of you on here have embraced the idea of modeling, and if this thing works, it would resolve a lot of GAS issues. SIM1
  19. I like the idea on the Amp 11 of having the additional boost when desired. How is the overdrive on that one? I find that most are too compressed. That's why I was thinking maybe the Super Six cause that is exactly what I am shooting for.
  20. Can you fix it further? Still way too much face showing...
  21. Interesting that it was mentioned that Buck recorded and had his recordings 'mixed' with AM radio (which was light in the bass and heavy on the treble) in mind, so they'd stand out and sound good on the radio. Ric Ocasek supposedly mixed The Cars' recordings and played them back through car audio speakers as a reference, for the same reason. Ric had the advantage of stereo FM radio in his day, too.
  22. I have the Super Six SRV which has more mids than the Grey Ghost model and it sounds just wonderful as a low-gain, vintage sounding OD. The Rubber Chicken is crazy fun. You can hear it here: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=PUPaItmChUk
  23. Nice box. Used little. Change in plans. No power supply. $60 Shipped CONUS This is a strange one. More outputs than I know chords. Spacey, but not in a Kevin kinda way. No power supply. $75 shipped CONUS
  24. I can recommend the Amp11, I was very tempted in the new Super Six Grey Ghost, but I really didn't need another overdrive. I did by the JMP11, for no reason other than I like the JMP Tones and it would be a great match for my Princeton.
  25. Heck yeah! I get excited every time I see a row of those great old Fender amps on stage.
  26. Interested in the Amp 11 or the Super Six. Also mildly interested in the Rubber Chicken.
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