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    We played a gig this past friday with some other bands. I used the amp the club provided as we only had 5 minutes between each band. It was a Hot Rod Deluxe and it sounded much better than I expected. Smart little Fender amp. Anyway. The other bands, much younger players, all had brought their Kempers and what have you. I have to say, standing in front of the stage watching, that profiling amps just don't sound right in small clubs. In an arena, when everything comes out of the PA they might work. But it just sounded puny and weak when the guitars only came from the PA, when the live drums came from the stage and the PA combined, and the bass too. They all had set their guitartones for sweeping arpeggios and that nu-metal rythm tone with kinda scooped mids. But it just not the same as a guitar coming from a real amp on full blast - miked, so that it comes from the PA and stage at the same time. I want my bones rattled. Those Kempers sound like castrated dogs, no oomph. I will never go down that road. It's like riding a skateboard for real down a steep road, or playing Nintento Wii, riding that interactive skateboard infront of a tv-screen. So, I rather grab my to go amp for gigs. It's worth the hazle, always.
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    This is the first one. Same layout as a typical Hamer but angled. The Bigsby got in the way of the switch. Jol had me delete the switch and place it in the third potentiometer position.
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    My original (I've had three) 2230 went dark over a period of years. Our soundman worked at Audiotronics in Orlando, so he replaced them from time to time. First wife got that one. They do pop transistors on occasion and the transistors are known to "weaken". The one I have now has new transistors and extra bulbs! I'm guessing that the aforementioned tune-up being about $200 is spot on. If you listen to vinyl or tape, you should restore yours to it's original form. If you're using a "service" and all your music is on your phone, it might be a fool's errand.
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    The twilight shot. I'm just glad I didn't knock it off the railing, lol. It's about a 20' drop. I'm just glad it sounds so killer, definitely the best sounding of the 3 cruises I have owned.
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    Looks like a very exceptional slab of alder. Very Nice. Congrats!
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    That’s really cool! I’d love to see that!
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    Oh shit.. this more neutral lower light picture shows the telltale red hue of alder... dangit, it's alder. 2 piece means that there could have been knots on the other side of the blank. Definitely AAA grade alder (hence the many open pores which gives it such beautiful texture).
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    Quilter came in today, just sat with it for 20 minutes plugged into a 2 x 10 pine cabinet I had built with Eminence Legends in it. Played my Suhr Classic T with a mini Humbucker in the neck. Sounds surprisingly good for the $179 I paid for it. I was happy to discover that the tone controls are not at fixed detents, they move smoothly from setting to setting. The "Lead" voice is crap, but the others are useable and once I put a few dirt pedals in front and a reverb pedal in the loop, this would be useable as an emergency backup for gigs. Not such a Stupid Deal if you ask me!
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    We've seen a ton like that - especially the yellow on black ones. The ones that haven't faded into oblivion, that is.
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    I have used 3 of these as grab & go. Far and away the easiest of these to grab and go is the Tophat. It is also my most popular amp with other guitarists. I tend to prefer my Carmen Ghia. Since these photos were taken, the Marshall & Z 1x12 cab have moved into the living room so I can play along with the stereo while learning new songs, and so I could demo the Henretta Monster Board in the comfort of my living room. The Z-28 4x10 now sits on the table. I gigged with the Carmen Ghia and 2x10 cabinet recently, and it's very easy to move around and set up. You do have to remove Prince and the lighting effects to get it out of the basement though.
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    REAL SWEET AMPS GUYS. But, they are more like Heave 'n' Go...
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    My Quilter MicroPro Mach 2 8” 200. It is also my stage amp, my studio amp, and my practice amp. 19 lbs, sounds huge, great dispersion, PLENTY of volume, and I get mix ready tracks from the direct out. One rig to rule them all.
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    Rivera R55-12 or Mesa Boogie DC-5. Depends on how I'm feeling that day. The Rivera is a tad lighter, but also not quite a versatile, so its' a toss up.
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    hmmmm, Christmas in London? Have a good reason to go now!!
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    Hmmmm...new for 2019 is an old/new switch. I was considering the EL34 option for the mini head, but sobered up to reality: I have 3 really nice amps, no need to add more.
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    My current gigging amp at the moment: Reverend Kingsnake 1x12 combo 20/60 watt amp with Jensen Neo 12-100 speaker. Weighs under 40lbs., portable, and a great pedal platform that's clean/loud with its 6L6 power tubes. Adjustable power switch can go from 20 watts to 60 watts, if more wattage is needed onstage. Since the picture of this amp isn't my amp, mine was built by Joe Naylor himself with his initials on the back. The backup gigging amp: Reverend Goblin 5/15 watt 1x10 combo amp. Same thing as the Kingsnake with the exception of using 6V6 power tubes, adjustable output of 5/15 watts, amp weight is under 30lbs, Eminence Lil' Buddy speaker installed in place of the Jensen Neo 10-100 speaker which I thought sounded raspy & small. I was still frustrated with the sound of the small 1x10 combo cab so I bought a custom made Mojotone 1x12 combo cab with a Jensen Neo 12-100 16 ohm speaker from "portsider" at the Reverend Discussion Forum. I was chasing after this combo cab for awhile since I couldn't find anyone to build it for me. I'm glad that I waited it out and saved my money. The sound of the amp improved immensely with better lows & highs and the output was more noticeable with the bigger 12" speaker. I learned that I don't like the sound of the 10" speaker in the original Reverend Goblin 1x10 combo cab after gigging with it for a number of years. The Reverend Goblin in its custom made 1x12 combo cab truly is the "grab and go" of the few tube combo amps that I own. Guitar George
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    I had the sunburst version of this same bass, same year, and it was so, so good. Natural finish with a tort guard? NICE!!
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    I typically am going direct with most gigs, but when I play somewhere where we’re using floor wedges instead of IEM’s my trusted grab and go is a Traynor YGL-1. Built in digital reverb, foot switch controlled +6db lead boost (and reverb on/off if you go 2 button switch), and under 40 lbs. with bonus points earned for being made in North America (Canada). The most important aspect...it sounds darned good for its size.
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    I have Quilter Micro Pro Mark II head. Gotta' say, I love it. I've tried many different speaker cabs, but you have to mate it with the recommended Celestion BN12-300s speaker. (It's a bass speaker, but more a full-range speaker) Really lets the amp sound correct. The cleans are nice and fat, the OD is very flexible with the great tone shaping can cover Fenders to Marshall. When my drummer says it the amp sounds great, I know, I did good.
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    Thanks, my local brother! That was the easiest to follow explanation yet. Still a bit convoluted compared to using EZ CD Creator back in the day but this works. Still, if anyone ever finds another CD burning app for Macs that works, let me know.
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    It's a Club Royale, and it's got HFC history. I purchased it many years ago from Nightwolf, and the local guys will attest that it's got his mojo all over it. This one makes it out of the basement much more often than any other amp I own for 3 reasons: it's easy to carry, it's got glorious tone, and it's the amp favored for gigging by Famous Volcanoes' pedal steel player Jimmy Johnson. We've got a show tomorrow night, and it'll probably be used by Jimmy then.
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    Concert in Pittsburgh. I was hoping that he did it on one of his live DVDs, but I don't remember seeing it on any of them. It reminded me of the old Monty Python skit "How To Do It".
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    No shenanigans. Only when you got up within 2 feet, in the right lighting and were specifically looking for them, could you see them.
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    Very cool! Here's a little something you might like to see, if you haven't found the web pages already: http://www.silvertoneworld.net/amps_50s.html http://www.silvertoneworld.com/amplifiers/1392/1392.html
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    Shouldn't be more than a couple of hours, a reputable electronics shop should handle it for $200 +/-, then you're good to go for another 40 years (knock on wood). If you're happy with it and aren't looking to upgrade, go with it.
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    If it does we want pictures.
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    Top Hats are nice! Which Club model is that one?
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    Double stamp?.. I don't see anything... Put down the booze old man 😆
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    There's a good lookin' Standard belonging to James Honeyman Scott on the block there as well... https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/13312/lot/2312/
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    This is my main amp. Mesa Boogie Mark V:35 head and Mesa Thiele 1x12" cab with C90 speaker.
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    '59 Deluxe. I bring an overdrive pedal, a Neunaber Wet (reverb) and a Strymon El Capistan. And maybe a Fulltone Clyde. It all fits in the back of the amp.
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    I can't dig this one enough: Replaces my longtime Tech21, which replaced my Boogie Studio 22+. Compared to the Sock Monkey, the Boogie is just too heavy and TOO LOUD (and it's not bad at all).
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    Soldano Astroverb16 head/Bogner 1x12 cube. Great by itself, AWESOME with a small, 'travel board."
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    I'm pretty sure ... I dunno, what do you think?
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    It’s an old enough serial number that is quite possible, I’m going w SC’s answer!
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    Goddammit now you got ME looking for stuff in there. I saw an alligator.
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    Sorry about that! I ended up not buying that guitar.
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    OK got it now 'deal of the DAY', it changes every day, duh
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    Now $329... 9 times out of 10 Amazon has direct link source to most sale items
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    If at all interested. Bob is a great guy. I have done 2 deals with him..!
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    Nope. You're not dense and I didn't ship him a guitar with cracks. Reverb's policy clearly doesn't factor in the potential for hairline cracks. Many sellers won't deal with shipping because of this very issue. The buyer had to weigh his desire for the guitar against the unforeseen, unfortunate but ultimately insignificant situation. But he made an unfortunate situation worse in how he handled it. Unbeknownst to you, several of his nurmeous messages flat out accused me of not disclosing the cracks. Had he approached this differently, it might have ended a lot different. Instead he decided for a power play/gamble to get the guitar for cheaper. Didn't work out for him. Fuck him. I stand by my assertion that Reverb's policy, though laudable in it's intent to protect buyers from unscrupulous sellers, falls short on practicality. Guitars shipped via air can go through temp differentials of 50 + degrees depending on altitude and weather conditions. Wood expands and contacts. Finishes don't always manage to keep up. They should know that and rewrite their policy to exclude hairline cracks at the neck pocket.
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    Well said and even better still, essentially what I decided on anyway.
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    This. All day long.
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    Reverb has a setting that will automatically reject any offer less than 60% of your ask. I'd rather be able to enter a specific amount or percentage as the threshold but the 60% setting gets rid of the bulk of unreasonable offers. On the less expensive stuff Im open to accepting some pretty low offers, but for most things over $1000 80% is about as low as I'll go on a good day. I don't generally counter low-ball offers. It's so much easier to click decline and be done with it. I do wish Reverb would allow sellers to block specific buyers. I've got several that apparently have me saved as a seller and routinely submit silly offers on everything I list, then I end up with a half dozen declined offers which might lead other buyers to infer I'm not reasonable.
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    Upon reflection....You are 100% correct. I'm blaming this particular lapse of detailed remembrance on old age, not the mediocre Clifton, Virginia ditchweed I was partaking in back in the early 80s, courtesy of my bass player at the time. Who had a facile green thumb that was only outmatched by his aggressive funk slap thumb. May have been the same thumb, now that I think about it, but as we've seen here, I may be overdrawn at the memory bank. As I've stated here many times, I liked Lep when they were homegrown and organic. Pete Willis was the anti-rockstar looking rockstar, a little kid not not seemingly hindered by any insecurities about his height or appearance on the arena stage as he apparently awaited the full onset of puberty I doubt he even showered shirtless, lest somebody scoop him up and put him in a mini wash basin with a rubber duck and a sprinkling of Mr. Bubble. Speaking of wayward stoned thoughts: Has anyone ever seen Phil Collen and Matthew McConaughey together? Would that kind of pretentious or presumptuous over-50 bullshit even be allowed?
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    I wholeheartedly agree with ALL of this!
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    Big Black Crowes fan here. There is no Crowes for me without Gorman. He is one of my favourite drummers. And it should also be Sven Pipien on bass, or Johnny Colt. I think The Magpie Salute are a good subsitute for the Crows. I rather go see them than a "Crows" gig without Gorman. It would only be about the money. Chris Robinson Brotherhood are to weird for me. I hate that bloody organplayer who never shuts up. It's like Lord of the damn Rings every time he plays his jolly licks. Really, really irritating sound on that damn thing he plays. I picture myself that he is wearing a jester hat on stage, and boots that has curls by the toes. edit, found this. Gorman does not seem up for it. Sad. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/steve-gorman-black-crowes-2019/
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