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    Some time ago I picked up one if those cherry Gibson Explorers locally (pretty cheap) and thought... This would be a great guitar for a refinish. So, after doing my research, I learned that if you want metal flake, the best on the planet was Stike. Without much direction, I told him to have at it. I'm floored! Could. Not. Be. Happier! Got a few pics this week and it was shipped today. What an artist!!
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    I don’t buy guitars often, but when this one popped up, I knew I had to have it. I’ve always wanted one with Jim’s beautiful artwork. Other than some minor finish scratches, it’s in absolutely fantastic condition. I don’t think it’s been out of its case very often over the past 32 years. The icing on the cake was an OHSC! After a minor tuneup and new strings, this baby plays and sounds fantastic! Lol, I just realized I’ve never done a NGD post - Guess there’s a first time for everything! 🎸
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    To much time no posting nothing so here you got a little history ( sorry if i dont write in english, i dont like to use the translator) My kids , wife and me had the oportuniyy to go Florida for holidays, so one of those days we went to NASA , my unconclused dream was/is to be a civil or military pilot, all about fly i know it and i love it , so my kids are in the same way , specialy my liitle 4 years boy This thay the weather was hot but was imposible for us make he take out his jacket🤦‍♂️, he was very happy walking betwen rocket with this, was fuuny how all the people look at him and make a smile😁 At the end of the day we was walking to the exit and front of us we saw an army boy walking with all the equipment i never saw in my life , my little boy saw him and freeze😅 The guy look at him and star to walk to us and stop in front of my boy, he say hello to everybody and with tears in his eyes he start to toll him: When i was young like you, a soldier come to me and give me the US flag he had in his arm and this is my first time i will do the same with you So he put his hand in his arm and take out something from his military wear, yes......a US flag My kid dont move a hair, he continued freezze, the soldier take his hand and put the flag on it. He says to everybody thanks for give him this moment and go out, its imposible for me write this situation and dont cry. Nobody of us will never forget this moment
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    Put the last one back in the rack last night, and figured it was a good time for a couple of group shots
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    This is - especially in times like these - completely off topic. But today my wife was elected as major in our (population 40k) hometown. A one year battle for votes came to an end today. I am sooo proud. Had to let this out. Sorry for bothering. Best - and grounded, too - wishes from Bavaria.
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    I’ve spent some time blending a few heels this week. This is shaping up to be another very cool batch! 🎸
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    What? I think Brent did a wonderful job.
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    After kicking myself for letting go of my erstwhile purple Cali LE, I finally tracked another one down, albeit, not in as good condition. She came in January and shortly after, I sent her out for new stainless Jescar jumbos (the factory frets were BEAT to shit.) and a new Schaller Floyd. Got her back today and she plays fantastically. The OBL's even sound pretty decent thru the Fractal Axe FX 3 system.
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    Long time, no post. How have you all been? I'm currently Hamerless since I've been collecting custom builds from a local luthier named Bob Wallace,WBW Guitars. I have three of his guitars and one bass. Amp wise, I recently got a Marshall Code 50 and am in love with it. I'm playing in my original Christian rock band CrossBorn, and I recently joined a blues band, Skylar Rogers and The Blue Diamonds. Personally, my wife and I are now empty-nesters since our daughter got married last summer and is attending medical school in Indy. Funny, when I joined the HFC, she was only two or three years old! Last week, I resigned from my teaching job of 22 years. Not sure what I'm doing next, but I'm sure as hell not going back to the old job. Let's see . . . anything else? Oh yeah! I finally bought a sports car! 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL Coupe. Pic is of me trying to look tough while sporting The BobShred, one of my customs. At some point, I'd like to get back in the Hamer fold. I had an 86 TLE and a 93 Studio. I'd like to have a Cali or a Chap for my next one.
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    Please don't ruin a beautiful Korina Artist by doing that.
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    "...if you insist. At that price I CAN'T resist!"---B.Gibbons. 2010 So-Cal shipping shortly with an RMC Wizard Wah, also in bright red. With a HS Coffin Case, too! 🙄 . I've been missing my black So-Cal for years, stupid move selling that one. I think FMIC kinda took it in the shorts on their initial run of USA-made Charvels. They were a good deal then and and an even better one today. Ironically, before I sold it I had Billy Rowe refinish it Dakota Red.
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    Missus Polara and I are going to a series of quick acoustic covers and one live-streamed Facebook concert as gigs are canceled and we're all at home. To help amuse one another, share some good vibes, and be supportive, anyone want to join us as we #QuarantineAndRock ? Maybe a bunch of us could set up links to videos and live streams on the HFC. I for one would love to see: HFC Rig Rundowns (like Premier Guitar) and Hamer video pron Some living room gigs Have you made honest-to-goodness videos of your band? I've seen a few, but I'm sure there are more United we stand...
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    There’s a lot going on in this group...
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    This kind of ties into the lockdown -GAS thread. I have sold four guitars in the last six weeks and had been watching this Robin Ranger on Reverb for about the same amount of time. Seems like lately I've been playing my single coil guitars more than my humbuckers and I have read a ton of great reviews on the older Robins. So I saw this guitar drop in price a couple of times and the seller seemed open to offers. I hit him a couple hundred under his last price drop and he accepted. It's a 2005 that supposedly was purchased new and locked up in a "vault". That's what it looks like. I can't find a mark on it. Nice chunky, super flamey neck. Rio Grande pickups. Mahogany body with a nice burst flame top on it. I played it for about an hour this morning and it's a good one. (The Wenatchee River in the pictures is literally my back yard. I can almost spit and hit the water from my back deck.)
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    Have you pulled out any guitars that haven't been played in a while? Let's see what you got!
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    Hey Fellas, If you’ve got time on your hand and want to learn some new stuff I’m teaching via FaceTime and Skype, and accepting PayPal for payment. Its been great to keep up with my regular students here in NY and meet some new remote friends as well! Students still preparing to take the AP Music Theory test, teenagers learning Billie Eilish and Post Malone, Adults learning Slide guitar or Classic Rock songs, Multi instrumentalists- adding banjo or mandolin to your arsenal, Vocal technique, Every level of Arpeggio, Scale and Mode application, etc. All styles, all levels, all Good. We talk about what subjects you want to cover beforehand, I send PDFs for you to look at, then we cover the material in the lesson time. If You need something specific that I don’t have archived, I write it out and send it. FaceTime is super easy, or if you use Skype I can send you an MP3 recording of our lesson recorded live, for your files. Any interest please shoot me an email at thegeoffhartwellband at yahoo dot com. Keep Calm and Rock On! 🤘😎❤️
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    I do open up the cases to let them breathe every once in a while.
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    Not a helluva lot of room on the upper horn to play with, but after a few minor adjustments, success .....
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    Erhugherd... I disabled my account like... almost a year ago by putting the password incorrectly a multitude of times... and then further debauchery ensued with email.... finally, with the help of a couple members, it got fixed!!!! If you’re not familiar, I’m Shannon Huss, owner of HEL guitars, former bench monkey at BCR with Greg, I’ve done work for a good many of the members of this forum, some in conjunction with Styke, some with Greg, some just randomly found me on their own!!!! With the “Virus” out there and my store closed to the public... I’ve gone back into the home shop and and getting caught up on builds and paintwork. I got some updates and such on peoples projects... but here’s the very latest off the bench... hand cut BCR “Spear” inlays to replicate the 12 string neck that this neck goes with..and a full refret in jescar 57104n ( hope this pic link works, my message board - fu is lacking!!!!) there’s some Hamer related stuff to be forthcoming.. A Scepter that I Just finished polishing out and will begin assembly asap, some LED backlit Boomie inlays, and a super secrete squirrel project thats gonna be coool!
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    Had this one out tonight, much to my neighbors’ dismay...they really are THAT good.
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    I had looked for an inexpensive short-scale bass when I came upon this ad in a local Facebook instrument buy/sell/trade page showing a Hamer Slammer 4F - SB/CS model bass for $75; I looked into it, and found they typically go for about $150 plus shipping used.. I was shocked when the guy brought in a nice gigbag, opened it, and pulled out a near mint instrument, complete with a strap and a cable in the pocket of the bag. I had looked at an Ibanez Mikro, but it was about $180, and the Slammer sounds better and looks a lot better built to me. the tuning machines are fine, and the soapbar pickups sound surprisingly good. I was surprised at how much more slack the strings feel, but it shouldn't have considering it's a four inch shorter scale. It turned out a nice buy for me.
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    Up for sale, my 1991 Hamer Sunburst Archtop. Really nice flamed maple top on this one. Stadium logo, original pickups and case. Overall, I would say the condition is very good, a few bumps and nicks here and there. The finish has yellowed, which I think makes the guitar look even better. It may have been a '59 burst when it was new, but looks like an iced tea burst now. The neck is unlike any guitar neck that I have ever owned or played. It is thin front to back and stays that way all the way up the neck. Feels the same at the 12th fret as at the nut. I had it plekked at Mike Lull's shop when I bought it 5 or 6 years ago and the action is low. Set up with XL110's. This guitar had a neck heel break a couple of owners before me that was expertly repaired by Greg Platzer at BCR Music in Pennsylvania. The BCR pics (first two) below are from when he did the repair. He claims (and I believe it to be true) that the neck is stronger now than when it was new. But I have priced it accordingly. This is a player, not a collection piece. I bought it cause I liked the top, but it's never getting played, so on to the next lucky owner. $800 Shipped, (you pay Pay Pal, or use friends and family)
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    Update - 03/06/20 4pm These first 2 going out today to Joe G, since he got the ball rolling... We are assembling, packing and shipping them today. They will shipped out based on order date. All orders should be completed in the next few business days.Tracking numbers will be emailed out as orders are packed and shipped. Thanks for your patience and support! John Mann
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    I am still working, so thankfully not able to spend too much time surfing Reverb. Otherwise it could get expensive. In the last six weeks I have sold four guitars and bought one that just arrived yesterday.
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    My R8. I have dozens of guitars, but the Les Paul always feels like an old friend. Maybe it's because I was born in '58?
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    /\ This. The Gibson's are pressed in (and usually not all of the way. The Hamer's are bolted down by some banana-eating, Brent-type home hobbyist, wannabe looothier.
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    I wasn't planning on buying any guitars, but last week during my pawnshop rounds, I happened upon a guitar I've NEVER EVER seen in my life. They were asking $2k, but I said there was NO WAY I'd spend $2K+ tax on this guitar EVEN if it's a pretty rare guitar. The guitar in question is an '81 Martin 7-28 7/8 scale D-28. The market rate at the moment is between $2000-$3000+ depending on the condition. I told the shop where I've bought several guitars over the years, that I'd probably pay wholesale price at the most , which would be about $1K. They said they couldn't do it, and I gave them my number if they changed their mind. The called me at the end of the day and said they'd do $1k+ tax. I told them I that I decided that I'd put 1/2 down on a total of $1K for the guitar, and the salseman said he'd have to talk to the manager. He called me back and said they'd do it. So this may be my last guitar for a VERY long time. '81 Martin 7-28 7/8 scale D-28
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    I'd avoid that one. The guy is from Wisconsin. He calls it the Cheddar Shredder. Everybody knows it's Swiss cheese that has the holes.
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    I wired the pickups and switching for this yesterday. Pickups are Zexcoils (Vintage Single 5's in the neck/middle with a Juicy Bucker in the bridge). I used a Fender S-1 switch for the volume pot and wired it to activate the neck in any position when engaged. Pickguard is matte black thick single ply, body is KNE swamp ash hardtail, neck is Musikraft. I had CHS Guitars spray a matte black (he calls it chalk?) finish with matching headstock that turned out pretty cool. The bare areas of the neck have been sealed but I think I'll do something to make it a little more amber. I'll probably use a shellac to get the color I want followed by tru-oil. Frankenstein strats are cool, but Young Frankenstein is a way better movie. Other than finishing the neck, the only decision left to be made is the bridge. Choices are a traditional hardtail bridge using a Callaham plate with Highwood saddles: or a Callaham w/ tele-style compensated saddles:
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    it is an almost clean separation. Very fixable.
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    After wiring up my Gibson with too many choices, I knew I wanted this to be absolutely simple. No push / pulls, no mini-switches, just five solid pickup choices. Bridge Bridge-Middle Bridge-Neck Neck-Middle Neck Switching was facilitated with a Super Switch (the two-group variant). Not being overly familiar with TV Jones, I went with a single 0.022 cap on the first tone control (second regulated to a "talent" knob that would remain on 10). In process: The 0.022 seemed a little dark to me, so I rewired it with a double-wafer Super Switch to facilitate the pickup choices and cap choices. So the bridge position uses the 0.022 capacitor and the remaining positions use the 0.015 capacitor (a spare from rewiring my '80 Hamer Special around eight years ago). Oh, and that treble bleed circuit was from TV Jones - works great with their pickups. So now it's wired up and sounds really nice. The neck is the Fender-licensed "Fat" neck from AllParts (1" thick nut to 12th fret). I'm just waiting on some warm weather to disassemble / paint / reassemble. The color was the subject of an ad infinitum thread a couple of years back. I'm still waffling between translucent white (aka Mary Kaye) and Sherwood green. An interesting additional choice I was considering (and to which the wife rolled the eyes strongly) was to paint it translucent white and then checkerboard it with Sherwood green. I can see that. Also planning to have a custom decal made at some point. Oh, and it now has Fender Tele-style knurled knobs on it. I have an interesting custom headstock decal in mind. Any suggestions on a place to get that done? And thanks for the indulgence. Kind of slow here at work...
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    Hamer Improv in Vintage Natural on Reverb and wanted to share with club members. This is my listings and am happy to answer any questions. Within hours I had dozens of "Watchers" and I assume many are from the club. https://reverb.com/item/32790294-hamer-improv-vintage-natural
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    No affiliation. Don't know if this belongs to an HFC'er. Sure is purty! https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/msg/d/sebastopol-2004-hamer-studio-custom-59/7090626305.html
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    https://bigtakeover.com/news/VideoPremiereMyNaturebyIAmaRocketship That's the article in an online music rag. Here's the video. Guitar was recorded on a Hamer Monaco Superpro that, ironically, I traded for the Ibanez I hold in the video
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    There's never been a Clownpuke Artist.......
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    As a NWOBHM Maiden-worshipping cultist during the early '80s, I still dug Setzer. He was, and is, THAT good. A freak of nature, he is.
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    Setzer is GAWD.
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    That is one beautiful Standard! And because it is so beautiful, an emergency meeting of the Hamer Fan Club Knob Coalition (HFCKC) was called to discuss those knobs, man... In short, they gotta go. Our ruling is final. @MCChris @bubs_42 @BadgerDave
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    A quick shot from last night as I was putting it back in the case. I’m spending a lot of time just finger picking triads on the three high strings.
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    Guitar arrived finally on Saturday after work related delays in getting it from FedEx. Still plays great.
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    Can I send a cardboard cutout of me 😛
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