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    Flew into Louisville to take my son to the Bourbon & Beyond Festival this weekend, primarily, because he’s a HUGE Foo fan, but also because, well, Bourbon. Had the great pleasure of finally meeting Greg (Currypowder) in person. Glad we were finally able to catch up, and next time, we’ll bring Shishkovs to the party! I did really dig the Malcolm Young Gretsch too!
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    Substitution Mass Confusion/Clouds inside your head Involving all my energies/Until your fears are dead If you ever want to know what he is talking about here, date a chick in Alcoholics Anonymous. Like many people, I always loved the way Ric and Ben described the neurotic (and hence interesting) women they chased after. I think it actually affected the bullshit I was willing to tolerate throughout my 20s, until I learned that sometimes "quirky" is just a gentler way of saying "fucking nuts". Which, to me, was the big reveal in the song & video for "Drive". So instead of looking at his legacy like, "Ric Ocasek gave hope to millions of nerds that they could date a supermodel" I see it as "Ric Ocasek gave hope to millions of unmitigated crazy bitches that their aberrant behavior was desirable".
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    And Josh Gravelin makes a damned fine set too.
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    Interesting article on NPR The Time Ric Ocasek Helped My Band Make Its First Record
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    It would be tough to pick. There's this one... But I'd let her go for this one, if there could only be one...
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    This was probably the coolest guitar selling experience for me ever. I probably haven't met up to sell a guitar in about a decade. Then unbeknownst I meet up with another HFCer to sell the guitar. Once I saw the your Shishkov sweater I was like "Are you on the Hamer forums?" Haha! Totally awesome and didn't expect that. Great conversations we had - I was really excited because I literally have never had "Hamer" conversation much outside this forum. Fun times!
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    Sorry it took so long to post the photo. Left to right 1) Standard Tally Ice Tea Burst ( I can check the COA) 2) The Greg V Duco finish (crackled) (Not the Shawn Tubbs gold top) HB-ers replaced the DDs 3) Standard T Pro Ice Tea Burst ( I can check the COA) 4) The Jon Herington (Steely Dan) T Pro Custom order. Satin finish. Narrow wale. 5) The Root Beer quilt. Imperials. Questions?
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    Talk to the boss about that - oh, wait...
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    "They got their wish Monday as a key CITES committee approved it. If finalized as expected this week, the exemption will allow finished musical instruments as well as parts and accessories containing rosewood to be transported freely around the world without permits." Approved in committee, expected to be written in as final this week.
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    I was just able to make a connection with Ray's daughter on Facebook. They are planning Ray's funeral service, and I asked if would be OK to post details here. She said yes, so I will relay any information I hear.
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    Best seek happiness from other sources then, because none of that is happening to you.
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    I have an International Scout and a 68 IH Pickup. I really fight the urge to collect, that is why I purge so much.
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    Possibly the guitar I’ve owned longer than any other. Super cool player that sounds great and was my rock-steady go-to main gig guitar for many years. Get your Keef on! I’ve listed this in the past and couldn't bring myself to sell it, but too much work and not enough gig time means stuff has to move. When Ingot it, it had a Duncan humbucking Tele pickup in the bridge that didn’t work for me so I put in a Barden clone that did. The original owner included the original pickup (and 1meg pot) with the guitar along with an extra bridge, which will also be included. Has been gigged, so has some chips and dings (most were present when I got it), but not abused. $1800 plus shipping in the Lower 48. For questions, etc. email me at “serialsteve79AThotmailDOTcom”
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    My old one-off custom-order Kami from circa '87 was only good at "camo" if you were trying to hide in a Pacific surf shop of the era, or maybe an Enuff Z'nuff concert.
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    That's an odd-looking camouflage pattern. Did the Imperial Japanese Navy intend to hide their planes in sock drawers? Cool guitar!
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    I love these specials !!!
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    Saw Chilton play a lounge in Tallahassee in my yoof. He was great, but strangely did a cover of "Goldfinger." Man, I played Third/Sister Lovers until I had that album MEMORIZED.
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    It's amazing at how new and unscuffed everything looks for something that was supposedly authentic tour gear. I've seen stuff out after a couple of months that looks 20-30 years old. I guess Pete had the same guys that handle the Stanley Cup working his touring gear...
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    That pedal is the best of the Zens IMO. Clear and less compressed but still that Zen sound. Works with all my guitars and all my amps. So far I am in for a Pickle Vibe and the Hi-Volt.
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    Ray had a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face that made it very clear talking to you was what he wanted to be doing in that moment. For a long time he was a consistent presence at most every 4321 HFC jam and I had the pleasure of spending many nights chatting with him on the back deck at all hours of the night while the basement rumbled with rock below our feet. He will be missed and remembered.
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    The "dust" comment got me thinking... We could all tell people that we collect atoms from the very birth of the universe and the forging of the stars in the sky. We just do a shit job of finding specific ones.
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    Old akg bug style and several other low priced wireless are no longer legal to use on their bandwidth. The sherriff will eventually come after youve played hot licks for hours over the aux emergency bandwidth. Dont ask me how I know this
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    Indeed. That was one that my son and I worked up with Stike's killer finish work...the "Janglemaster". Great sounding and playing 12 string, and he doesn't mind the slight heft to the body - makes it balance out really nicely. Mark - was in the greater Bethany/Ocean View/Millville area over the weekend again, and was trying to remember where you guys lived down there. Absolutely perfect weather, but no beach guitar shots this time around...
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    Boy, I look away for a minute and WHATTHEHELLHAPPENEDTOMYTHREAD??? 😧🤣
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    Probably lost a lot of mony in a chess game at some point in his life.
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    I've owned four. This is the lone survivor. DDs were chucked for a set of WB Gregwinds.
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    668. The neighbor of the beast
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    ...One would hope that an album from the last tour is in the offing, considering what seems to be an impressive set list. https://nypost.com/2019/09/15/peter-frampton-comes-alive-once-more-in-nyc-farewell/
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    A good name for a band made up of angry guitar players could be "Band from TGP". :-)
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    I can narrow it to these three for sure ...
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    Tom Petty fans? Okay, I'm free fallin' outta here.......
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    I’d sure love to see a group shot...with a copy of today’s newspaper. 😶
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    Get ready to say told you so. I’m keeping it and it is booked in for a refret in 2wks.
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    Anyone could have guessed that Joe Bonamassa was on TGP, but interesting that he finally just outed himself as “Nerdville Guy”:
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    Somehow, I get the feeling that those guitars are gonna mysteriously get swapped out for SE models.
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    Update: I’m back at TGP and it looks like Big Mike himself laid down the van hammer.... no warnings - had no alerts or strikes or points against me —- just the ban hammer of gloom and rejection. Here’s the post. It’s biting, it’s true, and was a summary of the actual article under discussion ..... ban!
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    If I was gone for three weeks none of you guys would be on my mind the first couple days I was home. Life happens. I’d give it a few more days before feeling there is any malicious intent.
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    Interesting user name.
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    Much respect, Kevin. You accomplished what most of us only dream of. Here's to even more fulfilling pursuits in your future.
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    Yup. Had me sold on it's being designed for use with Floyded axes. Had Murkats in several guitars at one point. Wanted to order more but there was an issue with Jay and the person making them. Eventually, Josh Gravelin made one and I've been a Gravelin fan ever since. Still have an original Murkat in my Lester Axcess.
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    Synthesizers or watches. But at this point, if some kind of macguffin struck my life and made it so that I couldn't do guitars, I'd probably go minimalist and not collect anything. Probably move elsewhere and try to "start over" a little.
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    Great acquisition. If you want to play a Hamer instead of collect, a little wear and tear makes it even more affordable and with fewer worries.
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    Atomic, hands-down. I bought a black, bound & crowned 4 digit Standard there for $499. Really good people.
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    The "classic rock" cruises of the future can double as a whole bunch of concerts with burials at sea for the band members who were in bad shape before the launch.
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    Very nice. Ad far as I know they originated from The Hague in The Netherlands, a city where I lived for several years. A couple of years ago I met a cousin of the Tielman Brothers, having the same last name I asked hin about it, and the next time he brought me a CD of the Tielman Brothers. Gabe 😀
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