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    Years after I foolishly sold it, I was able to buy my very first Hamer back. It’s certainly not the fanciest guitar they ever made, but it was the one I scrimped and saved for back when Hamers were just out of my reach. At some point I sold it because other guitars had my attention. Soon after it was gone I realized that over the years it had become my benchmark with which I’d measured every guitar after. This guitar became far more to me than the sum of it’s all-stock, slightly unassuming parts. This is the guitar I had in my mind when I was planning my Shishkov. I’ve been missing it terribly since I let it go. As soon as I saw the thumbnail picture in my Reverb feed I knew it was my dear old friend. It arrived exactly as I last saw it, and I’m even happier then when I first brought it home long ago.
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    After a few changes, here's the Duotone Custom I bought here several months back. All the gold hardware was swapped for nickel and all the Lollar minis were swapped for Fralin hum-canceling P90s (much of that work done by @Jeff R at The Fret Shack). Super cool guitar that I've admired from afar for many years and it will be with me for a good long while. Not a perfect photo, but you get the gist.
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    Recently got a line on some old Honduras Mahogany, so I took a ride and found some massive blanks that had been buried at the back of an old barn. Love it when I find these old treasures.
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    SOLD - Thanks! Excellent plus/near mint condition. All original except locking tailpiece posts have been added and the original Duncan pickups have been replaced with a Gravlin Shlablotnik set (original Duncan Seth Lover pickups are included). OHSC included. 7lb. 9oz. Neck specs: C profile, depth 0.84" @ 1st fret, 0.93" @ 12th There is some white coloration, possibly grain filler, under the finish on the back lower bout. This is not wear and the finish is perfectly flat and clear above it. Low action w/o buzz, plays and sounds great, no issues. Asking $1,700 including U.S. shipping. PayPal is OK, buyer pays fees. I can discount by $100.00 if you prefer that I reinstall the original pickups. I'm in the NW suburbs of Chicago and can drive a reasonable distance for a hand-off.
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    There is nothing not to love about that one! CONGRATS!
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    Sisters: 2017 Shishkov Ultimate #0063 and 2020 Shishkov DC Custom #0092. Cousins: the concept was to do a super-upgraded version of my beloved 1981 Hamer Special. I think he succeeded.
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    I’m betting your friend sucks more than Gillis.
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    Found this in the garbage. I initially thought I’d strip it for parts. But a friend of mine told me they are incredible stereo amps. So I rebuilt it. I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do with it as I have a great sound system, but I enjoyed bringing it back to life!! I’ve only played CD’s thru it, sounds incredible with great speakers!! It’s a Dynaco ST-70.
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    I've been watching this Paolo Sulci guy for a few years. He's in Italy. He makes Korina Flying V replicas. I bought one on Reverb. Our own Chris Matthes has been lurking too. Guitar is fantastic. It's not going to fool anyone into thinking it's a vintage Gibson. But it is a righteous guitar.
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    F/S is my Artist Ultimate Serial # would make it a 2003 but completed January 2004. One of a very few Ultimates finished other than Cognac and just as rare a quilt top. This top was picked by myselt in New Hartford after my original choice was deemed unusable.This has been rarely played in the past few years and has left my home on only a couple of occasions. Iwould rate the condition as 9.5. No visible fret wear. Two dings in the top in the purfling that wont show in the photo. Otherwise there is some swirling and some hardware tarnish. Pictures at the top were taken today. some of the glamour shots were taken for it's inclusion in the Designer Gallery. The top speaks for itself and the mahogany is the straightet grain I have seen on any Hamer. Photos taken in sunlight no flash. COA, all case candy, and the monster cable it came with, if you wish. Glamour shots from the Hamer Desinger Gallery Asking $4500 shipped and insured will accept PP but obviously prefer in gift form fees are open to discussion arniez
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    I’ve been interested in trying one of these amps for a while, but wasn’t quite just-north-of-$2k interested. I happened to find a minty used Victoria Vicky Verb (in tweed!) for a far more reasonable “play around with it" approved price, and think I’ve found a keeper. It’s basically a Champ circuit with treble/bass controls, reverb, 12” speaker, three progressively attenuated inputs and a half power setting. Those features had my attention as a possibly ideal low wattage practice and recording amp, but there’s far more to this little one than it seems. It was designed to be scaleable, both with power and rectifier tubes. Stock, it's running the typical Champ 6V6GT and 5Y3 at 5W, but can also run with a 6L6, KT66 or EL34 power tube and a 5V4, 5U4 or GZ34 rectifier tube to get it up to ~15-20W. I've had it out of the box for only an hour and I’m really impressed with it so far. The reverb alone makes me slightly weak in the knees. I'm looking forward to digging out my box of NOS tubes and spending the weekend seeing what else I can turn this amp into.
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    Just picked this up !!
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    Our singer has been stuck in Spain since March due to Corona. Our label wanted to put out another single. We could not shoot a video with the singer awol. So I cut this little thing together with what I had in my files. Hope you enjoy it. It is the first video I've ever done, total novice at these things. But I think I pulled it off okay. Enjoy!
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    I got a very clean copy of the Guitar Player mag which contains a picture of a guitar that seems to be my camouflage Vector. The painting schema is exactly the same (they call it “combat finish”), but the pickups are different. Nonetheless, it does look like the same guitar... or so I want to believe. 😉 Thanks to those who helped me to find the magazine!
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    Got me another Precision Guitar Kit. I did up a les Paul dc special a couple years back. Love it. Had it made to order with a mahogany body, plain maple top, maple neck and ebony fretboard. Damn thing rings like a bell. If you’re not familiar, they are made in BC Canada (CNC) with high quality tonewoods. You can order a “stock” kit or have one made with a menu of options. Been itching for a pointy white limba guitar for awhile. Don’t think I can afford a Hamer standard Korina even if one came up for sale. I actually ordered one of the stock explorer kits last December but it came with a big streaky flaw on the upper bout. It would have had cool character but it had a filled wormhole that went from the top to the side. They graciously let me return it. Great customer service from Kevin. Anyways, fast forward to May and I ordered one again but with some of the made to order options. Lead time said 7-9 weeks but it showed up in 6. 😀 Makes me a happy camper. So I ordered it with white limba body and neck, but rear routed. I Just don’t like that big channel on the front. Plus I can decide whether or not I want to rock a pick guard. I’m kinda leaning towards a tortoise Pickguard. I also ordered an ebony fretboard and headstock overlay. I have some gold hardware and all the parts ready to go. I have a set of Gravelin Charlottes going into it. Can’t wait. also any tips for getting that golden honey color on white limba? I assume there is some amber added to the clear coat. I plan to follow this finishing schedule sand fine, (maybe it seems sanded to a higher grit than my last kit from them) Couple of lacquer wash coats Grain fill seal coats tint coat more clear ok enough rambling Pics and obligatory pic of the special I made 2 years ago thiss the special I did. Way to many coats of tru oil and the new kit
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    For those with no Insta-AXS (like me these days!) - this one is as good as gold...or is ACTUALLY gold...or something.
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    Thanks, Travis! It has a very personal, special significance for me, as it's been a really tough year, and this is a tribute build of sorts. Stike knocked this out of the park, as always.
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    Charlie Daniels with a Hamer!
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    Just to give an update, the guitar is complete. Just waiting on the case to send. She came out ridiculous. A picture of perfection and it sounds meaty. #radicalinstrumentproducts #ripcustomguirars #customhamerscarab #hamerscarab.
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    I'd forgotten I'd archived all that stuff and put it online. Pleased someone has found it useful.
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    I remember this pic years ago, stumbled upon it again today. Don't know which is stranger; Iommi w/ a Phantom, or Iommi in that sweater.
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    This the "Irma" guitar, 2007 Talladega Aztec Gold, with a bound neck. It has Kinman P-90 Buckers. The guitar is called "Irma"as I bought it in the beginning of September 2017 from ArnieZ. It was shipped and a few days later hurricane Irma hit our paradise island (Sint Maarten) very hard. I was not sure where the guitar was at that moment, there was no electricity, no water, no internet. Later I could follow the "track and trace" and see that it went back and forth between Florida and Puerto Rico (which had been hit really hard by hurricane Maria right after Irma). Then a month later, while the "track and trace" was still bouncing around, the guitar was delivered to me, fully intact and beautiful. So I am a happy man, and this is how the guitar got its name. Gabe ?
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    It would look better without the pickguard.
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    The above isolated track is a perfect example of EVH attack. ZZTop boogie on steroids, you can hear the the strings snap off the fretboard. Somehow EVH manages to have heavy pick attack, but a light touch with the fretting hand so notes are true and not bent out of tune. I was 12-13 when Mammoth was playing venues around L.A. county. When DLR joined, Van Halen was pretty much the house band at Gazarri's on the Strip, played high school dances, The Starwood, Troubador, Whiskey, Pasadena Civic, etc. Me and some buddies rode our BMXers out to Glendora for a backyard "kegger" (man, them was the DAYS...). The older guy in our group said the band was supposed to be incredible, so we jumped a fence in the back of this huge backyard to see. Mind you, this was right before I picked up guitar, but I'd been playing brass in school for years. I didn't really know much about heavy rock at the time, just from what my brother had in his lp collection, so I don't remember being blown away by the band. They were doing covers: KC/Sunshine Band, Ohio Players (doing the horn parts singing!), and other AM hits from the time. I think I recognized a Zep song or two and, "Tush"/"Just Got Paid", and that's ALL I remember. I'd love to brag about how it, "changed my life, yadda yadda", but I was unaware as to what I witnessed. We left before the county Sheriffs broke it up.
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    Wow!! That would look awesome on my Wall of Unplayed Stringed Instruments!
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    ...and it's gone. Planning to meet up and deliver this one tonight (with proper social distancing lol). Congrats to the new owner!
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    SEE THE POSTING FROM ME FIVE ABOVE THIS ONE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Remember when I clicked on the cell phone link twice and each time became the bidder (and high bidder at that!) for $1750. Plus fees each cost me $2240. Boy, did I feel stupid. Surprise, surprise. Check the on-line pre-auction bids below. Even with a 20% sellers fee, I am currently making a small profit. Stupid but lucky me. At this point each new bid jumps $500-$1000. This is part of the Juliens auction this coming weekend featuring the Cobain MYV Unplugged Martin now at $500,000. https://www.julienslive.com/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/320
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    1982 Special Very good condition. Recent professional re-fret with medium jumbo frets. Nicks and dings and some buckle rash on the back but no structural issues. Everything works as it should. Knobs have been replaced. Pickups are correct for this model and may be original. Original Hamer case included. Lightweight - 7 lbs., 9 oz. Unusually chunky C neck profile. Depth is 0.84" at 1st fret, 0.93" at 12th fret. SOLD https://reverb.com/item/34612210-hamer-special-usa-1982 I can meet for a hand-off near Chicago or the Madison/Milwaukee area.
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    Sunday, July 5, 9:07 AM.
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    Can't you just sharpie-in a, "d", and tell us about it?
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    Steve Vai might have... or have not invented a new guitar trick for his 60 birthday, but boy there’s some serious playing here in this “Candle Power” piece —look:
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    ... and everyone knows the G.G.O.A.T. is Nigel Tufnel!
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    Thank you Dana. I love that top (!) and the trans-black really sets it off. Pure class. To clarify, the pickups are pretty much straight up early Di'Hamer clones with a slightly adjusted neck wind to pull out some of the woofy low-mid bloat that is common with some of the original specimens to make it balance better with the bridge pos. Beyond that small tweak tho, it's a dead-on accurate build right down to the brass frames and ferrous steel bobbin mounting screws. Congrats, and rock forth!
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    1981 Special Very good condition. Frets are 80 - 90% of new height, nicely polished with very light wear visible in the top frets. Nicks and dings and some buckle rash on the back but no structural issues. Everything works as it should. Knobs and pickup rings have been replaced. Pickups are early 80's DiMarzio PAFs, correct for this model, but not original. Original Hamer case included. Lightweight - 7 lbs., 6 oz. D shape neck thin neck profile. Depth is 0.79" at 1st fret, 0.92" at 12th fret. Asking $1,700.00 plus $50 U.S. shipping on Reverb. $250 less to HFC Supporting Members. if you contact me directly through this site. PayPal is OK, buyer to pay fees. https://reverb.com/item/34612654-hamer-special-1981-red-transparent?bk=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJqdGkiOiI2N2RjNDI4MS01YmZjLTQ0NzQtODNmYy1kZWYwYmRmNTM4NWEiLCJpYXQiOjE1OTQ0NzY3MDMsInVzZXJfaWQiOiIyMjIxNjQiLCJzZXNzaW9uX2lkIjoiIiwiY29va2llX2lkIjoiZjIxY2IzMDctYTQ2ZC00NjM0LTg1OGItZGMxNjVlYmIzZGE4IiwicHJvZHVjdF9pZCI6IjM0NjEyNjU0Iiwic291cmNlIjoiTk9ORSJ9.zDXeZtXi0qf06TzdFtZ-u5m37HTBz7sA4uXxHYX7Pjs I can meet for a hand-off near Chicago or the Madison/Milwaukee area.
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    Two things: 1. It's actually 0092, not 0093. There was a slight mix-up early on. 2. I have a FedEx tracking number.
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    Mike is expanding his horizons and getting into the mirror business these days...
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    I've always thought the Brad was an amazing guitar player and was impressed he was able to fill in after Randy died. I always wanted to see NR in concert,but never got the change until I got to open for them in about 2007. I played an outdoor festival in Laredo Texas which had a bunch of bands playing all style of music. We took the 6:00 pm slot and NR went on after us. After we finished out show, we went back stage while the roadies set up NR's equipment. I got to meet BG and talk shop with him for about 15 minutes and got a pic with him. The guy was actually pretty down to earth and really seemed interested in talking shop. After the band got on , the band I went around to the front of the stage and there was a fence the blocked off the stage so no one could come about 20 feet in front of it. So I sorta got my own private concert in front of the stage with nobody in my way . I stood in front of Joel Hoekstra who was the other guitar player in the band, for the 1st half of the concert, and I stood in front of BG the last 1/2 After the encore, Brad walked up to the front of the stage and handed me his guitar pick. So I tell this whole story just to say that BG does not suck, and is actually a pretty decent guy.
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    "Scuse this redundant image post of my father in my office (from the late '90s); I think I put it up a few years ago soon after he passed away. This time it's to validate the "one of each major style" collecting philosophy I had during the halcyon days. Of what can be seen, which instrument looks the most interesting to you?
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    not the droids you are looking for... 1981 Sunburst on top, and 1980 Special ("Dawn") below. Dawn has more fading of the green into brown (primarily on the neck and sides), and the Sunburst has only a little brown on the neck. Dawn has been played a lot more than the Sunburst though.
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    I had a FedEx from Stike last week - two packages: The first, a finished Musikraft Tele neck and the second, a sweet, ROWYCO-finished Musikraft Swamp Ash hollowbody, with all "Grade-A" parts, wired up and all. Both were picked up in Raleigh, then landed at the Raleigh regional distribution center at the exact same scanned time. Three hours later, the neck was scanned for departure to the next stop in Central VA. At this point, both had a Wednesday by 5pm delivery stamp. At some point early Wednesday morning, the neck scanned locally, and was subsequently marked "Out for Delivery". Nothing had changed on the Body, except for the estimated delivery time now read "Pending". The neck arrived before 6pm, but the driver had no knowledge of a second ("master", per the tracking ID) package. FedEx put a trace on the body, but after that, radio silence - no return calls, nothing, despite Stike spending way too much time on hold. A claim was then prepared, but as I needed to have the body with the neck for something TOMORROW, I was pretty damned disappointed. There IS a silver lining... Late in the day on Friday, Stike got a call from his Dad, several hours southwest of him: "Ben...why the HELL did you send me a pink git-tar?!" Apparently, the truck gorillas at FedEx had stripped the shipping label off and the expertly-packed, but repurposed Amazon box had Stike's father's address still on it. FedEx still hasn't returned a call a week later, and the tracking number still shows the body as "Pending", last scanned in Raleigh a week and a half ago.
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    http://markrevel.bandcamp.com/album/8-track-cadillac My new solo album is out now. Here is the Bandcamp location and the title track for you to check out. It is on Spotify, ITunes, YouTube Music, etc., etc. I have a small run of CDs coming and will post in the FS forum when they arrive. I did everything on the album except for harp and some BGVs. Heavy blues and blues-rock. All originals. Hamers, 0006, Lovepedals and various Marshall, Lil Dawg, & Mesa amps.
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    It's a JOKE! Keeding! ?
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    I went into eBay and didn't just unsubscribe all my guitar searches, I deleted them. I've been *close* to GAS being dead for about 2 years, but kept finding a few more guitar that I wanted for various reasons. Then I got my fill about 6 months ago when I thought I had a gig. But there was still that niggling fear: "what if a REALLY GREAT STEAL came up on eBay????" I've let 4-5 decent prices go by in the last 3 weeks.And at least one steal. I don't want any more guitars. I don't want any new guitars. I'm at 30 right now (if you count an electric and an acoustic I've loaned to my daughter until she decides whether she's a guitarist or not...if she does, they are then gifted and I drop 2 in my count), but 2 are up for sale at slightly high prices, and I have at least 2 more I'm going to put up for sale soon. And one is a loan from a friend that might be a keeper I pay him for, or might be returned. So I have the potential to get down to be down to 23 within a year. I think my end-goal is 16. Which includes 2 basses, an acoustic, and a hollow-body jazz. So just 12 actual straight-up solid-body electric guitars. That's still too many, of course, an embarrassment of riches, but those last 12 are just impossible to get rid of. All #1 Guitar quality, for different reasons.
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    He was disqualified after the Epi photos were leaked.
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    Exactly - I was getting ready to post that Eddie SWINGS. There’s also a sense of fun/joy in his playing that is tough to explain...like he’s smiling the entire time.
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